VIDEO: Rafael Nadal Third Round Press Conference | Australian Open 2022

Rafael Nadal shares all the emotions that he’s feeling after his win over Karen Khachanov in the third round of the Australian Open.

He was asked again about his game on hard courts:

I think during my career I have been improving on all the kinds of surfaces and that was always my goal, to be better player in general terms. On hard, I don’t know during the years I had to adapt my game to it because I had a lot of physical problems so I needed to find a way to be competitive and to play sometimes more aggressive because I was not able to move that fast in the beginning.

Of course I was not the best player on hard, because for a lot of moments in my career probably Roger and Novak had been a bit better than me on this surface without a doubt. But I was able to compete well during all these years and was able to win a couple of important tournaments.


  1. You Are the Best of everything I am an 84 year old woman and you came on the scene, and you are poetry in motionKeep well,you have a lot of fans pulling for you!

    • Get a life!! Rafael Nadal is Number One in So,So many ways. Novak is not anything like Rafa.
      I think All of Novak achievements and money has gone to his head and he has no humility left.
      Rafa, remains humble, grateful, and for sure a GREAT TENNIS ICON.
      BTW so has Roger.

  2. Suddenly I am a tennis fan again …..
    What a superb return to tennis after such a long injury break and your COVID Infection And here you are in week 2 in Australia – Vamos Rafa !
    Stay as you are please : thoughtful , modest, grateful , loving the game and total commitment , aggression and power on court . Thank you Rafa – we missed you so much 😍!

  3. I was impressed by Rafa and that he acknowledged in the press conference that he needed to be more aggressive in the 4th set and take more chances playing closer to the baseline . To me , that is a breakthrough and the need to shorten the points on the hard court is a key to winning this tournament . Vamos !

  4. “A couple of important tournaments!” Like 4 USO and an AO!!! Rafa would be a legend even if he’d never set foot on clay!

  5. Congratulations well don Rafa you play amazing game vamosssssss champ you gat this 2022 is yours 👍👏❤️💪🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍

  6. Everyone’s bound to have a little wobble sometimes, and Khachanov played extremely well in the 3rd set. I was very impressed by the way Rafa immediately came back to break so early in the 4th.

  7. Rafa many Congratulations on your win today over Karen Khachanov. 3rd set a little wobble but boy did you turn the screw back in 4th. Best wishes on Sunday against will do it. Vamos Rafa

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