Rafael Nadal: “Of course, my goal now is to win” [VIDEO]

After making it to the Australian Open Final, Rafael Nadal sits down to talk to the media about his journey.

I can’t complain at all, and especially during the times that we are facing with plenty of people dying around the world, no? Of course my months are not tough at all comparing to a lot of families that lost a lot of people. That’s tough in life, not what I went through.

It’s surprising for me to be able to play at the level that I am playing, but just compete and play tennis at the high level again, facing the most important players of the world, for me, it’s something unbelievable, no?

For me it’s something completely unexpected, so I am super happy. Of course everybody knows me, and I always gonna try my best. Of course my goal now is to win.

At the end of the day, being very honest, for me is much more important to have the chance to play tennis than win the 21, no? Because that makes me more happy in terms of general life, to be able to do the thing that I like to do more than achieving another Grand Slam.

Rafa Nadal

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  1. I want Rafa to play his best tennis . Good serving and attacking tennis playing closer to the baseline on service returns imiting unforced errors will enable Rafa to prevail . Vamos and please take this title !

  2. I want Rafa to win this so badly I can taste it – ha! And yes I will wake up to watch it live (3:30 a.m.) because Rafa plays better when I do. (ha, ha, it’s true honestly). I watched the Medvedev vs. Tsitsipas match (I taped it) and honestly it was very competitive, either of them could have won the match. But I was astonished as I know these two don’t like each other – Medvedev lost it with the umpire after the 2nd set and in the 4th set, Tsitsipas father was cited for coaching. And Medvedev called the umpire a “small cat” – is that an insult in Russia – ha! Both are incredible talents, but Tsitsipas has to watch it – first he was the reason for the timed bathroom breaks (I remember watching last year) and a number of times he was over 10 minutes with the bathroom breaks (so clearly milking the situation). And now with his father coaching (they were saying that his father had been cited twice before in the AO) – he is an amazing talent, but I think these silly tactics tarnish his talent and his reputation. And I can’t imagine either Roger or Rafa even behaving like either of these two during a match. The next generation is fun to watch, but they have a lot to learn from the greats Rafa and Roger. Go RAFA I hope you win on Sunday!! It would be incredible!!!!!!

  3. Rafa, ever the gentleman. Thinking of those who have lost loved ones to Covid before his own health issues. We will support ,cheer, and cry for him, in everything he does. Love you for always Rafa. None other will replace you as my tennis hero. Stay safe and well. Buena suerte y Daniil Medvedev. Vamos ☘☘🇪🇦🇪🇦❤❤

  4. This will be last chance for nadal to win the ao if hé wins sunday it will be massive boost for his confidence hé needs to serve big convert chances hé gets use dropshot play service volley

    Also stay close to the baseline while returning play agressive take Ball early

  5. I would love for this to be a fairytale ending! He so deserves it after how he’s fought back to overcome a foot injury and just to know how he was actually thinking about retirement. He deserves to stand alone and show everyone that has ever and still might call him “greatest of all time on clay,” that numbers don’t lie; he’s the GOAT period. I know better than to underestimate Medvedev (I’ll have to personally thank him for winning the US Open last year); but I believe Rafa can do it! 💕💕💕💕

  6. This is just a great day for Rafa and especially for us, his fans. As a fan I know I am not objective but I am sure Rafa can defeat Medvedev and win the Title.

    The one semi objective thing I can say is that Rafa is better prepared to take on Daniil than Djokovic was last September at the US Open. Djokovic was physically exhausted, mentally drained and just flat out of gas. Rafa is energized and playing his best tennis.

    Go Rafa!

  7. Rafa yes you going to win this is time to shine again you got this vamosssssss champ you have our support all over the world 🌎 🇺🇸🙏🔥💪💪👏🎾🥰💯we are with you all the way 💯🏆

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