VIDEO: Rafael Nadal features in Nike’s ‘You can’t stop us’ commercial

The “You Can’t Stop Us” advert – featuring 53 Nike athletes – is set to debut on US TV screens during the return of the NBA. Rafael Nadal, LeBron James, Serena Williams and Cristiano Ronaldo are among the big names to feature in the 90-second clip.

You can watch the Nike ad below. You’ll see our champ around the 20-second mark.


  1. I’m even more annoyed now that Stef Tsitsipas losts after being 2 sets to 1 and 5-1 up – I’d like to have seen im win it. Dominic? Sascha? Medvedev? Felix A-A? Frances Tiafoe? This is crazy. It even shut Greg Rusedski up for a few minutes, although unfortunately he’s started drivelling again now.

    The Covid stuff is very confusing. Mannarino played 2 matches and everyone was OK with it, but then there was a 4 hour delay before his third match. If they didn’t want him to play, why wait until the 3rd round?

  2. Novak praises his opponents for good shots when he is winning, but as soon as he’s under pressure and losing points he gets very emotional and frustrated. I think Novak was too cock sure in the match and he must have thought that Pablo CR was a push over, but he thought wrong. Pablo wasn’t intimidated and was going toe to toe with him.
    The incident was a terrible thing for Novak or anyone to have to deal with, but Novak needs to take stock and apologise to all concerned.
    So there’ll be a first time grand slam champion. Who’s your pick for the title now folks?

    • Lorna, any feelings of schadenfreude I could have had were dampened by what Djokovic has done to men’s tennis. At this time in his career one would think he has learned a thing or two but I guess not. You did get him right which is a sign that the old Djokovic is still present.

  3. Novak OUT!!! He needs to calm his a— down… I understand he meant no malice but his agitation issues are problematic…

    That leaves a first time Grand Slam champ up for grabs! My monies on Dominic Thiem!

      • Typo sorry. Yes, he hit al ball in anger and it hit a lineswoman in the throat. She collapsed to the floor and had breathing difficulties.

      • It was clearly accidental, but a ball travelling at speed can be dangerous. He had 3 set points on Carreno Busta’s serve and missed them all, and was frustrated and lost his temper. You can’t do that.

        He’s been annoying all week. Apparently he was threatening to ring the Governor of New York over the row about the Zverev-Mannarino match. It’s not up to him to tell the authorities how to deal with the virus risk.

      • Sorry typo. He hit a ball in anger abd it hit a lineswoman in the throat. She collapsed to the floor choking…

    • A reminder to all players not to lose their temper on court, because this can be the result. Djokovic has not represented the sport well this year.

      And there will definitely be a new slam winner.

    • OK Lorna. Just read the article. Some turn of events, huh? WOWWOOWEEEEE

      As I said a few months ago, the USOPEN is an opportunity for a first time SLAMMER.

      Not happy that someone was struck in the neck by a tennis ball. WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM?

      What does he have to be angry about! Luxuriating in a private residence, plenty of indoor and outdoor space, not among the other players in their “tiny” rooms.
      HE WILL NEVER LEARN. He makes me sick. All that meditation he does hasn’t stamped out that volatile temper of his.

      NOVAK MAKES ME SICK. He can play tennis but that’s all he has. It’s all about him. Perhaps that’s why he is disliked by so many.

      • The TV commentators are tripping all over themselves to explain how wonderful Novak usually is. Plus how this is devastating for the tournament. Not so. Happy not to have to watch how he uses fake mto’s to throw off his opponent’s momentum. The other contenders will seize this opportunity to shine. There are many exciting talents still in it.

        Awaiting a serious apology from N.D. Wishing a full recovery to the poor lineswoman.

  4. Novak has just hit a ball invanger and it hit a lineswoman in the throat. Why hasn’t he been defaulted? The officials are taking so long to deliberate just because it’s Novak. Even Novak himself said he should be defaulted. Shapovalov got defaulted when he hit a ball and it struck the umpire in the eye. Nalbandian git defaulted at Queens fir kicking a sign which hit a linesman. The rule is the rule for heavan’s sake!!!

