VIDEO: Rafael Nadal vs David Goffin – full match tiebreak | 2022 Madrid Open

Watch the nail-biting 3rd set tiebreak between Rafael nadal and David Goffin in Round 3 of the 2022 Madrid Open.


  1. Against Goffin’s serve , I believe Rafa should have moved closer to the baseline for service returns . But who am I to say ? He did this effectively in Indian Wells against tough servers so why not against an average server like Goffin ? Otherwise , this was a great contest but unforced errors were too plentiful . Rafa needs to up his game and restore confidence for Alcarez who is super psyched for this match .

  2. According to the match between Rafa and Carlos will be not before 4 p.m. local on Friday (10 a.m.NYC).

    This is the same time as Rafa’s first two matches this week.

    I watched a bit of Carlos’ match on Tennis TV and I would not bet against Rafa at all. Rafa has some things to clean up but I was encouraged by his service game towards the end of third set.

    Go Rafa!

  3. Boy oh boy! That was a tense tiebreak to say the least. A couple of brave dropshots at the end from Rafa, but he should have closed it out in the second set. His forehand needs working on for sure.

    • David is the Wee Little Wizard of tennis! (Mary Carillo’s name for Goffin) He has beat Rafa before but I’m not sure if ever on clay! Anyway which way that was too close for comfort & I had to turn the channel! Those two drop shots at the end of the tie break where perfect! I’m wondering who the fans will be rooting for…The King or the new Prince! Carlos is such a mature player… he has it all & to boot a lovely demeanor… I haven’t seen him break a racket yet! No doubt I’ll be rooting for Rafa as I’m not ready to give him up! I’m pretty sure y’all feel the same way ! ❤️🙏for Rafa!

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