Indian Wells: Nadal’s best shots in Opelka victory [VIDEO]

Watch Rafael Nadal’s best shots as the three-time BNP Paribas Open champion beats Reillly Opelka to reach the quarterfinals in the California desert.


  1. Rafa, you will sort Nick. Just give him a few shots to annoy and get his back the fun will then become evident…I have no doubt you will beat him. Buena Suerte Rafa. ☘❤☘

  2. Nick is all serve… He’s only in the quarters because Sinner couldn’t play….
    Rafa has to shut Nick’s game down and when that happens…we will all witness a Nick Kyrgios meltdown, as he runs his mouth off on court or breaks a racquet etc . which will only seal his fate…

    Take care of him Rafa,,,from the get-go….


  3. Great job! Not an easy task for Rafa but he found a way as he usually does and thank goodness his serving was solid. Spectacular finish. Now silence Kyrgios!

  4. Congrats Rafa. Great smart performance. The commentator on tennis tv was painful, you’d think the Teillt Opelka was the holder of 21 Slams.
    All good wishes to morrow Rafa. St. Patrick’s Day greetings from ireland, 💚💚💚💚💚🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🇮🇪

    • Yes. Elizabeth. The commentators, especially JC, were so biased that I had to turn off the volume. So glad our 21 grand slam champ prevailed to leave them in awe. Vamos Rafa vs Kyrgios. I still remember sitting on pins and needles during the AO 2020.

  5. A master of problem solvng at his best. He will need his wizardly tomorrow. Been a while since they have played. I think Rafa will surprise his crafty opponent!!!

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