  5. Eric Salliot, a French tennis journalist, claims that it has been confirmed that players at R.G. will be required to stay in one of two official hotels. No private residences will be allowed as in N.Y. Djokovic has expressed concern over this restriction.

    It all depends of course whether the event actually goes forward two weeks from tomorrow. As of today it is still on even with fans expected in. That is an absurd proposal in my view.

    If Rafa plays the Italian he should leave by the middle to the end of this coming week. He put out a video message congratulating Hamburg on their renovations and mentioning how he enjoyed their City saying he would see them soon. Wonder if he is considering attending their tournament instead of Rome as a warm up the week before the French. Wouldn’t have as high a level of competition but would still help him shake off the lack of play rust and get his rhythm down.

    • Pauline,
      Let him express concern. So what! He can hang out with the rest of the players or go home as far as I’m concerned. He’s a sniveling, complaining, whiny jerk. The youngsters deserve better than what he has to offer.

      • Agree Margo but the powers that be tend to accede to his requests whenever he speaks up. This is the case in NY regarding the number of team members permitted to accompany players(originally was only supposed to be one) and enhanced accommodations for those with deep pockets.

        Am tired of him putting his desires above everyone else’s. Hope the suits at Roland Garros stick to their plan and don‘t allow any exemptions. I’m sure the designated hotels will be a come down from the Plaza Athenee where Rafa stays but can’t imagine that he will complain.

      • Pauline, in response to yours @ 1:56AM [no link]
        I hope the French don’t buckle down. From what I have read they seem pretty darned adamant that there will be NO EXCEPTIONS to the guidelines. Let’s see what happens if it is held.

        Have you seen his statement… it’s typical Djokovic, “This whole situation has left me really sad and empty.”


        Is this what he pays his PR people for? They should be fired unless he insisted on writing that nonsense. Lorna has his number 100%.

  6. Yet another change in rules for players who were exposed to Paire who tested positive for the coronavirus caused the top women’s doubles team to be defaulted.

    Mladenovic and her doubles partner were ousted from the tournament. She will be in quarantine until she leaves for Europe. Her doubles partner has already left the US [before the rules could be changed again] and the trainer returned to Florida. The hotel where Mladenovic is staying is in another county which has its own rules regarding quarantine for those who have been in contact with someone who tests positive. It looks as if the USTA didn’t confer with the county’s protocols.

    Mannarino was told he couldn’t play his match against Zverev but was eventually allowed to play after a prolonged delay. Mannarino, who lost his match, will be in quarantine until he leaves for Europe. He was required to pay a fine because one of his team was observed maskless.

    There were earlier reports attributed to Zverev that Medvedev had been in prolonged contact with Paire but both Daniil and his trainer dispute that saying the only time Paire and he were in contact was once in an elevator.

    • Margo, as a New Yorker perhaps you can answer this: Are there no suitable hotels in Queens that players could have stayed at? This would have prevented this mess by not having them travel back and forth to Nassau County which has different protocols. Mannarino was allowed to play as he was already at the stadium when the ruling came down. Thanks.

      • Hi Pauline, I live in Manhattan and admit I never visit Queens. What little I know about it it’s not much about hotels. I believe there is a much higher density of private homes and rentals. A lot of restaurants. I am at a loss here. There is another fan here who may be familiar with Queens. She said she gets tickets every year. I forgot who it is. HELP ANYONE?

        What I will volunteer is I don’t think it’s about the USTA simply finding a hotel for players. There are plenty of hotels in Manhattan located close to a bridge that could take players to the stadiums.

        I would want to know what was the USTA looking for in choosing accommodations for players and their entourages. Why was Nassau County chosen.

        Also, Queens had worse of an outbreak than Manhattan. That could have been a factor to reject Queens.

        We don’t know what really happened, is my view.

        Did the USTA simply ignore Nassau’s protocols because they were desperate to hold its tournament?

        Hid the facts from players to get them to come to NY.

  7. We applaud Slone Stevens show of black solidarity in support of Serena Williams’ long-sought 24th Grand Slam ambition.

    That can only explain the give-away of sets 2 & 3 to her “idol” S.W. We understand. Even a child knows how to perform the magic of making a piece of meat dissappear in the mouth. You simply swallow it, innit?

