WATCH: Rafael Nadal wins 10th title in Rome – match highlights, interview

Rafael Nadal sealed a record-extending 10th title at the Rome Masters after defeating his great rival Novak Djokovic in three sets in Sunday’s final.

“I was lucky in some moments, especially against [Denis] Shapovalov,” Rafa said, referring to the last-16 match he won in a tiebreak in the decider.

“And then I think I played a good tournament, I have been playing better and better, finding my rhythm on clay. I had a very positive week and I’m very happy.

“It’s amazing to have this trophy in my hands for the 10th time. It’s something impossible to imagine but it happened so I’m super happy and can’t thank my team enough.”


  1. Mimi and Pauline…no comment link after your posts

    I agree about the poor manners of some of the young, and older, players.

    They should be taught that they will lose but be gracious about it. Have it banged into their heads.

    If overwhelmed by a loss and you want to cry, go ahead and cry but still congratulate your opponent between tears.

    Congratulate your opponent when you lose.

    Show respect.

    HOW HARD IS THAT. Stuff like that gets me nuts.

    Doesn’t Serena do that, saying come on. I don’t watch her nor do I care for her.

    I am such a Rafa fan that it’s hard for me to accept any type of crap behavior.

    • What is it with these young gens?Maybe we’re just spoiled Rafa fans! Rafa plays with such passion and love for the sport that he is exciting to watch. I have noticed this with Sloane as well… She often looks tired, like she would rather not be there. Honestly they are boring to watch & I end up changing the channel!

  2. Tsitsipas, Monte Carlo winner, has won his second title of the season, beating Norris in Lyon 6-3 6-3. And Tsitsipas is No. 1 in the race to Turin.

  3. Well…lucky Roger was vaccinated in time to play Geneva and be with his family while competing there. Does anyone know if the ATP will be offering vaccines to its players? I haven’t looked into the restrictions for RG but sure hope that Rafa will be safe as he has yet to be vaccinated as far as I know.

    • Believe it or not but Djokovic is having them given out at his Serbia Open in Belgrade. Sven tennis posted his photo after receiving his second shot there yesterday. Wonders never cease.

      • Sorry Pauline, I thought it was odd [Djokovic getting vaccinated] because he said he would keep it private if he ever did get vaccinated. Hence my first comment.

        I think I misunderstood your post. I thought you meant Djokovic got vaccinated.

        If Djokovic is offering vaccines it goes in line with his professed belief that people should decide whether or not they want a vaccine. He believes that players should not be forced to be vaccinated in order to play on Tour.

        I believe all players should be vaccinated as soon as they are offered the vaccine. He doesn’t understand or is ignoring why the medical establishment is pushing for everyone to be vaccinated except for those with immunocompromised systems.

      • Margo- Guess I hadn’t made it clear that it was Sven who had taken the shot. Will try to be more precise next time. No word as to whether N.D. himself has had it.

      • All’s good Pauline. At least he’s doing something positive, something you brought to light.

  4. Roger has also revealed his outfit colors for Roland Garros; black shorts with a red- or cherry-colored top. I guess he is still looking to play the FO.

    According to Eurosport, Roger said “I want to play a lot of tennis,” he said. “I’ll hit a lot of balls and hope it will help me for the grass courts.

    “I’m convinced that hitting a lot of balls – you have to really power through the ball on clay because otherwise you’re not going to have an impact on this surface – is going to be beneficial for me for the grass-court season.”

    Am I wishing for too much for Rafa to win both the French and Wimby? The competition is hot but so is Rafa. Let’s see “what’s gonna happen.”

  5. Congratulations to the Emilia-Romagna Open winner 17-year-old American Coco Gauff; her first singles clay-court title 6-1, 6-3, and her second overall. She also won in doubles with Caty McNally 6-3, 6-2. Coco is the youngest player to complete the singles/doubles sweep in nearly 17 years. She intends to play Roland Garros, and if she qualifies she will be at the Olympics.

    She has a lot of promise.

    • Wow singles and doubles👏👏

      Also congratulations to Casper Ruud, champion in Geneva, just finished watching the replay, impressive performance!👏

      • He credits his improved serve. He hopes to reach the second week of the FO but admits it will be tough.

