Rafa Roundup: ‘Nadal is back being a favorite to win a major’

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I’ve shared many moments with Rafa, but as a friend. Now it’s different. At first, I was kind of observing what he likes. For example, whether or not he likes people to talk a lot when he’s on court. I found it a bit difficult to give instructions to a player who is close to perfection, although I always say that, from the outside there are things that can be improved. I know Rafa very well. I’ve been watching his matches for many years and I know what he’s thinking when he plays. I feel obliged to tell him things because I want the best for him.

Nadal is now through to the second week of the Australian Open for the 15th time, the second-most round of 16 appearances at the event for a man in the Open Era.

Even more impressive: Nadal has now reached the second week in 15 of 17 (.882) appearances at the Australian Open, and in 51 of 63 (.810) appearances at majors.

He acknowledged that it was flattering but wildly premature to be compared with Nadal in
light of Nadal’s 20 Grand Slam tournament singles titles and long run at the forefront of
global sport.

“I don’t want people to know me as a mini-Nadal or second Nadal,” he said. “I just want to
be Carlos Alcaraz.”

VIDEO: Rafa is 12 sets from becoming the all-time Men’s Major leader!

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  1. Much easier now that Djokovic and Federer are not playing.Its like taking candy from children.

  2. Loved seeing that video from 2000 of young Rafa! Thank you for posting that! I left twitter ages ago so I really appreciate seeing this stuff! I live in Vegas so I stayed up till 6:00AM watching Rafa. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Well, maybe in person would work 😉 Vamos, Rafa! Go get em in week two!

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