    But as always, we go game by game, match by match and day by day . …..cheers.

  8. With the way things are playing out at the USO, I fear it will all eventually come down to one of these 4 guys to stop Djokovic from claiming a 4th title and an 18th GS:

    1st choice – Roberto Batistuta- Shut

    2nd choice – Dominic Them

    3rd choice – Daniil Medvedev (seems to have found his groove)

    4th choice – Alexander Zverev

    I only hope they can summon the courage when the die is cast!

    But as always, we go game by game, match by match and day by day……cheers

    • We are still in the first week so I will reiterate that this tournament is an good opportunity for a first-time Slam winner.

      I was surprised to see your #1 pick. Bautista-Agut wouldn’t make it among my choices simply because I don’t see him as Slam material. My opinion.

      I’ve been thinking Medvedev. His ego is probably as big as Djokovic’s and he wants to win it all.

      Thiem would be my #2 pick. He has beaten Djokovic on clay and hard. I would like to see him win.


      • Felix A-A is looking good too- stinging ground strokes and speed. He beat Murray and Moutet comprehensively, but the question is whether his nerve will hold when we get to the business end of the tournament.

    • I agree that Roberto Agut could have won against Djokovic but today Roberto lost to Pospisil in five sets. I also thiink Goffin would have a chance along with the other three you mention.

  9. According to La Gazetta dello Sport there will be no fans allowed at the Italian Open. Wise decision by them to change their previous plan to have fans present.

    Now eagerly waiting to hear whether Rafa will play the tournament.

    • Measured by the number of recent daily positive cases Italy is doing better than either Spain or France– – by a lot. I fear for Roland Garros. That’s about 25 days away but the authorities in Paris will probably have to make a decision by September 15 or 20. If there is no Roland Garris Rafa will have no reason to go to Rome.

  10. Ooohh Diego Schwartzman…… WHAT HAPPENED. I always root for Diego when he’s not playing against RAFA. He’s out of the USOPEN 😢

    • He wasn’t having a good day anyway, but he was distracted in the third set by a minor argument with the umpire over Norrie not being given a warning for swearing (Norrie already had a warning for ball abuse), then was given a time violation warning himself. Things went downhill quickly from there. He made a bit of a comeback in the fifth set, but by the end of it he was physically suffering and just couldn’t run for balls anymore. I hope it was cramp or tiredness and not an injury. He had treatment on his hand during the match and also slipped and fell twice. So disappointed for him, Diego is one of my favourites, too.

      • Subsequent to your comment I read that Diego was fighting cramps. That’s a shame. I thought he could go deep in the tournament.

    • I was rooting for Diego too, but he threw away the match. He was out of sorts for much of the match and just didn’t look like he wanted to be on court. The lack of a crowd and atmosphete definitely affected him.

      • He was fighting cramps according to some reports. He’s usually an up guy.

        Whenever I think of him I am reminded of the time he, during a break, was trying to get his female umpire to agree with him that Kevin Anderson should shut up because he was being rude when Diego had to serve. Talking too much. Diego was being so charming to try to convince her to take his side. She was mostly being non-committal but at the end she smiled and he said good, you agree with me.

        I thought the exchange between them was the sweetest. After that he really had me on his side. LOL

        Rafa saying my name is not Big Four. LOL

        Me, trying to stay positive.

  11. USTA are allowing 11 players who had close contact with Paire to take part in the US Open. It appears that other players have not been told who these people are. Although I don’t agree with the new association, if ever there was a time for players to stage a boycott, this has to be it. I’m wondering if Djokovic and Pospisil will use this to promote their venture.

    It’s becoming increasingly clear that not all the precautions that have been spoken about are being taken. There are people watching the matches who are not social distancing or not wearing masks. Players have clearly had prolonged close contact with each other, which they were not supposed to do. I now read that there are other guests staying at the hotels apart from the players and staff are allowed to go home at night.

    I am very glad that Rafa had enough sense and enough courage to say no.

    • After Pair’s positive result the USTA said 30 people were named by Paire as possible close encounters. Not all of the 30 will be tested and a good number of French players were among them.

