Rafael Nadal reacts to Indian Wells cancellation: “Stay all well and safe”

Photo: BNP Paribas Open

Rafael Nadal has reacted as Indian Wells tennis tournament is cancelled over coronavirus fears.

He posted on Twitter:

You probably all heard the news. Indian Wells cancelled.

We are here and still deciding what’s next. So sad for all that is happening around the world with this situation.

Hopefully soon solutions from the authorities. Stay all well and safe.

‘We are very disappointed that the tournament will not take place, but the health and safety of the local community, fans, players, volunteers, sponsors, employees, vendors, and everyone involved with the event is of paramount importance,’ said tournament director Tommy Haas.


  1. Japan’s Prime Minister Abe said the games will go on as planned. The IOC held a teleconference today will follow-up with another conference to be held tomorrow, Wednesday. I am waiting to see if anything changes after these two conferences. I would think COVID-19 has a say in this but I am praying it is gone before June. Unrealistic, I know.

    • Hi Margo,

      It definitely is hard to imagine the Games going forward at this moment. I read that Rafa was not even certain of his participation even before the virus hit. Haven’t verified it though. Were you aware of this?

      Regarding your previous inquiry: Whenever the tour resumes all the players will be rusty. Rafa is hoping to train at his academy after this current 15 day lockdown but Spain is considering extending it. Players always say that practice never really simulates match play. Certainly hope there will be one or two warm up tourneys before any GS.

      BTW stay safe in NYC as I know you have been hard hit there as we have been here in the province of Ontario.

      This goes for everyone everywhere as well.

  2. September seems to be the month that many sporting events are considering for rescheduling purposes as we all hope by then we are in the clear… The Masters Golf has been talking up September as a possible month but nothing is confirmed yet…and the Kentucky Derby in the US has been rescheduled for September 5th. And now the French Open is rescheduled September 20 – October 4.

    As a season ticket holder at the US Open I received an email from the USTA a few days ago….

    ” Currently, we are not implementing any changes to the 2020 US Open, and planning for the event is ongoing. Fortunately, we have many months between now and the first day of the main draw on Monday, August 31. We recognize however, that this is a very fluid situation, and therefore are continually monitoring the situation through regular briefings with government, security and medical experts. The USTA’s top priority is the health, safety, and well-being of our everyone involved with the US Open including all our fans and ticketholders, our staff and, of course, the players. ”

    They then went on to address refunds or credits if a cancellation was necessary… with a message of
    keeping us updated as time goes on….

    This situation is scary … never thought I’d experience this in my lifetime…

    Tennis is a love we all share…

    Stay safe everyone…. wishing you all good health….

  3. The French Open has been rescheduled to start on 20th September, ending 4th Ocober – just one week after the US Open. Not much time to practice on clay, but players will have to try and adjust given the circumstances.

    • No one should be getting their knickers in a knot over this announcement. This date for the F.O. is far from certain. Who knows what will happen between now and then? It is not at the top of the list of priorities at the present time.

      All that the players can do is keep up with their physical fitness as Rafa stated he is doing at home as per the Marca article from yesterday.

      • RR and Lorna, I was disheartened to learn that many players, depending on where they live, won’t be able to practice due to lockdowns, curfews, and orders to stay home unless they have an emergency or to food shop.

        I am wondering who, among all players, will be tournament ready whether or not they practiced during the COVID-19 restrictions.


    • Hi everyone,
      Recall that I had long that Rafa’s quest for an unprecedented 13th FO may not altogether be easy. Notice my choice and strategic combination of words.

      I had to rein-in and restrain myself from saying it might just not altogether be possible. Why?

      Because the 13th is a riddle, a mystery, a puzzle, oddity….now for the 1st time ever, the FO & Nadal”s quest for a 13th triumph has been postponed!!! But what does this forebodes, uh?

      But, as always, we shall see, we shall see….cheer y’ all.

