VIDEO: Rafael Nadal beats Egor Gerasimov at French Open – highlights, interview

Video highlights and interview from Rafael Nadal’s win in Paris yesterday over Egor Gerasimov.

Source: Roland Garros


  1. Congratulations to Rafa on another win. Five more to go.

    So far, along with Rafa into the third round are Domi, Diego, and Stan.


  2. Congratulations Rafa👏 One match at a time, good luck against K. Nishikori or S. Travaglia next 🍀
    Vamos Rafa 💪❤️

  3. Due to some problems with my connexion, (I am not so far from RG), I have missed the beginning of the match and also some parts, but glad to see that Rafael has won this match and to hear him speaking French.

  4. I Don’t know what’s going on. I can not Watch the match. Stan has just finished and I wanted to see Rafael playing but my connexion with France Télévisions has been stopped. Does anyone have the same problem ?

  5. Serena has withdrawn from the tournament so Rafa’s match should be on time at 2pm local, 8 am Eastern, 5am Pacific.

    • Update: They have moved over the Anisimova match to Chatrier so Rafa’s will begin after it’s completion. Should have realized they would do something like that so sorry for speaking a bit too soon on the timing.

      • That’s okay Pauline.

        I thought Rafa vs M. McDonald would be early when I saw a “walkover” while I checked scores on my phone. I got out of bed immediately lol. Thanks for the update🙏

      • Don’t worry about a thing Pauline. I heard on the morning news that Serena had pulled out and was happy Rafa’s match would be on time. Just read your update. GGrrrr
        They have some nerve. 😤

  6. Good job Rafa Champ!good luck for the next round King!things will get harder King,as the new blood is around like a hawks!God Bless you Champ!keep it safe!

  7. When I look at Rafael’s face on the video and the one on the photo, I could hardly think this is the same person. I like very much the second one.

  8. Rafael looks much more relax I think than the day before and nicer when we can see his hair. This is true that when he, Roger, Novak, Serena will retire, tennis won’t be the same for fans who have attended matchs for a couple of years.

  9. Rafa good luck next much vamosssssss champ 🎾😘👍😍🎾😘👍😍🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾👍

  10. When asked in Spanish how it felt to play without many fans there he said it is sad but it needs to be sad as a lot of people are suffering. He is thankful to the tournaments for going ahead while losing money as they generate income for those who otherwise would be struggling.

    Have not heard any other athlete express this kind of compassion for others but we would expect no less from Rafa.

  11. Happy that Rafa seems so relaxed. That says a lot.

    My favorite response from Rafa was about the popularity of tennis after he, Roger and Serena retire is spot on. “It’s a process.” Without skipping a beat he was flawless in his multi-faceted answer.


    • I agree, Margo. Rafa’s response was so sensible and true. You can’t gain overnight, the level of popularity that he, Roger and Novak have developed – it has to evolve.
      As for his performance in his first match, if Rafa says he’s happy with it, then he really IS happy and that’s very encouraging.

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