      A female player and her brother are also being monitored.

      Aren’t monitors supposed to make sure guidelines are being followed.

      Paire and a group of players were seen playing cards including Medvedev.

      I hope no one else gets sick because it would be awful. If that happens only a doubles player will be permitted to play in a singles spot if a singles player is quarantined. No allowances are permitted for a new player to enter the bubble.

      A new restriction is in place which forbids players from going to the stringers.

  12. A formal announcement was made on Twitter August 29:
    After today’s successful meeting, we are excited to announce the beginning of the Professional Tennis Players Association (PTPA). The first player only association in tennis since 1972. #PTPA

  13. Dominic Thiem’s coach, Herwig Straka, may have a much better insight into how the ATP works. I just found the following on Essentially Sports.

    “It’s not quite understandable” – Herwig Straka on Novak Djokovic’s new players association…

    On this issue of the split, Dominic Thiem’s manager Herwig Strata has a different take. He’s Not convinced with the decision and questioned the authority and power the new association will have.

    “We are convinced that it does not make sense to do something like this, because the players in the ATP are so represented by the structure as in no other sport any athlete. If you’re employed by a team, you can strike and form a union, but you have no other rights. At ATP, the players are 50 percent part of the organization, they contribute 50 percent to all decisions, so it’s not quite understandable.” Straka said in an interview DerStandard.

    Straka finds the creation of the new association bizarre because the player’s makeup 50% of ATP and have a 50 percent influence on the decisions, so creating a new player’s body isn’t something that encourages him.

    “I was in contact with Dominic yesterday and we talked about the situation. That’s his decision. I just told him in a very neutral way that I wouldn’t understand if you gave up such a good position.” Straka said.

    “We are currently working on a plan for the future, which ironically makes the players even better than they already are.” he added

    Interesting development within men’s tennis. Clearly, some players aren’t happy with the current structure in place at the ATP. So let’s see how things shape up and how many players join Djokovic and co in the new player’s body.

  14. Pauline, no reply link.

    The good news is that Pella and Dellien will play on Tuesday.

    I hope Djokovic is not leading players to lose hard-fought gains. He and Pospisil have elected themselves co-presidents[?] of the PTPA.

    The plan is to represent the top 500 singles and tip 200 doubles players.

    No female players. Some male players purportedly said females don’t deserve equal pay.

    There will be a membership fee.

    HOWEVER, the letter put out in support of the ATP is backed by the four Slams, the WTA, ATP, and ITF. What can this PTPA do if all of these signatories ignore them? Seems to me that those who signed on to the new group have no representation.

    • The move by Djokovic and Pospisil is no surprise. The two of them have been talking about this openly for a couple of years. The idea of a players Union is the main reason that Roger and Rafa got back on the ATP Players Council- to slow down Nole on this idea.

      Under the labor laws of most countries it is extremely difficult to organize a real Union in this circumstance because the players are not employees of the tournaments. (I work in labor law in the U.S.). The only way they could develop real leverage would be to “strike” or rather boycott the the tournaments until their demands are met. More likely they will simply try to influence the tournaments through the media. I understand Isner has said he will join. Other male players likely will also.

      The ATP structure will of course continue. Roger and Rafa’s term on the Council was supposed to end with this years Wimbledon. I don’t know what has happened with that. I wonder if Roger or Rafa will want to take over as President of the Players Council. If one or both of them step forward I bet they could get things done on behalf on the lesser compensated players just so the tournaments could thwart Nole.

      I think Roger and Rafa have the high ground in wanting to include women within the ATP structure. That route has potential to benefit all of the players.

      In better news the Tour de France has begun. I hope that is a good sign for Roland-Garris.

      In response to Maria, I think Rafa would be successful in any profession he might choose. In sports he would probably have made pro as a soccer (football) player like his Uncle. In my view, Rafa is simply looking for balance in his life. I’ve commented before that he may in fact be looking forward to retiring from the Tour but I hope he gives us this years French Open and a great 2021.

    • Rafa’s childhood friend Marcel Granollers has replaced Paire in the singles draw. They had to choose the highest ranked doubles player on site.

