Australian Open 2021: Saturday practice photos

Rafael Nadal was practicing on John Cain Arena with 17-year-old compatriot Carlos Alcaraz.

The Age reported that only photographers were allowed to get a short glimpse of Rafa training on Saturday as the 20-time grand slam winner battles to overcome a lower back injury.

The public and journalists were kept at a distance with photographers only allowed a five minute window to shoot some pictures, but a source lucky enough to see Rafa step out onto court said he was not noticeably impeded.


  1. You look chilled rafa the young man is up and coming he would be so pleased you practice with him you were all his birthdays come together vamos rafa xxx

  2. Oh … I was expecting a night match, but it’s the 3rd daytime match on the Tuesday, which means I need to try to guess what time to set my alarm clock for!

    • The first 2 are WTA matches. Kenin should breeze through hers but Svitolina’s might be a 3 setter.

      A reasonable guess would be an 11-11:30 pm ET or 4-4:30 am in England.

      But as we all know GS’s can be so unpredictable.

  3. Why does Nadal brought 2 press personels with him. They are useless for back injuries. He needs 2 physio’s. 2 trainers.

  4. Who knows…. maybe they just didn’t want all the the photographers close by and clicking away for a half hour, which could get distracting and annoying to the players during practice.

    Most importantly our boy is out there, getting in some time on the court, and getting into the groove for Round 1….

    Ok Rafa ….DO YOU!!! One step at a time ….


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