      • Casper will be at #16 tomorrow. He seems like a nice young man also.

        As for Coco while she is an outstanding talent she needs to improve her manners. She is not gracious at the net after a defeat. Plus her constant C’mons every time her opponent misses a shot is very unprofessional. She is young and now is the time to correct this unappealing behaviour.

      • Margo, Casper has had a good clay season so far, good luck to him in Paris.🍀 My husband watched part of the final with me and thought Casper plays like Rafa.🤔

        “HANDS OFF!!!!” 😭

        Pauline, I agree with you. While all these rising stars do have the talents, some of them really have to work on their behaviors……I didn’t know Coco is one of them as I don’t watch her matches but thought it was wonderful that she won singles and doubles in the same tournament at the age of 17. She is a big deal maybe, but I think she has been given too much attention. I couldn’t believe TC showed her match and not Rafa’s the other day. I usually have TV and IPad on for his match, I was mad and had to turn off my TV that day.😵

      • Yes Mimi winning both titles was an impressive feat. We don’t get TC here but perhaps they are hyping her too much with Serena aging out. She is a bright, articulate young woman who can achieve a lot off the court but I would hate to see young players emulate her on court actions.

        As you say she isn’t the only one. Our own D. Shapovalov has at times behaved badly.

        Wishing for more players to follow Rafa’s shining example of treating everyone with respect and showing good sportsmanship.

      • Mimi, Casper will be with Rafa this week at the Academy practicing for RG. He also will try to beat Rafa at golf. I hope Rafa doesn’t tire him out 😂.

      • Margo,

        Golf too? I am sure Rafa will, Casper better be ready hahaha.
        Hope they prepare well and have some fun at the same time.

        OMG I am already so anxious! When is the FO?🤣

  6. For any tennis historians out there, in the lead up to The French Open, The Tennis Podcast has a three part “Roland Garros Re-lived” series. I listened to the first one today on the life and career of Suzanne Lenglen and found it very interesting.

    • Lorna, I’m no tennis historian by a long shot but thoroughly enjoyed learning about the life of Suzanne Lenglen. My next Cognac will be a toast to her. Thanks so much.

    • Apologies for this belated comment but I must agree with Ziggy about Sinner’s demeanour at the end of his match with Rafa last week in Rome. (I have just watched the replay.) Rafa chose Sinner as his practice partner for their two week quarantine stay in Adelaide before the Australian Open. Sinner should have been honoured by that. Yet he could hardly shake Rafa’s hand, let alone look at him or smile at the end of their match! I was very surprised and disappointed with his conduct. (Had he not practiced with Rafa for two weeks in Adelaide I think he would have had a much harder time working out how to play him.) Rafa has never shown such disrespect to an opponent that has beaten him, no matter how disappointed, even when he was a very young man. Sinner is undoubtedly a great player in the making but his popularity will never match his play. I watched their match very closely and I think Sinner plays very like Djokovic, very consistent from the baseline but with more powerful ground strokes than Djokovic. Not much flair though, unlike Rafa or Roger. You are right Ziggy; Sinner has no charisma at all. I don’t think he will ever attract the support of fans around the world in the way that Rafa has done throughout his career. (Tsitsipas and especially Shapovalov have much greater presence on court. If only Shapovalov could become a little more consistent.) Personally, I can’t abide arrogance in anyone, no matter how good they are. Sinner will no doubt win many tournaments in the future but I will never support him. He will be one to watch out for at the French Open though. He is that good already. I hope Rafa doesn’t have to play him early on.

      • Ginagigi..,I totally agree with you. Sinner should have been honored to play probably the best tennis player in history! He just has a very flat personality but still that’s no excuse for not having respect for your opponent… Especially Rafa! We could chalk it up to him being only 19 but look at Rafa when he was 19! Rafa was full of personality and charisma! Too bad he has great potential… but don’t think he won any fan base acting like that!

      • Yes. I was poised to be a fan of Sinner UNTIL his “cold fish, no eye contact” handshake with Rafa. I noticed it right away, rewound it and asked my husband if he saw it, too. Makes me sad that he could not show respect in defeat. Youth is no excuse. ‘Come on kid, mind your manners and learn from your mistakes.

