Rafael Nadal beats Jannik Sinner to reach Roland Garros SF

Rafael Nadal has continued his march towards a record-extending 13th French Open title with a 7-6(4), 6-4, 6-1 win over Jannik Sinner in the late-night match on Philippe-Chatrier.

The Spanish great booked a semi-final berth against Diego Schwartzman, who reached his first grand slam semi-final with a 7-6(1), 5-7, 6-7(6), 7-6(5) win against the US Open champion Thiem in 5hr 8min. Rafa has won 10 of his 13 previous Roland Garros quarter-finals in straight sets.

“Now I have, well, I would say two days off, but almost 1 1/2,” Rafa said with a laugh. “But, yes, now it’s two days to practice, to rest a little bit and to recover, and just try to be ready for that semifinal.”

This was Rafa’s 100th match at Roland Garros. Our champ now has a 98-2 win-loss record at the clay court grand slam.


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  2. Don’t know if I was imagining but Rafa seemed nervous at the start.

    Pray and hope service improves.


    VAMOS 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

    • Nah…. He’s in beastmode now….
      He’s getting his groove on with his serve….
      He’s won the first set 6-3…

      It’s interesting…. Never ever should a player facing Rafa think because they are winning 40-Love or 40-15, that they have the game…. Whether its to hold serve or break him….Rafa finds a way…point by point to come back… and before you know.it…Rafa wins that game….

      We are off to a good start….
      Finally Rafa won’t have to deal with shade….

      Second set…. VAMOS!!!!!!

  3. I am waiting to see Rafa playing but as usual when I want to watch Rafa’s match, my connexion is blocked.
    I am surrended by odd people. Please rescue us ! I just can stand them anymore.

  4. Waiting on pins and needles….

    Rafa knows exactly what to do for this match… He’s played Diego recently and I’m sure he has a strategy going in …. He’s had a good rest…. And he is ready!!!
    As we all know his mental game is always right there with his physical one, as he adjusts to the task at hand…

    Unleash the beast today Rafa!!!


  5. Rafa , please serve at your very best against Diego . In Rome , Diego took advantage of a erratic service game . I like the idea of increasing the velocity of the second serve to keep Diego off balance and wheezing . No matter , Vamos Rafa and let’s keep the streak of winning sets going toward another Roland Garros championship victory .

  6. I sure hope the weather is a good sign for Rafa; sun with clouds and close to 61F, winds are down but high humidity.


  7. Tsitsipas has his work cut out for him and he better win. He has already pulled out of St. Petersburg citing fatigue and wanting to avoid injury after Paris. He better not become fatigued against ND. OK, no, I am not threatening him but hoping he beats ND.

    I was hoping for Rafa to play after Stefanos so he could know what’s in store for him for the final. I can’t say if that would help Rafa to know in advance. Just a thought.


  8. Stay strong Rafa and get into your killer mode. Your fans can send you all the best for a win but you’ve got to do the work. You have my vote of confidence. All the best to reach the final.


  9. I really don’t know if I’ll watch. I’m just sooo nervous when Rafa plays!! My hubby really gets nervous thinking I’m going to have a heart attack. Hahaha. Let’s see ….. .

    So thoroughly fed up of Djokovic. I had seen through all his gimmicks years ago.

    Rafa I beg of you win today and pick up the trophy on Sunday!!!! Don’t let anyone or anything come in the way!

    Hope Rafa feels the love and good vibes from all his lovely, loyal, crazy fans!


  10. 🏃🏻‍♂️👼❤️(🇦🇷) v 💪🏻👑❤️(🇪🇸)
    🤕🤬😈(🇷🇸) v 👟🙋🏼‍♂️🙏🏻(🇬🇷)

    Lo siento, Diego. ¡Vamos Rafa!

  11. We’re good to go Rafa? Yes we are!

    Schwartzman is in for a surprise today… the Rafa from Rome is no more- this is the RG Rafa! Just like Thiem found out last year that the Rafa who he beat in Barcelona was different from the animal that destroyed him in 3 sets in the RG final:)

    Get it done champ… back me up please:):)

  12. It’s weird that I can see your comments only with delay. I hope you receive mine.

    A nice day to all real Rafael’s fans.

  13. “We are long past the point where Nadal’s reputation is tied only to the clay. He’s won Wimbledon twice, the Australian Open once and the U.S. Open a fairly remarkable four times — one more than Djokovic. Instead, if Nadal reaches 20 this weekend, the only appropriate reaction is awe at how thoroughly he’s mastered Roland Garros. The fact that he would have won the French 13 times certainly tilts his Slam count toward one surface, but it is ridiculous all the same.”

    [Source: for the full opinion article by Dan Wolken see USA Today dated October 8, 2020]

    I hope Rafa feels his fans’ explosive excitement and admiration for what he can accomplish this French Open. As the hours pass I am becoming a nervous wreck but hope to be calmer tomorrow. With Rafa it NEVER gets boring.


    • Margo, I am a nervous wreck too. I usually can’t sleep well the night before his match……

      I have made a pledge since 2016 that I would make a donation in Rafa’s honor whenever he wins a big title. I will double the amount for his lucky 13/20 🤞

      Vamos Rafa!❤️

      • Mimi, sorry but I’m not any kind of help. Yesterday I was playing it cool [to myself, LOL] thinking he plays in two days so I can relax, do what needs to be done and I’ll see him Friday.

