VIDEO: Rafael Nadal vs Cameron Norrie – match highlights | 2021 Barcelona Open

Highlights from Rafael Nadal’s win over Cameron Norrie.


  1. Hopefully Rafa will regain his mojo today…. His unsteady play has me a bit concerned .

    He knows how to beat PCB…. I’m looking for a strong, commanding Rafa that takes
    control of the match from the get go!

    VAMOS RAFA!!!!!!

  2. First of all ugly, maligning comments must not be allowed here.

    If Rafa wants to win and go further I think the main thing that needs attention is his serve. He has to try and get his first serve in and if not, to somehow or the other get through his service games. Otherwise I’m sorry to say …… ……. especially if he gets through to the finals – tsitsipas is playing splendidly at the moment.

  3. “How can I be a fan of someone corrupt?” -Gonzalo Castro

    Newsflash Gonzalo: you don’t have to be! Now bugger off and leave us to enjoy our ‘corrupt’ champ in peace.

    • I have long suspected that Mr. G. Castro is not a Rafa fan but this is just too much. His comments are libellous and offensive. The Moderator must do his job. Delete these comments and ban him from this site.
      All genuine Rafa fans have had enough of him.

  4. Here we go again !!! Another contributor in need of mental therapy?

    Gonzalo, we don’t want these nasty, libellous comments from you on this fan site.


  5. Nooo Gonzalo, u r out of ur mind, u need help, u r not a fan of Rafa, just don’t comment, u r selfish Jelouse and dangerous, actually just go straight to HELL, we don’t need u

  6. Rafael Nadal-some fabulous shots here. We recognize you now🤛👏💪👍keep up the momentum

  7. Rafa congratulations well don champ vamossssssssss you are the King of Clay and good luck 💪💪💪💪💪👍👍👍👍😘😘😘😘🎾🎾❤️🇺🇸

  8. Gonzalo Castro, you better shut your mouth, man! You can be sued back to the Stone Age, you are so ignorant and such a moron. No evidence, you are liable for your stupid comments.

  9. Rafael was lucky winning. Unbelievable, even though Norrie played so very bad, Rafael was about to lose. Could it be possible that Rafael = Money making institution made by his family? Well, this is something we need to pounder about. How can I be a fan of someone corrupt?

    • Probably, Rafael is no more no less than used, without any moral values, by his own family. How could this be possible, that his family uses his own family member in a criminal way, to benefit themselves or have a financial profit? This possibility is inconceivable although, of course, it has happened.

      • You are making libelous statements against the Nadal family without offering any proof. You must stop this.

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