      • Dallas in USA,

        I had similar feelings about Jannik Sinner. I was about to add him as one of my favorite players, but I don’t think so……

    • Margo …Don’t sell yourself short. You have an amazing amount of knowledge about tennis and the players. I remember how I used to rely on your post for the scheduling and who is playing etc.! I hope Mimi & Lorna get to see Rafa win his 14th RG! I did hear about the new variant in England… hopefully the vaccines will work otherwise who knows what’s going to happen. Look at India… it’s frightening. I’m taking this time off to revamp for RG. I see that Halep had to pull out as well as Stan. Stay safe! 💜💜Rafa!

      • LOL thanks Ziggy but I’m not buying it. I will say Suzanne Lenglen brought a lot to women’s tennis. She’s been an unsung hero for far too long, in my opinion. Lorna didn’t “warn,” LOL, how long the podcast is but it was well worth the time.

        I would like to put my two cents in about the discussion of Sinner’s post match behavior. It’s not as if he ignored Rafa although his “semi-handshake” was noticeable. Yes, Rafa practiced with him but I feel practice is a two-way street. Rafa gets to play a variety of players with different strengths affording Rafa to learn how they play or maybe learn something new. Rafa said as much himself when he said he knew Sinner’s shots. I remember when it appeared that Rafa was practicing exclusively with Goffin.

        Rafa and Roger have their own sports talent firms. It is possible that a player who has a good relationship with Rafa would bring a talent such as Sinner to his talent firm. Something to consider for sure but I doubt Rafa would recruit a sports talent if the person was not in keeping with Rafa’s values.

        I read Sinner’s post match remarks. He was extremely upset with himself perhaps because he felt he could have done better and forgetting who Rafa is. Since he came on the “scene” Sinner has been praised and is very much in the media. I think he has to come back down to earth.

        I wouldn’t go as far to say that he should be honored to have been able to practice with Rafa but he could show some sportsmanship and gratitude. Hopefully he will learn how to lose graciously. I’ll stick with Diego.

  7. With a radiant smile, a sooo relaxed Rafa has a short video on YouTube sending an invitation to come to his museum where he has just installed his Rome and Barcelona trophies. He looks just sooo happy and I couldn’t be happier for him.

    The title of the video is “Rafa Nadal leaves in his museum the trophies of Rome and Barcelona.” I’ve watched it several times because he just exudes HAPPY.

    • Thank you Margo!🙏❤️ I actually have tickets, but I need UK to lift the travel restrictions in June hopefully, otherwise the tour will be canceled.🤞

      BTW., Diego lost again, to R. Gasquet this time.😔 Dominic also lost, sorry Margo, I know you like him too.

      • Mimi, I don’t know what to make of London’s virus reports. During the last two weeks infection rates were plummeting due to the high vaccination rate. Now, infection rates are rising in different “pockets” of England attributed to the variant first identified in India. I hope the country can get back on track to beating the virus.

        I think Wimbledon will go on but with a reduced number of fans. It would be a shame were it canceled.

        About Diego. I had hoped that he would stay at number 8 at least for a while. BUMMER.

        About Dominic. I love his accent. Too tired to comment on his tennis. Going to sleep.

      • Hi Margo,

        Hope you had a good night 😴.

        I agree, I don’t think Wimbledon will be canceled this year. Last I heard is 25% capacity, but they are hoping for more, and it all depends……when I said the tour will be canceled, I meant the tennis tour I joined, not the tournament.

      • You and Mimi have to go. You’re going to be our “live in-person” eyes and ears on the battlefield. 🤓

    • Love Diego… now he has personality! He reminds me a lot of David Ferrer. Just a real grinder and capable of winning almost everyone. I hope Diego wins a GS… David Frerer never did. I’m a huge fan of both of them! I know David has retired but I miss him on tour. I would like to see Diego play Opelka( have they ever played each other)? That would be fun to watch & I bet Diego would win! As far as Sinner he just might have a very boring personality and we can’t change that! I have not watched him enough to form an opinion I was just commenting on that one match with Rafa. I had heard that Rafa had practiced with him and that is to Rafa’s benefit no doubt! To go up up against an opponent you have never played it’s always a risk.

