VIDEO: Rafael Nadal vs Kei Nishikori – match highlights | 2021 Barcelona Open

Highlights from Rafael Nadal’s match against Kei Nishikori.


  1. All the best tomorrow vamosssssss champ you can do it we are with you all the way 💪🎾❤️😘👍🇺🇸

  2. Boy, he surely does not hear those last words!!! Right now Rafa is getting back to playing. Each person has new skills from playing games all along. Many issues are in his life and the best we can do as fans is encourage him, recognize he is human,and older and wiser as to how to play his game. I just hope that he can play well enough to continue to play and enjoy it. I know I love to see a happy and thankfil Rafa when he pulls through, game after game. Everyone aims their best game to unseat the ” king” of clay. It is not easy to sit at the top for year after year!!!

    Vamos dear Rafa 😉😉😉😉😉Be the bull, the fighter, you have come to be!! The very best wishes, man!!!!

  3. Very inconsistent from Rafa but I guess he made it in the end. It could have been a different outcome if Rafa was broken in the first game of the third set where he was 0-40.

    Rafa lives to play another day. Keep getting better Rafa, rediscover your killer instinct!

  4. The best of Rafa and K. Nishikori, I enjoyed it. Thank you!🙏
    Good luck vs C. Norrie.🍀❤️
    Vamos Rafa!💪💪💪

  5. Rafa should have carried his 1st set momentum into the 2nd set . I am not sure why there was a dramatic loss in confidence on the first service game of the 2nd set and this permitted Kei to easily win the set and be competitive into the 3rd set and force Rafa to avoid losing the match by timely shoemaking and mental errors by Nishokori .. I hope that Rafa can elevate his game or a loss to Norrie is not out of the question . Let’s get the real Rafa back not the one that is distracted by tv lights.

  6. Rafael again is performing poorly. I am practically sure that Rafael will not win this tournament: He will lose.

    • I don’t agree with this sad pessimism! How often has Rafa in the past years played himself into form …
      He would be the first one to agree with you that his present performance is not where he wants to be . It is obvious he hasn‘ t played too much in the past weeks and some of his opponents have never stopped competitive matches. . He is rusty !

      But of course he can win this tournament : go on Rafa, stay confident and strong . We are all behind you . You are the King of clay and and the diamond in the sport of tennis.
      Vamos !!!

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