VIDEO: Rafael Nadal is surprised with a birthday cake in his hotel room

Rafa Nadal Instagram

Rafael Nadal updated fans on his low-key celebrations on Instagram, uploading a photo from his hotel room where he showed his birthday cake. Also, he posted a video with the caption: “Missing being with my family and rest of the team at my birthday dinner at @icparislegrand, hopefully soon!”


  1. You are the goat Rafa, but more than that, you’re a fantastic human being. I was so blessed to get to hug you at Cape Town International Airport when you arrived in Feb, 2020. It also was a dream come true to see you and Roger in action! Just go out today and play your best as you always do. Love you. VAMOS…

  2. Happy Bithday Rafa!!!!!!Successis for final. Hugs!!! I like Rafa!!!!Vamos!!!!!for final.

  3. Happy Birthday Rafa. I hope you have a very successful year. I too have watched you since your early years and being 81 this year I hope I can get to see an in person match. Maybe Cincinnati hopefully.

  4. Was it a nice surprise rafa hope it was vamos rafa all the best for Saturday xx

  5. My internet search yielded an article that said Djokovic won the Eurosport poll. This means nothing of course.

    I have a strong feeling that Rafa will have a great 2021. Keep working on that serve Rafa!

    Good luck Saturday Rafa!

  6. You cant call someone the goat based on the number of grandslam titles. Yes rafa has 20 titels but 13 of them are on one surface clay. He is the greatest player on clay ever that is for sure.

    To be the goat you need to have done well on all surfaces and the reality is that rafa has not done well on grass only won 4 titles on grass and he has a terrible record on indoor only won 2 titels.

    Rafa has not won miami, sjanghai, indoor paris and the atp tour finals. He came very close last year losing against zverev in Paris and losing against medvedev in semi finals atp tour finals.

    Unfortunatly i hate to say this but right now djokovic should be considered the goat and the reason for it is he has won everything with the exception of olympic gold.

    Hopefuly nadal will win this year the tournaments that are still missing hopefully he will win a third time wimbeldon but also sjanghai, paris and atp tour finals

    good news is he is closing the gap with djokovic when it comes to head to head its 29-28

    • You can go back in a previous post where I put up the numbers for each player’s win at their best tournament. Rafa won by a large margin with 102, if I remember correctly. Did Sampras ever win Roland-Garros??? Without a doubt Rafa is the best so far. FOUR USOpens, Wimbledon, Australian Open.

      • My last sentence was not clear, 4 USOpens, 2 Wimbys, 1Australian, 13 French.

        Rafa is my GOAT and not until the three are retired can we take a look at their various records. As far as many pundits are concerned, they all have a weakness.


  7. Rafa win the poll. Eurosport took it didn’t quickly. They obviously wanted a different winner. Late surge saw Rafa win, I know it’s only a sample but always good to see our champion win. Sad that he couldn’t share his birthday with his family and team. Nice that a cake was left in his room, Eurosport presented him with a virtual cake.

    • Did Rafa win the poll? I don’t understand your first two sentences. People are saying Roger won and I cannot find the results. Eurosport are crooks.

      • The GOAT poll changed towards the end and Rafa won it. As Elizabeth said, Mats Wilander and Barbara Schett seemed quite surprised and disappointed that it wasn’t Roger Federer who won.

      • Thanks so much Lorna. There were so many different breakdowns of the poll on different blogs. I’m curious as to why Eurosport hasn’t been transparent about the results.

  8. Nice surprise!🎂 I am hopeful Rafa can celebrate his birthday with his family and the rest of his team after winning #14.🍀❤️

    Vamos Rafa 💪🎾

    • Mimi, I may be wrong about the GOAT vote. I’ve been checking out other sites because I couldn’t find the vote totals and people are saying that the notice was advertised before Federer’s match but not during Rafa’s match. If social media is correct, Rafa didn’t win. If the reports are true, the voting was fixed.

      RNF you updated your post in saying Rafa had won?

      • It was fixed?😬
        Anyway, I agree with khawartaimoor, “He is the only Goat I know.”

      • I don’t think Margo n Mimi that Rafa will get Appreciation how Federer gets even after A losing record but believe me Rafa will win until all Crappy Experts themselves declare him The Goat.
        I think when I first saw him in my university days I could feel the achievements by only seeing his Determination n attitude on the court…After all a family n humble guy is already a success 😅😅

  9. Looks scrumptious! YUMMY!!!

    For anyone who missed it, there is a post-match interview [4mins] from today of Rafa in the mixed-reality Eurosport Cube studio where he is presented with a cake. “Eurosport No, no don’t celebrate” should bring it up.

    Tennis TV’s Twitter account has posted plenty of great Rafa pics.

  10. Enjoy it all Rafa!!!😀. The thing is it looks very very nice😋😋. Nice detail from the Hotel and hglad to see you happy!!😉
    One thing, don’t say anymore ‘you are getting old’, come on, yes, you have more years old, but you shine and have so much brightness, more than ever!! ✨🔆🌞💪🏻💪🏻, and your rivals are always watching 🧐, especially the top 10.
    Vamosssssss Rafa 🔝👑🐂🌠⚡💥🌈💧🌊🔥

  11. Happy Bithday Rafa! I have watched you celebrate your birthday and play in the French Open since you were 18. What master you have become. Great good luck always,Shosha

  12. Enjoy a slice of birthday cake, savour the victory, Rafael Nadal. 35 and winning🥰🔥🍀🎾❤️

  13. Ana Maria 🎂🎂🎂❤️👍💪🎾🎾💪💪🎈🍷🎉🎊🍸🎁🍾💐 says:

    So happy for you su prices cake Birthday you deserved 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂❤️🥰💪🥰

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