  8. Does anyone plan to go to Wimbledon this year? I have added “Watch Rafa at all four GS” on my bucket list. I am waiting for UK to place US into the “Green” stage of entry.🤞

    • It’s on my bucket list too Mimi. Sadly it won’t be possible this year as I won’t be fully vaccinated in time. My first Pfizer shot was April 5 but the second isn’t until July 26. In Canada we have to wait 4 months in between.

      Best of luck to you. Wonderful that you have been to the other three GS’s.

      My hope is that the National Bank Open (formerly Rogers Cup) will get the go ahead in Toronto. At the moment talks are ongoing but if our government nixes it the organizers may hold it as a joint event in Cincinnati.

      • Thank you so much Pauline!🙏❤️ Good luck to you too!🍀

        I thought I would never go to Wimbledon because I don’t like the “special” formula they use. I heard this year it’s different as there aren’t enough tournaments on grass due to the pandemic, so they will follow the rankings like others. Most importantly, I made my decision because I don’t want to regret after Rafa retired, nothing is forever unfortunately……

        Hoping for the best to attend Wimbledon 2021, if not, my deposit will roll over to Wimbledon 2022, but Rafa will be one year older. I consider myself a lucky Rafa fan.🙏 I also went to the Rogers Cup once in 2019, and Rafa was the champion defeating Medvedev.😊 BEST to the National Bank Open Pauline, maybe I will go watch Rafa defend his title?

    • Mimi, I’m hoping to get to Wimbledon next month. They’ve scrapped the public ballot this year (thank goodness)and making tickets available online in early June, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can get a ticket to watch Rafa. I hope you’re able to get here to watch our him too.

      • Lorna,

        So nice of you, thank you!🙏❤️ Good luck to us.🍀
        We were told to think “Green” the last update I heard from the tennis tour company, and that’s what I am doing daily lol

  9. Rafael I’d like to come with you in Roland Garros!! Bravissimo per aver vinto Roma…mille baci, Eva

  10. Ouch. Shapovalov tripped on line in Geneva. Not hurt. This is happening too often.

    • What’s up with all these lines being tacked down instead of painted on. Wimbledon is always dangerous in the beginning when the grass is very new and slippery.I always thought that the lines were painted on. That’s crazy dangerous! Rafa was really angry & I don’t blame him! One fall could be career ending!

  11. What’s going on with Dominic Thiem? Another early loss – this time falling 3-6 2-6 to Cameron Norrie. I didn’t see any of the match, but it must be a real cause for concern leading into RG.

    • Glad I saw your post before commenting, Laura. I haven’t been watching tennis since Rafa returned home but am trying to keep up with what the “other” guys are doing and I am with you on this one.

      I actually thought Thiem would win the tournament. He said he is fit. He said he is re-energized. I thought he got past his negative outlook about being on Tour during a continuing pandemic. I just hope he’s not injured. If you find anything please post. I will also look.

  12. Hello everyone. can someone please explain why Rafa remains at No. 3 despite winning Rome? thank you!

    • Benjamin, Rafa did not gain points in the overall ranking because he won Rome in 2019. This is a per the rules in place because of the pandemic. However Rafa did add points towards the ATP Finals. Confusing enough?

      The point system will go back to the normal rules at the beginning of 2022. At that
      time a players point total will be those points earned in calendar year 2021.

      Did anyone see Iga’s final Rome match? Her style of play and many of her shots remind me of Rafa’s. I understand that she purs spin on the ball just like Rafa.

      • Hi David,

        I did, and it went so fast.😳 Not surprised as Rafa is her idol growing up, she probably watch Rafa’s matches quite often and “copy” his style?

        Rafa saved two match points against Shapo in the third round, and I didn’t know Iga did the same in her third round as well, what a coincidence! Congratulations to both for winning the 🏆, still so thrilled for Rafa’s La Decima in Rome!👏😉

  13. I guess if you take a potty break you have to take a tinkle…

    Vanni Gibertini
    · 17h
    So, Jannik #Sinner was given a warning for unsportsmanlike conduct (which costs a pretty penny) during his match vs Karatsev because after losing the first set by 6-0 he took a toilet break and didn’t pee. “I didn’t know this rule, I will never do it again” said Sinner #ATPLyon

  14. “Seven wildcards for the French Open were awarded to French players. The eighth, not yet named, will go to an Australian player as part of the reciprocal agreement between the two Slams.”