  4. Just heard the news that The French Open has been pistponed until September. It was almost inevitable that it would happen as previously scheduled, but hey, at least it isn’t cancelled completely. No doubt there will have to be some juggling of the tournament timetable and the US Open may well be moved too in order to accommodate both grand slams.

    Of corse, this isn’t ideal for Rafa, but in the big scheme of things i guess, like us and other players, he’ll be thankful for whatever tennis he can get.

  5. Hi guys. Life without tennis sucks. I’m having to resort to looking at throwback articles and videos. Can’t wait for normal service to be resumed. The players must be climbing the walls right now, not knowing when they can shift into action. Meanwhile, I wish the very best for all communities around the world suffering the effects of this current crisis. We will kick it!

    • The players are getting a bit of a taste of what their retirement years might be like without any tournaments to go to. Albeit with many more restrictions on their movements.

      In Spain visits to family and friends are prohibited. This must be extremely difficult for Rafa to adhere to as they are his lifeblood. Not sure if it can be well enforced but social distancing has proven to be effective in other countries.

      One of our sports networks here is showing classic tennis matches. Coming up will be Bianca vs Serena from last year’s usopen. Would love to rewatch the men’s final with Rafa/Medvedev. Or if a
      they’re featuring Canadians hoping to see Rafa vs. any of Felix, Denis or Milos.

      Hang in there everyone.

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear any minute that Rafa and his staff decided to shut down the Academy for 2-4 weeks. It time for the dorms and the whole facility to be sanitized…

    It would be a proactive move and one I’m sure they’re considering for the safety of all.

    • They have already closed down the RN Foundation in both Palma and Valencia.

      Spain has declared a state of emergency as they are second only to Italy in the number of cases.

      According to Majorca Daily Bulletin many closings and cancellations are taking place there.

      • Yes full lockdown begins in Spain on Monday. The Madrid Tatel restaruant that Rafa co-owns closed and gave their stock of fresh food to what looked like a local hospital. People can go out for work, so I guess Rafa can go to the academy to practice if he wants, and there will be no members of the public there.

        I’ve just seen that France is closing all non-essential public places from tonight too.

    • They’ve asked all travelling players and staff to come home. Spain’s now in lockdown – flights going out there from the UK this morning had to turn round in mid-air and come back. This situation’s just so horrible: I can’t believe all this is happening. It’s like something out of an old horror novel, but it’s real. Stay safe and well, everyone.

      • My daughter was going to Europe next Friday. UK,France , Spain… You can’t imagine how much trouble it’s been to get refunds from Airbnb especially and from Norwegian Airlines who is still holding out even though we now have a travel ban from the US to the UK… (which was how her ticket was booked) Hotels have been terrific across-the-board all canceled and refunded…
        IN NY and NJ people are working from home. Supermarkets are jammed and people are scared.

  7. Spain has just announced a state of emergency for 15 days, commencing Saturday. The number of virus cases has increased to over 4 000 (nearly 300 in the last 24 hours), half of which are in and around the capital. The Major of Madrid has warned that a lockdown could not be ruled out.

    The news must have brought it home to Rafa in that he must be even more concerned for the health of his family and his ability to travel for competition. I echoe what RR and Margo have said about Rafa’s contact with fans. He needs to do the sensible thing and avoid unnecessary physical contact with the public until this virus is brought under control.

    • Yes indeed Lorna.

      To Rafa fans: Please, if you meet him somewhere be satisfied with taking a photo from 6 feet away. Respect his personal space and the fact that these are not normal times. Athletes and celebrities are not immune from this virus as we have seen. No one is.

      If everyone takes precautions we will be better able to get through this. Thank you.

  8. Although it’s been reported in Essentially Sport that ranking points will drop off in respect of cancelled tournaments, i think this may be an assumption on their part because the ATP is still considering what to do. Whichever way you look at it, there will be many who will be affected for the better or worse. However, on balance, the fairest thing to do would be to maintain the status quo let players keep their ranking points.