        Well…it’s now tomorrow that he will play and I can’t tell you how many times today that I’ve checked to see how much longer I have to wait to see him play. I’ve never been this nuts before one of his matches.

      • Sounds like I am doing better than you 😂

        I practice yoga a few times a week, maybe it helps a little bit?

  14. The following is a duplicate because the original landed miles from this post.

    Here is what Pablo Carreño-Busta had to say about ND’s antics yesterday during their match.

    “Each time he is in trouble he usually does it, that means to say that he was in trouble, that he wasn’t comfortable and that I was playing at a high level and was causing him to doubt himself,” Carreno Busta told reporters in Spanish.

    “Every time a match gets complicated he asks for medical assistance. He has been doing this for a long time. I already knew that. I knew it would happen at the U.S. Open, I knew it would happen here and I know it will keep on happening.

    “I don’t know if it’s something chronic in his shoulder or just mental, but he didn’t put me off.”
    “I don’t know, maybe it’s the pressure or something that he needs to do it. But he continues playing normal, no? I don’t know if he’s (in) pain really or he has mental (issues). Ask him,” Carreno Busta said in English.

    (Reporting by Richard Martin in London and Sudipto Ganguly in Mumbai; editing by Pritha Sarkar)

    Not unsurprisingly there were many social media comments about how miraculous ND’s medical problems just happen to disappear after an MTO.

    • Everyone has caught onto N.D.’s fakery. His act has gotten really old and stale. PCB is right in stating that it will never stop. One of the many reasons I never watch him. I daresay I would cheer for any of his opponents even the dreadful N.K. and that’s saying something.

      • LOL I’ve got to agree with that Pauline.

        After his match he said he hurt himself while practicing but didn’t want to give any details because it would seem as if he were complaining and he’s still in the tournament. Hhmmmmm

      • Correction: infamous ND said he hurt himself during his warmup, not during practice as I earlier stated.

  15. Rafa vs Diego is scheduled at 2:50pm local time, 5:50am pacific time tomorrow.
    Good luck to Rafa🍀

  16. Each time I take the bus or train, there are a lot of trouble. This morning for no reason, the train has not shown up for a while letting us wait and the same for the return. No train for my place. A lot of train changes, wait for more than half an hour on a cold, windy afternoon to get the chance to have a train.

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    Plus I noticed that once more, one of my hat/cover has disappeard yesterday.

    With all of these, I have no clue what happened with Rafa’s opponents. I have read all your comments, not seen anything about this. Maybe I have not seen all the comments.

  17. WOW…
    It seems as if RG has made strides to have more players playing on clay. I am very surprised because only recently clay tournaments seemed to be either diminishing in number or officials considering changing from clay to hard. I can only imagine Rafa must be thrilled upon learning this. I have to wonder if he had a hand in this new development to be called the Roland-Garros Pro Series.

    From Twitter:

    Replying to
    Strategic new partnership strengthens relationship between the Federation and high-profile clay-court stakeholders, with the common goal of getting more people playing tennis on clay.


    FFT launches Roland-Garros Pro Series partnership with WTA, ATP clay-court tournaments – Roland-G…
    8:51 AM · Oct 8, 2020·Twitter Web App

  18. 19-year-old Światek, who defeated Simona Halep in a brutal upset, is wishing Rafa another FO title:

    Ravi Ubha
    Swiatek on Nadal: ‘He’s my favorite player. He was the only player I watched when I was younger.

    So, yeah, I really like him. I just wish him the best and I hope he’s gonna get another French Open this year’

    • Nice to have another Rafa fan (WTA player) wishing Rafa another FO title! Iga Swiatek has played so well in this tournament, still in singles and doubles👏 Good luck to her 🍀 Simona Halep defeated Iga 6/1 6/0 the same round last year. Iga returned the favor this year 😉

      All the best to Rafa tomorrow against Diego!❤️

    • Any friend of Rafa’s, is a friend of ours!! :):)

      I’m watching her match now and loving what I see… the girl has game!! And totally fearless too.

      It will be great to see her and Rafa doing a photo shoot next monday with their trophies. Fingers crossed!!

      And… she’s won. 6-2 6-1. Ridiculous.

      • How amazing👏👏 She has won all her matches in straight sets, singles and doubles with her partner!

        That would be lovely 😊 Good luck to both Rafa and Iga🍀❤️

      • Correction: Iga and her partner, Nicole, won the first set the second round in doubles, then a walkover.

  19. I was a bit nervous there for a while in the first and second set. Sinner brought everything against Rafa, but Rafa weathered that storm and eventually broke Sinner down.

    I much loved the bromance between Thiem and Schwartzman at the end of their match. Heart warming. Good luck to Schwartzman in his next match… YEAH RIGHT! Bad luck to you Diego, against Rafa:) There should not be a repeat of Rome, that’s for sure! He took a set off Rafa at RG in 2018 and I imagine he’s even more dangerous now… our Rafa will have to be pretty sharp come Friday.

    Not holding my breath for Tsitsipas to get it done against Djoker… Rafa may have to do that deed himself. ‘Injury scare’ where have I heard that before? Please. Djokovic could have a broken leg and still manage to win a match.

    See you all on Friday my fellow Rafans, stay safe!

  20. Magali- Not sure about R G this year but in general his tournament practices are shorter than you might think. Last year at the U S Open his practice sessions were typically 60-90 minutes. As I understand it he goes at all out intensity so there is no need for more time.

    Go Rafa!

  21. As you know a lot on Rafa, can someone tell me how many hours per day, does he train when he plays in RG ?

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