Rafael Nadal pulls out from Acapulco

Photo by PEDRO PARDO/AFP via Getty Images

After he withdrew yesterday from Rotterdam with a back injury, Rafael Nadal has just posted on Twitter he won’t play either in Acapulco.

“I am very sorry not to participate in Acapulco 2021. It is a difficult year for everyone and in my current state of health, with a bad back, it is impossible to make such a long trip. I love Acapulco, I have played the last four years, but this year it is not possible. Hopefully in 2022!”

Rafa has been a regular at the Mexican event recently, playing in three of the last four editions.

Our champ, who made the Australian Open quarterfinals where he lost to Stefanos Tsitsipas after leading by two sets, is expected to play in Miami next month.


  1. Open 13 Provence

    Nice to see Jo-Wilfried Tsonga back, but unfortunately he lost to his countryman already.
    Good luck to Jannik Sinner against Daniil Medvedev🍀💪

    • Tsonga paints a very bleak picture of how he is feeling right now. He seems to have lost his motivation to play.

      It seems he is having difficulty accepting the reality of how the pandemic has affected tennis from testing, to restrictions and the simple pleasures of life. He seems sad because I remember a happy guy on the circuit but that was pre-pandemic. Wishing him the best.

      • Maybe he thinks a bit differently now that he has his own family? This pandemic has affected most of us more or less, and hopefully the vaccines will help us go back to some kind of normalcy!

      • Mimi, See the article
        Jo-Wilfred Tsonga Tennis Players Are No Longer Motivated

        I too thought about him being a new dad but talked only tennis. I, too, hope he gets out of that funk.

      • Mimi, if you want to see Rafa’s new kit colors check them out on Twitter. I just received an email from Twitter and Tanika has posted them.

  2. Rafa declined a wildcard to play Dubai.

    I would like to thank the @DDFTennis for the wild card invitation sent to me. We seriously thought about coming to play, but I don’t think I am ready to play yet.
    Once again thanks to the tournament’s kind invitation and best of luck with the tournament
    2:17 AM · Mar 11, 2021

    • Rafa Nadal
      And… special thanks to Tournament Director Salah Talak since I am aware of his efforts to ensure a smooth arrival to play Dubai during this unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic and difficult times for all 🙏🙏🙏

  3. Federer lost to Basilashvili 3-6, 6-1, 7-5. I guess he ran out of gas. He said he was tired after yesterday match and wanted to see how he felt today.

    • Tough match yesterday, at least he started the season with a win after such a long time away.

      • Federer’s loss is understandable but I can’t believe Dominic lost to RBA.

        Semifinals are:

        Andrey vs RBA

        Fritz vs Basilashvili

      • RBA is a good player. Remember he has beaten ND a few times on hard court👏

  4. ATP Media Info
    For 1st time in
    history (since 1990), a player has received walkovers in back-to-back rounds.

    Following his 1R bye at #QEMO2021,
    got W/Os from Gasquet in 2R (leg) & Fucsovics in QF (back).

    Rublev’s 1st singles match in Doha is scheduled for Friday’s SF.

      • I think it’s mind boggling. Just thinking about someone being in a SF without having played a match is … I am speechless. Good on him as the slang expression goes.

  5. According to an interview with Eurosport, Roger’s main focus will be on Wimbledon and he has no plans to retire, just yet.



    The 39-year-old insists retirement is not something he is currently thinking about.
    He added: “This is not the time to think about that…let’s say in the fall of this year.“

    For me, as long as these two champions can stay healthy a Fedal match is something to look forward to. Imagine a Fedal final at the Olympics. GOOSEBUMPS.

  6. DOHA
    After a year and two months of not playing, Roger Federer has won his first match. He beat Dan Evans by winning the tiebreaks in the first and this sets.

      • Yes, it was very close but Roger got the job done.

        He’s on tomorrow vs Basilashvili which he should win providing he’s got the energy.

    • Looks like the first tournament that both Roger and Rafa play will be Wimbledon, unless its a grass warm up. Then the Olympics (maybe), then the U.S Open. Why is 2021 going so fast?

      • It’s not going fast for me. I feel as if I’m “En attendant Godot.” LOL

        It’s still a little early so we have to wait and see how Roger does.

        As for Rafa, he’s on the Miami player list but I question if he will play. Is it worth coming to the US for one tournament in these uncertain times. The tournament director said he expects cancellations due to the pandemic.

  7. Roger Ferderer on Rafa : ” I saw Rafael Nadal grow, right in front of my eyes. He’s one of the guys from tennis – players – that I could call up and, if I told him something, it would be a secret between the two of us. And I appreciate that we are able to build a relationship like that.”
    A clear statement of the trust and mutual respect these two greats have for one another.

    On the GOAT debate, Roger accepts that his slam record will be surpassed. He believes that Rafa and Novak are motivated by his own achievements, just like he was by Pete Sampras. “What Novak and Rafa have done lately is extraordinary, they’re not 25 either, but they seem at the peak. For them I am maybe the measuring stick, like Pete (Sampras) was for me.”

    These are honest and admirable words from Roger and I wish him all the best as he returns to the tour in Doha this week.

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