      The contact tracing should be interesting. An unconfirmed report had Medvedev playing video games with Paire the last couple of nights. Will he test positive too?

      Hard to decipher the real story here as some claim Paire was sick and others say he is asymtomatic. C’mon US Open be honest and transparent.

      • Hi Pauline, the news from the ATP changes quicker than a blink.

        Granollers wants to focus on doubles and has declined to play for Paire. Escobedo of the US will play against Majchrcak instead.

  15. Benoit Paire has tested positive and is out of the US Open. Gasquet and two other players have to quarantine. Have to wonder how someone broke the bubble under supposedly tight scrutiny.

    • This doesn’t make sense to me Pauline. Paire was feeling sick last Saturday but his infection was not announced until 8 days later?

      I don’t think we have the full story. Another false positive? Is there a hole in the bubble? Like you, I also wonder how this could happen.

      I’ve been searching to find out how many players signed on to the new players group. Nada.

      • If a false positive keeps him from playing he might find a clever lawyer who could devise a way around the waiver to sue the USTA. It would be worth a try.

        FYI-On Vasek Pospisil’s instagram there’s a photo of the guys in the new PTPA. Looks like about 50 players but can’t distinguish who they are with their masks on. Presumably more who are not in NY will join online.

  16. I don’t like the way Rafa belittles Tennis by continually saying, “Tennis is secondary, there are other important things than tennis”

    Rafa should be grateful for Tennis. It is Tennis that has made him live the kind of amazing life he’s living, tennis has brought him world-wide fame. Tennis has made Rafa wine and dine with King’s and Queens. Tennis has made Rafa a millionaire many times over such that he can afford anything he desires in this world – luxury mansions, magnificent yatchs, expensive vacations to exotic places around the world. Tennis has infact also contributed to keeping his family together as one.

    Tennis has made Rafa a hero, a living legend globally. Tennis is the life of Rafa; Rafa is tennis. Rafa should therefore be very grateful for tennis and stop being hypocritical by downgrading tennis at every instance.

    Without tennis, Rafa would not likely live such a wonderful life. Without tennis, Rafa would likely be just the next guy on the street. He should show more gratitude to the sport that made him who he is.

    Mohammed Ali never downgraded boxing. Tyson is making a comeback next month to boxing because boxing is life and he knows it. Serena Williams, Roger Federer and Novak would never ever downgrade or belittle tennis the way Rafa does. To them tennis is everything because it has brought them unimaginable glories.

    For them, nothing could be more important than tennis hence their willingness to suffer to risk even their wonderful lives to play tennis. Pandemic or no pandemic, tennis – which is their lives – MUST GO ON!

    I suspect that Rafa has already anticipated that he is not likely to end up with more slams than Djokovic hence the resort to downplaying the importance of tennis. This is also the hidden truth behind his ‘hiding’ in his room under the pretext of a raging pandemic, whilst his mates are out there suffering and putting everything on the line to ensure their lives (which is tennis) continues by all means.

    Novak has now equalled Rafa’s ATP 1000 record while Rafa hides under the sheets on his bed afraid of a virus. Had Roger not been indisposed, he would have been out there snatching his life (tennis) from the hands of the virus. Our lives must continue no matter what. If we hide under the sheets, where will the Frontline workers saving lives hide?

    The Bible says, ” He who saves his life would lose it; he who loses his life would save it” Serena, Andy, Novak, Tiger Woods are all out ‘losing’ their lives to save their sport, which is ALL they’ve got! All kudos to them.

    Rafa should tell us those things that are more important than tennis. Rafa should tell us those things that are more important than being a champion. Rafa should tell us those things that are more important than being the Primus Inter Pares, the G.O.A.T. Rafa should tell us those things that are more important than the wonderful, exotic life he lives and enjoys.

    Is hiding under the bed sheets in your bedroom more important than the Frontline worker out there risking all to save people’s lives? If we all hide under the sheets, where will the world be? Where lies our future? The virus must not stop our ambitions, our dreams, our future. That is the right way to think at this time. We must think like true heroes do.

