VIDEO: Flawless Rafael Nadal wins Acapulco title – match highlights

Still undefeated in 2022, Rafael Nadal is the Mexican Open winner again. Our champ capped a stellar week in Acapulco with victory over Cameron Norrie to win his 91st ATP title.


  1. i have been a ardent fan of you . your stamina and dedication to tennis is out of this world. keep it going, dont think of retiring till you love the game. all the best for 2022 and more years.

  2. Congrats, Rafa. Great things come to those who wait. And after waiting so long through your months of recovery from injury, you are finally reaping all the success and victories that you deserve. I hope you decide on taking on Indian Wells AND Miami. You deserve the Sunshine Double like Federer and Djokovic too. I can’t wait to see you in action again. All the best from your biggest fan here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  3. What an incredible continuation of his success in 2022. I’m just so thrilled for him to be back competing after such concerns about his future due to the foot condition. We see a different physique but the focus and confidence and sharper than ever.
    congratulations to a unique sportsperson and a special person who looks so happy.
    Now I hope that he does not overdo his schedule snd rests before the clay season. I know that he’s going to Indian Wells but he’ll have time to relax and play golf too,
    Happy days to see our champion doing so well. Congrats to Feli Lopez and Stefanos winning the doubles.

  4. Congratulations, Rafa to you and your wonderful hard-working team. I love the connection they all share with Rafa to continue to improve on Rafa’s natural talents and instincts making him just unstoppable. Even when Rafa is broken he doesn’t despair he gets right back to work. It’s never ever smart to underestimate Rafa when faced with adversity of injuries and covid this time. His legendary comebacks are also apart of his incredible legacy and journey. I also commend him for his wonderful temperament in the face of battle. 2022 season for Rafa has been just amazing! I have to also congratulate Feli Lopez and Stephan Tsistipas winning the doubles title. They are both remarkable athletes and never disappoint either. There’s nothing like international tennis. Can’t wait for Indian Wells!

  5. Just like the Energizer Bunny, but much cuter…. Rafa goes on and on and ON!
    Rafa’s dedication and determination with a great team behind him, combined with his attitude and skill level .. is out of this world.
    I hope he has continued good health and gets to show how far he can go with his talent and love for the game.
    Once again I stayed up late, cheered him on and I was not disappointed.
    Humble and gracious to his opponent and always acknowledging his supporters… us his fans!
    Here’s to another trophy! YES !
    Now to recover and refresh for Barcelona!
    Vamos xoxox 🙂

    • If the energizer bunny was filled with Uranium power cells, that would get close to the effort Rafa puts in to every point. Nae, every shot.

      just keep going. We love you Rafa, don’t ever stop believing that.

  6. Congratulations to Rafa in coming through the humidity and sweat all week to secure the title. The winning train just keeps rolling. He said the secret to his success so far this year is remaining calm and it’s been clear to see.

    Well done to Lopez and Tsitsipas as well, for their victory in the doubles. Definitely a great week for the Spanish and maybe a little paella and tequila had something to do with it too! 🤠🥘🍷

  7. Rafa is playing so confident and well that he should continue his momentum into Indian Wells and win that one again . I believe Rafa is demonstrating that he is the King of 2022 and can possibly win a Grand Slam if he stays healthy and just keeps playing great tennis . Vamos and congratulations Rafa !

  8. Rafa, what a shining example you are in the world of sport. You are humble in rejoicing and in your speech to opponents and if there are moments of sheer annoyance in your game, you do not outwardly display it. A wonderful example as to what sport is all about for the up and coming young players. You deserve each and every tournament you win as you give your heart and soul. 3 successful tournaments since start of this yr never mind both youngest and oldest to win The Golden Pear, with this now added the first Champion in Acapulco new Arena. You keep on amazing us and long may this last for you my Champion and Hero of tennis. Felicidades Rafa. Love you since 2002 and will up to when I depart this planet. Vamos 🇪🇦🇪🇦☘☘❣

  9. Haha I wouldn’t say flawless since our champ got broken… But he played brilliantly and seemed to be able to break back at will.

    Now Rafa needs to make a charge at Indian Wells and Miami. Or maybe not… Whatever, Just stay healthy champ!

    Rafa already made my year:)

    • I think or want or hope or whatever, that Rafa plays Miami and not Indian Wells. Rafa has never won Miami. If Rafa is doing one US hard court before the clay court swing, it would be sensible to play IW, it’s not very humid and there’s a bigger gap between IW and Montecarlo. Still though, that Miami title would be so sweet.

      • Even i feel he should play Miami. Its really surprising he has never won it. Outdoor hard was never his weakness.
        And this time his serve is even better which gives him his best chance. I think he can beat even Djoker in this form.

        But then he knows it all too, and he has a good team. Im sure they will take the right decision.
        Just 1 Miami, 1 Paris and 1 WTF. Everything else is only adding to his greatness.

      • To get all the Masters 1000 titles, Rafa needs Miami, Paris and Shanghai to win.
        Preferably would love for him to win the ATP Nitto title too.
        If he achieves that, he’ll be the second after Agassi to get the Career Super Golden Slam.

  10. Congrats to the GOAT Rafa for winning his 4th Acapulco title. Now it’s 91st ATP and 3rd title this year. All on hard courts. And it ain’t the clay season yet.
    WOW. Nadal’s on 🔥
    Now he’s moved up the ranking to 4.

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