    Gregoire Barrere [123]
    Benjamin Bonzi [115]
    Mathias Bourgue
    Arthur Cazaux [517]
    Enzo Couacaud
    Hugo Gaston
    Arthur Rinderknech
    [Source: ATP TOUR NEWS]

  15. Sports Illustrated [SI] Mailbag questions to Wertheim

    We all know Rafa is the overwhelming favorite for his 14th title at Roland Garros but who are the next four and what is the order? Djokovic, Tsitsipas, Thiem, Rublev? Or would you put Thiem at No. 2, then Djokovic, Tsitsipas and Rublev? Would you slot in Aslan at No. 6? And on Roger Federer—what is the over/under on him making the QF? Thank you!

    • Interesting question. After Nadal, I still put Djokovic ahead of the field. I trust him most, best-of-five, against anyone not named Rafa.
    2. Djokovic
    3. Thiem…I guess. He has retreated since winning the 2020 U.S. Open. But he is a two-time finalist in Paris.
    4. Tsitsipas
    5. Zverev
    Next? Rublev, though we need best-of-five results from him. After he made his displeasure with clay so clear—and backed it up accordingly with results—Medvedev will be lucky to survive week one. Schwartzman was a semifinalist in 2020, but is a bit beaten up. Karatsev is a top 10 candidate. Shapovalov took a brutal loss to Nadal, but did have him reeling.

    • SI Mailbag Questions Continued

      I wonder what Rafa thinks of this questionable behavior.

      Q. I know it is permitted for players when serving to rough up the balls (much like a baseball pitcher does) to remove fluff but I noticed in Madrid every time Sascha Zverev was serving he was putting the ball he was to serve under his sweaty shirt, presumably adding more moisture to the ball as well as “roughing it up.” Is that OK according to tennis rules? (I find it unethical even if legal.)
      —Warren of Montreal

      Wertheim: Someone else noted this as well. A player in the ’90s—I’m drawing a blank; otherwise, I’d happily try to find the forensic evidence and name him—was notorious for wiping his brow with the ball, presumably for the same reason. Ah, the moral gray area, the Medvedev-thin line between gamesmanship and outright cheating. If nothing else, we shall be on the lookout for this Gaylord Perry-ing.

      • That’s very interesting, Margo. For me, tampering with the ball in that manner is cheating. Ball tampering isn’t allowed in cricket, baseball and some other sports and it shouldn’t be allowed to happen across the board in tennis.The ball change rule is there to replace worn out or fluffed up balls during the normal course of a match and players shouldn’t be helping that process along.

        In his match against Roger Federer, John Millman was accused of rubbing the ball against his sweaty shirt in an “apparent ploy” to speed up the ball on serve after it hit the ground. Balls put in wet pockets -even though inadvertently – also have the same effect.

        The action is banned by USTA rules which states a player “May not take any action that materially changes the condition of the ball…..Therefore a player may not use a ball to wipe off perspiration.”
        However, the ITF, which lays down the rules for the Australian Open, doesn’t have any such clause.

        There’s divided opinion out there on this issue, but i think that deliberately interfering with the ball to gain an unfair advantage should be penalised, like any other offence in tennis.

      • I didn’t know that ball tampering was a thing in tennis. Not too long ago an American football 🏈 player was accused of tampering with the amount of air in the ball. Why can’t people just play fair.

    • Margo, intersting comment by Wertheim about Theim. Did you see that Norrie beat Dominic in round 16 at Lyons? I hope he starts playing better but ends up on the Djokovic side of the Paris draw!

      • Yes, I did David. I checked early this morning before I left home and couldn’t believe Thiem had lost. I don’t know what to think. I sure hope he gets it together.

  16. I saw the full body shot on Iga’s Instagram – latest photo. Sorry for the repetition, but I think my original reply got buried amongst earlier posts. You have an interesting take on it, Margo 😀

    • LOL Maybe your reply is keeping company with posts I’ve lost. I still don’t like this program. We used to be able to “respond” to a fan’s post multiple times without it getting lost/misplaced/sent overseas. 😂

      Regarding Rafa’s picture, it brought to mind the time fans of opposing teams created a kerfuffle because Rafa decided to wear a team scarf —or was it a sweater—of another team. I can’t recall the details but I was glad Rafa diffused that nonsense right away.