    Rafa has a lot of points to defend by virtue of winning Rome and the French Open. Whilst the former will surely be cancelled, I’m keeping my fingers firmly crossed that the French Open will go ahead.

    Like other sports, tennis is in disarray as a direct result of the virus and it remains to be seen what damage limitation steps the ATP and WTA will take to salvage what they can from the calender.

  9. The ATP have officially suspended the tour now, and presumably the WTA will do the same. They’re not even going to finish this week’s challengers. The statement said that they haven’t decided what to do about ranking points yet – like the rest of us, they just don’t know what’s going to happen. I can’t believe all this is happening. Strange times!

  10. According to the BBC and other sources the Miami Open is officially cancelled and tennis will be suspended at least until May.

    So happy that Rafa is back home. He is still posing for photos with his arms around fans. I truly wish he would stop this. As Margo rightly mentioned he is in close contact with many family members including his much older grandmas. Most fans will understand and for those who don’t-too bad.

  11. “While competition continues, the ITA does encourage post-match sportsmanship. Players can substitute a light racquet tap, for example, for the traditional handshake or other close contact.”

    The ITA is the governing body of college tennis.

    Brilliant GOAT Nadal is the ultimate passionate fighter !!!!!:) Your great article stat indicative of Rafa’s brilliant love of winning!!!!:) VAMOS to our Tennis Genius The greatest Rafa Nadal!!!!!:)


  13. Obviously it’s far from the most important thing, but in terms of tennis, at this point I’m grateful that Rafa has a big chunk of points from the latter part of 2019 so he should still be able to break the record for consecutive weeks in the top 10. And worse comes to worst, he is #4 in the race ranking this year. I feel for the players who are losing points and rankings for no fault of their own and especially for the lower ranked ones who are paying out for travel and accommodation in the US with no chance to earn any prize money.

    Miami is most likely cancelled. Rafa is allegedly already back in Mallorca.

    Stay healthy everyone!

    • There are reports that the ATP/WTA players are voting on whether to shut down the tour for the next six weeks, This obviously includes Miami. If true an announcement is supposed to be made tomorrow.

      • I can’t see how Miami can go ahead if players can’t travel from the Schengen countries to the US. Rome certainly can’t be played as things are, and Monte Carlo’s right on the Italian border. I don’t think there’s much choice but to suspend the tour. What a nightmare all this is 🙁 . And I hope he hasn’t been anywhere near Real Madrid’s training facilities!

  14. Nice message from Rafa. No complaints, concern for others and making a plan for him and his team.

  15. So disappointed that I will not b able to attend Rafa and Friends and also to see my favorite player Rafa as he he is playing so well. See you soon!

  16. I’ve just received a notification that the whole of Italy is now in lockdown. My thoughts go beyond tennis and out to all those individuals and communities affected by the virus. Common sense, calm and hope is required by at this difficult time.

    • Yes Lorna, I am wondering what all the Italian players will have to go through. They may be required to self quarantine once they reach home. Italy already has 8,000 cases and hundreds of deaths. Scientists are trying to figure out how and why the virus has spread so quickly there. This is unbelievable.

      Everyone be well.

    • There’s a couple more confirmed cases there now. I doubt there will be any isolated cases of coronavirus. It’s very contagious and only those who have already had it have immunity.

  17. Stay well, Rafael. We regret that we will not see you on the court in beautiful Indian Wells. But you are right-there are priorities which must be considered first. Now all major tournaments are being
    reconsidered I am sure. All the best🤗🎾❤️

  18. Right on Rafa! Health takes precedence over all. So glad for all the ball kids…having to catch sweaty towels, especially if the player has wiped his nose on it as well, is monumentally a RISK FACTOR ! Cheers to all.

  19. we had hoped to see you in indian wells quarters, semis, finals……now we are planning on rogers cup…be well rafa and yes, the safety of all is of utmost importance……..good lucj with upcoming tournaments……

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