    But as always, we go game by game, match by match and day by day……….cheers

    • Maria SI, I think your comments about Rafa are grossly unfair, untrue and impulsive. However, it is your opinion and you are entitled to it. We are living through unusual and unprecendented times and Rafa has carefully weighed up the situation in arriving at his decision not to play at the US Open. As well as the risks and uncertainty around covid-19, he has looked at his age, the practicalities of playing at the US Open and then travelling to Europe for the FO in a relatively short space of time. He has done what’s best for his physical health to give himself the greatest chance of performing at the highest level possible.
      I agree with Rafa in his view that tennis is secondary. He is genuinely concerned about the effect that the virus has had on his country and the world at large. In the big scheme of things tennis can be resumed, but the life of the dead can’t. Rafa not putting tennis as his main priority at the moment, doesn’t mean he’s not committed to the sport, he’s just putting things into perspective. Over the years, no one has given more in effort and determination on the court, so he deserves all the spoils which have come his way. Bravo Rafa!

    • Maria, if you have watched Rafa’s interviews there is no way you could have missed the many times he expressed his thanks to tennis which has afforded him a very good life. “I am thankful to tennis for the life I live.”

      And you make it sound as if Rafa is the only one worried about this highly contagious coronavirus. MILLIONS are worried. You should be too.

      I doubt very much Roger would risk infecting his family had he not been sidelined by knee surgery. Even before the pandemic he was busy helping to raise his family, vacationing, tending to his charities and his businesses. I’m surprised he had time for tennis, quite frankly.

      Your 11th paragraph would be a great recruitment mechanism for the US Republican Party.

    • This is an unduly harsh and unwarranted verbal attack on Rafa. Each person has their own discomfort level with threatening situations and all are valid and to be respected. There were also several other factors which entered into his decision.

      Had he not been blessed with such extraordinary talent he would undoubtedly have found another satisfying career and would have enjoyed his life in Mallorca regardless. The fact that his family comes above all else is admirable in my books. Who on their deathbed laments that they didn’t work more? Most would regret not spending more time with loved ones.

      Rafa has his priorities straight. He has expressed his gratitude to tennis numerous times. In the end good health and the contentment that comes from knowing you did what’s right for you wins over everything else.

    • BS perspective has zero grain of reality……Precious GOAT Rafa always carrys an expression of gratitude to doing work he loves and that brings such fortunate privileged life.

  17. Margo and Pauline I agree with your sentiments. I just read an article about Djokovic’s resignation from the ATP Player Council and it’s come as a surprise to me that he and Pospisil would want to break away at such a delicate time to form the Professional Tennis Players Association (PTPA).
    Apparently Milos Raonic is on board with joining, but Andy Murray isn’t partly because the women aren’t involved and Dan Evans is suspicious about it’s motives.
    Being just a mere fan, I’m not privy to all the internal politics, I don’t blame Rafa and Roger for sticking with the existing council to try and steady the ship, as such dvisions amongst players doesn’t bode well for the future of professional tennis.

  18. Pauline, I was so glad you responded that I didn’t even notice “pess.” I read the URL so quickly and my brain read it as press.


    What a mess. Can it get sneakier???

    I think Rafa and Roger are doing the right thing in their attempt to get players to work together but I’m only a fan. Have no idea what is REALLY going on except Djokovic’s sneakiness.

    I am gobsmacked.

    • It’s a pleasure to relay any information I come across Margo. This rift really is intriguing. Andy Murray so far isn’t on board with the breakaway bunch. Can’t imagine how two separate groups of players will manage to coexist. Sounds as if it will weaken their bargaining power. It will be interesting to see how many sign up at tonight’s meeting.

      • It looks as if they want to unionize, Pauline. Whatever they are calling it I think it’s bad timing.

        I’ll tell you this, the tournaments are not going to take this with a smile. They may try to stick it to the rebellious players.

        Earlier today I received an email from the ATP but it was very cryptic, i.e., no details about what they were referring to, just something about working together. Had I not read earlier about Djokovic’s rebellion I wouldn’t have understood the email.

        Re “weakening their bargaining power” is how I see it too.

        Stay tuned.

  19. Margo, I’m keeping my fingers tighly crossed in the hope that the FO will happen.
    Meanwhile, i’m wishing Milos Raonic the best of luck in the W&S final today.

