VIDEO: Rafael Nadal shows GQ what he can’t live without

From his tennis bag to his laptop, Rafael Nadal shows off his essential items.


  1. Rafa has confirmed, via tweet, he will not play Miami.

    Rafa Nadal
    Sad to announce that I won’t be playing in Miami, a city that I love. I need to fully recover and get ready for the clay court season in Europe. Special message to my fans in the US and in particular to the great Spanish speaking community FL who always give me a great support!

    • I can’t be too surprised about Rafa pulling out of Miami. Obviously he’s got to fully recover his health to compete.

      The clay court season will offer him the opportunity to pull ahead of Medvedev back into the No. 2 position. That would put him on the opposite side of the draw from Nole for Roland-Garros and Wimbledon. But he can still win tournaments from No. 3.

      I thought that Rafa did some things really well at the AO. His backhand for instance looked much improved to me. We shall see, eventually.

      • I am glad most of the uncertainty of when he expects to play next has been erased.

        Now my biggest concern is the constant barrage of articles announcing that Europe is in its third wave of the pandemic. Many European countries have halted the use of the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine, vaccine shortages are looming and some countries have announced new lockdowns. Hoping for the best.

  2. I am excited to see what course of action Rafa will take after losing his World #2 ranking to Medvedev. Begone pandemic!

  3. So sorry to see Jo-Wilfred Tsonga fall victim to injury again as he retires from his match against Jaziri with an upper arm injury. Devastating for Tsonga, just as he returned from a long lay off with persistent knee and back problems.

    Tsonga has entertained so much over the years and I hope it won’t be too long before he’s back on court.

  4. I love Rafa’s essentials video and his smile is so adorable. Rafa says the most funny things without even realising it. “Clothes, without that I can’t feel comfortable on court.” Well Rafa, I suppose none of us would, unless you’re a streaker of course! 😂

    • will you stop talking about his smile. I dont give a dam about his smile i want him to win titles damit

  5. I REALLY enjoyed this. Rafa is so calm, funny and SMILEY. When I saw the title of the film I said his phone has to be #1. LOL

    Thank you RNF for such a sweet treat.

  6. Hola Rafa!! No te he entendido nada, pero esa bonita sonrisa y tu buen actitud, con eso es suficiente, SIEMPRE CONTIGO!!!!

  7. Hola!! Rafa, no te he entendido en nada, pero esa bonita sonrisa y buena actitud con eso es suficiente, SIEMPRE CONTIGO!!!

      • Rublev and Karatsev won doubles.

        RBA won singles. His countrymen are congratulating him.

      • Sorry Mimi, Basilashvili won, not RBA. You probably know that already. Have no idea what I was looking at.

      • No worries, Margo. It happens to me too.
        Congratulations to Andrey and Aslan🏆 and to RBA for making the final!

      • Mimi, it’s very sad that Tsonga is injured again and had to retire from his match. He’s been injured a lot and that could be a big reason for his bleak outlook. Hoping he can heal well enough to come back strong.

      • Yes, it is……best wishes to him❤️

        Although Rafa has suffered many injuries in his career, so thankful we can still enjoy his tennis, not to mention the achievements he has accomplished so far🙏🙏 Hope to see JWT and Rafa back in action when they are ready!

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