Rafa Roundup: Here’s why Rafael Nadal is optimistic about being ready for Roland Garros

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“I have three weeks,” he said as an honorary guest inside the Bernabeu Stadium ahead of Real Madrid’s La Liga title-clinching match against Espanyol on Saturday.

“So I trust that the daily training will help me to get ready. Here the demand [in high altitude in Madrid] is maximum, but what can be done is going to be done. The most important thing is to be healthy, but I think that going to Paris I’m on time. Three weeks are enough to get competitive.”

“I have trained very little, because the rib is very disabling and also very painful,” he said. “I had two very bad weeks and afterwards it has been very, very disabling. I haven’t been able to do practically anything, but it’s here, at home, in Madrid.”

Nadal will chase his sixth title this week in Madrid, where he owns a 54-13 record. The lefty has not competed since Indian Wells due to a stress fracture in one of his ribs, so he will be keen to make a quick start to his clay-court season.

Nadal’s most recent title at the Caja Magica came in 2017, and last year he reached the quarter-finals. He could face a stern test in his opener against in-form Serbian Miomir Kecmanovic or Kazakhstani Alexander Bublik.

The Brazilian made a poll on Twitter, asking his followers who they would choose out of the Big Three to play for their life. Meligeni later said that his personal pick would be Nadal, saying that the Spaniard has the attitude of a warrior. He also implied that the match would be on clay.

“You asked and I will answer. In that case my choice would be Nadal. He would leave his life for the cause, he would come out all covered in clay, with the attitude of a warrior. Leaving everything you have. And that would be what would make me calm.”

Most notably, Osaka revealed she might even try to incorporate some things she’s learned from watching Rafael Nadal over the years on clay. 

“I think I stole one of the things that he did and I’ve been practicing it recently,” Osaka said. “It’ll either go really good or really bad. There’s like no in between. But I think as I’ve been doing it, it’s been going pretty well. 

“I know that every kid growing up playing tennis in the world has pretended to be Nadal at least once.” 

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  1. Rafa, Novak is already tried to get in your head that he will be in top shape to make sure he will beat you. I thought this year was wonderful. You won against every different opponent in Indian Wells and I like Taylor but he would not have beaten you. Alcaraz reminds me of Dominic Theim with those 140 miles an hour and now he is playing sleeveless like you. I see you are really Trying to exercise around it And your leg strength to run is going to be hard but do it for you. Cardio for the best of five and I don’t think the young ones are ready for that. Let’s hope not. I am just kidding. I believe this year has been so wonderful for you so go out with that positive attitude and try Madrid and you will see how your doing and if not quite there than don’t play Rome because you have to be in top form and the way you have been playing prior to the fracture in the rib was awesome. I was cheering for you from my living room.20 or 21 wins it was your best year ever. We all felt it. One of the announcer’s said you were playing better than he has seen you. So walk out and continue where you left off. Your biggest fan



  2. Rafa is admittingly challenging himself by playing Madrid and that’s very encouraging. Should he play Alcarez in the semi’s , it would be another match for the Ages . Vamos Rafa and let’s win , win and win everything and take Nole off his #1 ranking .

  3. Beautiful smile!

    So thrilled to hear Rafa is optimistic…I received my RG E-Tickets yesterday.😝
    Stay happy and healthy, Rafa❤️

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