    • Unfortunately, Lorna, there is no chance in hell for Raonic to win. Tsitsipas would have fared better against Djokovic, but certainly not Raonic.

      Djokovic would simply melt him and his aces away and the match will be over before you know it.

      But as always, we go game by game, match by match and day by day……….. cheers.

    • Lorna [or anyone else],
      Did you see anything about a new players’ group to be formed by Djokovic and Pospisil? I saw a tweet on Twitter and a short article on Yahoo but no mention of Rafa or Roger.

      D and P are waiting to see what other players will commit to joining a new group which will be separate and apart from the ATP. Maybe it will be like a union since there is no ATP Union.

      Seems Pospisil is unhappy that top executives didn’t take a pay cut in order to help financially strapped players, among other grievances.

      Not so strange since my comment about Djokovic wanting/hoping for a change to best out of three matches for Slams.

    • Lorna, I thought Tsitsipas would take care of Djokovic as Maria suggested. I was hoping.

      As far as the FO is concerned, I too want Rafa to play but the reports coming out from Paris are not good and time is not on the human side. Still hoping though. 🤞

  20. Kudos to Naomi Osaka. Not shy to speak out and take a stand against racial injustice. Love tennis, but some things matter more.

  21. The French government declared Paris and Marseille high-risk zones for the virus. I am preparing myself just in case the FO won’t be held.

  22. Selfless Naomi Osaka.

    “On Wednesday night tennis star Naomi Osaka announced she would not play in the semifinals of the WTA Western & Southern Open on Thursday, in protest of the “continued genocide of Black people at the hand of the police.” The organizers of the ATP tournament then announced they were pausing the tournament until Friday.”
    [NYTimes, CNN, Today]

  23. I think Rafa will be back on the red dirt with fresh motivation. My only concern is that he will play without the buzz of spectators which have energised and lifted him so much over the years. I hope he reacts well to a flat atmosphere.
    Meanwhile, Andy and Serena both lost their round 16 matches at the Western and Southern tournament. For me, this raises a red flag in terms of their fitness over consecutive or long matches.

  24. About Rafa’s return:

    “During all these months I have thought very little about tennis,” Nadal said. “I think there have been much more important things and enough misfortunes to think about something that I think is still secondary. I reserve my verdict right now, because I am waiting for how things evolve,” Nadal added.

    “When the time comes, I will make a decision and I will do it after talking with my family and my team, together we will make the decision that we think is best for us more.”

    The uncertainty of Rafa’s return is driving me nutzzz but doesn’t have to be this way. Reputable scientists have given clear guidelines about how to greatly diminish spreading the coronavirus and get it under control. People aren’t listening.

    Andy has returned and he’s winning… so good for him. Waiting for Rafa and Roger to get back once they feel it is safe to do so.

    • Some thoughts in response to Margo’s post. I too would like to see Rafa excited to get back to tennis assuming Rome and /or Paris can assure Rafa that conditions are safe for everyone. But Spain was hit really hard by covid-19 and Rafa is obviously emotionally impacted by the tradegy and sadness of it all.

      At this point, given Rafa’s statements over the last few months, I wouldn’t be completely surprised if Rafa decides to retire from the tour. The tour might not ever be exactly the same as it was. It will probably take years to handle the virus and it might not ever be 100% wiped out.

      But there is so much waiting for Rafa to show the world- begining with two French Opens in the next 10 months. I think he really wants to win the AO again as well as Wimbledon. Then there’s the Olympics and the Davis Cup. Not to mention a shot at his fifth US Open title.

      Here’s hoping Rafa and his family will decide that he should continue his career and he will then be at peace with doing what he loves to do.

      • David, the French Open is still a month away so hopefully there will be positive news about the country’s ability to control the virus.

        Italy is going through another surge and Rafa could decide to skip Rome and go directly to Paris if he decides to play.

        Rafa is undoubtedly worried about his country but a very personal worry may be the reports about ex king Juan Carlos with whom he has a relationship. If the reports are true I can’t imagine what he is going through.

        I hope he keeps himself distracted to help him through this very difficult period.

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