    • I think Roger will play the French Open, not because he hopes to win but because it may be his last French Open. At 39 I suspect he is contemplating retirement after the US Open, or the Tour Finals, if he qualifies for them.

      • Interesting Pauline. I was only speculating of course. Perhaps Roger would like his final tournament to be his ‘home’ tournament. That would be fitting. Halle 2022 is a long way off though. Let’s see if his body and performances can hold up until then. A player as great as Roger has been will not want to be beaten by lower ranked players on a regular basis.

      • Ginagigi: Exactly. Nothing is written in stone. Roger had said if he starts losing in first rounds it will be time to retire. As Rafa always says let’s see what will happen.

      • Ginagigi, Re the FO, yes a good possibility it will be his last. He has previously questioned himself about even playing the FO; now he needs what it may have to offer —match value—.

        How much longer he plays may depend on his ability to withstand crushing defeats and loses in early rounds. He’s not accustomed to that.
        He realizes coming back won’t be easy but will he be patient or just say the heck with that.

        And although he said he feels great, he voiced concern for the health of his knee.

  17. Mimi, I saw the full body pic on Twitter @iga_swiatek.

    I asked because I first saw a head shot somewhere else. When I saw the full body pic I said OMG social media is going to make a horror story out of this because of the placement of Rafa’s left hand. I kept staring at the pic and noticed there was a mirror behind Rafa and Iga. I breathed a sigh of relief. I was glad most were concentrating on Rafa’s quads 😂 Ya can’t make this stuff up LOL

  18. It’s great to see that Juan Martin Del Potro is off crutches and now doing gentle exercise in the gym. He’s targeting the Olympics for a comeback and I hope this happens. Wishing him all the very best.

  19. Federer’s post-match comment : “My goal is the grass-court season, not Roland Garros.” After his defeat today, this would strongly suggest that he won’t be competing at the French Open.

    • Lorna, yes, Wimbledon has always been his goal but he said a few days ago that he needs to play at least six or seven matches to assess where he is and doesn’t expect to win the FO. He also explained that it wouldn’t be a problem for him to play clay and then switch to grass. I expect he will play the FO.

      I can’t see him winning anything unless he gets some competitive matches under his belt. He has been steadfast about his practices going well adding that “competition is a different animal.” His desire to play is there but I think he’s not being realistic about the time it may take him to get to the level he will be happy with. Injury is relatively new to Roger and by some of his comments I feel he is being hard on himself.

      • Ummh. Yes, let’s see. He obviously didn’t reckon being knocked out of his home tournament so early.

      • Exactly Lorna. He said he was feeling good in the third set “since he had turned it [the match] around but then in ten minutes it was over.” He was probably in shock.

        I was laughing about some of his comments [not his loss] after he lost “….now I have to explain how I feel after losing and it doesn’t feel good.”

        He seemed to say he didn’t know what to do. As if he had forgotten how to play. Maybe this is the longest he’s been away? I don’t know.

        He commented that he won’t be playing on the level of Rafa or ND so I don’t know what his expectations are for Wimbledon. Cannot see him as a threat at the FO and hope my words don’t come back to bite me.😬

  20. Rafa has turned the corner and playing well with confidence will win Roland Garros for a 14th time !

  21. Did anyone see the photo of Iga and Rafa? It was taken hours before they both won their 🏆. I thought it’s so cute, beautiful smile from the two of them!😍

    • Yes Mimi…I did watch a bit of it. I thought Roger played very well .I was surprised that he lost. Don’t forget he is 39 years old. Same with Serena, she can’t seem to win anything either. I was so hoping Serena could get her 24th GS but it may be difficult. Seems as though the late 30s is about it for tennis players! Thankfully Roger, Serena and Rafa all have a wonderful life waiting for them after tennis! I’m not a huge Roger fan… Always thought he took the glory away from Rafa. However that is only my opinion. Roger has a Bajillion fans & my opinion probably doesn’t it matter to them, but that’s how I feel! On the other side of the spectrum Rafa is still going strong…Still breaking records still winning! So proud and so happy for “our” Rafa!

