Rafael Nadal remains world No. 2 in latest ATP rankings

The post Australian Open rankings are up.

Rafael Nadal stayed at No. 2 after losing in the quarterfinals, while Danil Medvedev’s second appearance in a Grand Slam final pushed him up one spot. Medvedev trades places with Dominic Thiem, who dropped to No. 4 after losing in the fourth round.

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There were no other changes in the men’s Top 10, including Roger Federer remaining at No. 5 despite not having competed in more than a year after having two knee operations.

After beating Medvedev 7-5, 6-2, 6-2 on Sunday for his 18th Grand Slam title, Novak Djokovic is assured of remaining at No. 1 at least another two weeks, which will raise his career total in that spot to 311. That means he will break Roger Federer’s ATP record of 310 weeks atop the rankings.

Top 10 in the current ATP Rankings:

RankingMoveCountryPlayerAgePointsTourn PlayedPoints DroppingNext Best
1 SRBNovak Djokovic3312,0301800
2 ESPRafael Nadal349,8501800
3 1RUSDaniil Medvedev259,7352400
4 1AUTDominic Thiem279,1252100
5 SUIRoger Federer396,6301600
6 GREStefanos Tsitsipas226,5952800
7 GERAlexander Zverev235,6152700
8 RUSAndrey Rublev234,6092700
9 ARGDiego Schwartzman283,4802600
10 ITAMatteo Berrettini243,4802300


Source: AP


    • Rafa explains:

      It I s with great sadness that I have to forfeit from Rotterdam. As most of the fans know, I suffered some back problems in Australia that started in Adelaide and continued during Melbourne. We found a temporary solution that allowed me to play without pain in the second week of the tournament.

      Once I got back to Spain I visited my doctor and together with my team they’ve advised not to play this upcoming week. I was really looking forward to coming back to Rotterdam and The Netherlands since it’s been a while I played there. This was the perfect year for my calendar.

      I hope to come back and play there soon.
      All the best to the tournament, always a top class event.

  1. There is a Laureus award which both Rafa and Roger’s respective foundations could be eligible for in the future.

    Laureus Sport for Good

    The awards support the work of Laureus Sport for Good, which supports over 160 community projects in more than 40 countries. These programmes aim to use the power of sport to end violence, discrimination and disadvantage, and prove that sport has the power to change the world.

  2. Rafa has been nominated by the Laureus Awards for World Sportsman of the Year. Roger wasn’t nominated so Rafa is the only tennis player on the list.

      • Yes I was only referring to the sportsman. There are those other players in different categories.

        Congrats to Rafa and best of luck. If he were to win the award it would be very well deserved.

  3. If Rafa is Nott smart enough, I see Djokoitch ending his reign at Roland Harris very.ver soon.

    But,as always,we go match by match and day by day………………….cheers

  4. Rafa I wish you good luck for Rotterdam. Stay well and safe too. Do what you do best Rafa, raising joy in the hearts of your fans & especially this one. Vamos my Champion

  5. I don’t believe Rafa should play on slow hardcourts like rotterdam or Acapulco anymore. Faster hardcourts like the australian open are better for him at this stage of his career considering he is trying to shorten points and play quick strike tennis. Less wear and tear.

  6. Good win the tournament in Acapulco is next good luck champ vamosssssss all the best 🇺🇸❤️🎾😘👍

  7. Rafa , we really want to see you beat Nole as it’s our greatest thrill just like in the finals at Roland Garros 2020 and
    2019 semis .I hope that I’m speaking for every Rafa fanatic as we want you to reign as number #1 is possible in 2021.with 2 slams out of 3 left .Let’s do it !

    • I want Rafa to take care of his body and succeed in the slams. Chasing No.1 is irrelevant at this point in his career. Djokovic said it best, he will focus on the slams now. That makes complete sense. Rafa would be foolish to do otherwise. We don’t want a situation like the USO 2013 when he didn’t lose a single match in the lead up tournaments but was in all sorts of trouble in the final. The slams matter much more at this point. Masters 1000? Maybe, but slams above all. No brainier.

    • God loves us all, let’s not compare our Champion with Djokovic, Rafa can compete with anyway when is his day, he wil defenately win, vavamos my champ, show them that ur carrier is to play tennis not to compare urself with any body, u are the King come on my beloved champion, Rotterdam is waiting for u

  8. I know that the rankings is don’t really any difference to you rafa number 1 or 2 but hope you do well in Rotterdam and also hope your back is better vamos rafa xxx

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