Rafael Nadal urges fans to stay at home during coronavirus pandemic

Rafael Nadal has urged all his fans to practice caution in the wake of coronavirus outbreak while sending a message of support to the health authorities and workers fighting the pandemic globally.

“I wanted to send a message of thanks to all the doctors and nurses, and to all the health personnel who are protecting us. Equally to all the police forces, from the Civil Guard, National Police and the Army. All of those who make us feel a a little more secure. They are in the front line of fire and therefore are those who are most at risk of catching it. Today they are our heroes and I just want to express my admiration and my maximum gratitude to all of you.”

“I want to send a message of encouragement to all the families who are suffering, both the infected and those who have especially had acquaintances or relatives who have died of the coronavirus. It is difficult to say anything in these difficult times. I can only To say that, like everyone, we are very sorry and that we trust to get ahead as soon as possible.”

“There are positive things. We are proving to be a united people. Many companies are being very supportive and they have contributed their grain of sand. All of us citizens are behaving united day after day, complying with all the standards that health advises us, to stay in home and do what we have to do to end this terrible pandemic as soon as possible.”


  1. I agree with all the comments from Rafa’s fans. Stay safe and well everyone and hope will see Rafa playing his marvellous tennis in a month or two.

  2. Thank you Rafa for your message to all. I wish you and yours all the very best during these very serious and difficult times.

    God bless!!!



  4. Thank you Rafa..Good health to you and your family and nation..We all miss tennis so much!!!

  5. Lovely message in these challenges times when so many have lost loved ones to this virus . The frontline people, all the professionals in the health service , catering staff, cleaning staff and the police service do a wonderful job .
    Rafa , hope you . Maria , gamily , coaching team , friends and all in the Academy stay safe .🤗

  6. Thank you Rafa…. hoping you and your family are all well…..

    To all of you…. stay healthy and stay safe!!

  7. GRACIAS!! Rafa por tu mensaje, todos unidos venceremos este problema, un abrazo

  8. Today is my 5th day staying at home since the “shelter-in-place” order by our governor. Together we will get through this difficult time!

    Stay safe and healthy Rafa and everyone❤️

  9. Yes Rafa we are home and miss the tennis that we love to watch you play we miss you on the court love your fans for ever 👍🎾❤️😘🇺🇸

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