      • Hi Ziggy,

        Match could have gone either way, it was close. I am not a Roger fan, but my family members including my husband, daughter, and one sister as well as her family are normal Roger fans. I am a “crazy” Rafa fan!

        I don’t like Serena. I like Venus.

      • Ziggy, before we only had to deal with Roger. Then Djokovic. Now we’ve had to add the Next Gen and it’s exhausting to me as a Rafa fan. And they are all trying to STOP Rafa except Roger who isn’t currently in that position. Zverev just came out and said what other players have probably thought, “We have to stop Rafa.” So I want to know what they are all up to. 😤

        And about Roger, he is always trying to steal someone’s thunder, not just Rafa’s. Sometimes he says the strangest things like after this latest loss but I think it comes more from his self-centeredness than from meanness.

        And as I have been saying, Rafa is not finished yet and I truly believe that he will win more Slams and stop ND in his tracks. And if Rafa doesn’t do it the Next Gen better step up😂

      • Margo.. I have always thought Roger was very arrogant and self-centered, Where as Rafa has remained humble an grounded. I have the same situation as Mimi… My family and friends (the ones that like tennis) are Fed fans. Yes I believe that Rafa will definitely out surpass Roger…not sure yet about ND …to me he doesn’t look as strong as Rafa. Regarding the next-gen they have all beat Rafa but so far Rafa has gotten revenge on all of them. I hope Rafa continues his dominance on clay but honestly if he would retire tomorrow I would be okay with that. He has caved out quite a few pages in tennis history and we have been through all of it with him( have to admit it’s been exhausting at times) It’s crazy how we all feel the same way about Rafa… but I totally get it! Iga gets it too…She is smitten by Rafa just like all of us! I didn’t see their picture together yet but I’m going to look for it. She definitely has a crush on Rafa!

    • Congrats to Rafa’s friend Pablo on his defeat of Roger in Geneva. At 35 and 39 years old It was their first meeting ever. He said before the match that he would be excited to tell his grandkids that he played Federer. Now he can tell them he won. Terrific.

      The seniors didn’t fare so well today as Serena also lost and apparently played very poorly.

      • Pauline, someone on the Internet posted that there were a combined 74 years between these two players in their match. I thought it was a joke. After checking Pablo’s age, I said WOW!

      • Margo: Imagine if Roger plays Ivo Karlovic then their combined ages will be 81 years! Teehee.

    • Dallas in USA, I started watching middle of first set. TC showed Roger and Serena lost the first set within a few minutes……

      Pauline, so happy for Andujar, maybe it was the first and last time they play each other?

      • I didn’t see Roger’s match, but I can understand him losing, as it’s only his second tournament since the AO in 2020. On the other hand, I watched Serena in her match against Siniakova, who has been struggling for form herself, and she looked slow and not dialled in.

        Serena has to commit to more tournaments for match practice and get into better physical and mental shape if she’s to seriously contend for the one elusive 24th GS she’s searching for. Mother time is fast running out and her chances are becoming increasingly remote.

      • I missed seeing Roger. Maybe later on TC.

        Its sad that Serena and Roger are both “suffering,” as Rafa might say.

        I’m not giving up on them but I wonder if we will ever see Rafa v. Roger again at a real tournament?

      • You are right about Serena, Lorna. So tough now that she is 39 and has a daughter.

        David, TC showed Roger vs Pablo match, Serena’s match was on TC Plus. I am sure you can watch replay of Roger’s match on TC.

  22. Congratulations to Kei Nishikori and wife, Mai Yamauchi, who are expecting their first child later this year. [Source: ATP Tour News]

      • LOL, Mimi
        I meant he was working more on procreation than on tennis😂

      • Yes, I got it Margo.😂 I meant they spent more time together due to the pandemic as well.

      • Mimi
        AAAhah…. you threw me off. You usually speak Emoji but there wasn’t one in your response. It looks like a very serious and well thought out reply bordering on innocence. NOT

        About Rafa… he is going to have to be CONSISTENT and stay FOCUSED. A lot of competition out there.

    • A baby on the way. That’s good news for them. I only just learned that Kei got married in December 🤔

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