VIDEO: Rafael Nadal asked again about Nick Kyrgios

Rafael Nadal’s press conference following his win over Pablo Carreno Busta in the third round of the 2020 Australian Open.


    • Luiz Fernando, Yes Fed lost the first set but then Fucsovic wilted. I can’t believe he lost so badly after winning the first set. In an event, Fed has got to be tired. I hope Rafa wins against NK in SS.

  1. Rafa will play Kyrgios in the night session at 7pm on RLA. Rafa has played under every condition imaginable and will be prepared for what’s to come. Just do it champ!

  2. Words fail me that Nick Kyrios can insult the umpire by calling him stupid, shout profanities and is still in the game. Whatever happened to one more violation and Nick’s gone, he got one and he should have got a lot more yet he’s still standing. You’ll never amount to much Kyrios if you continue entertaining the crowd at your opponents expense and start playing serious tennis. You remind me of a school kid bully. Was the umpire too scared if the unruly Aussue fans to send you packing? Vamos Rafa you are such a gentleman.

  3. Rafael Nadal is a professional, and, as he says, he is there to play tennis. NK’s five setter against
    KK was exhausting mentally and physically. How resilient is he? The press uses him to hype up a match; it sells tickets. Rafael has seen it all during his career-he will be ready.👏👍🤛💪❤️

  4. Rafa can beat this thug any day. But the thing which worrie me is the crowd. I was there last night nick vs Karen and the crowd scared me. They r too loud and can go to any limits to support their man. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. We need a fired up Rafa who keeps his cool as well……………
    aussie crowd is so hostile and disrespectful. Despite being second most hated athelete of the world NK is like their war hero. media is juicing the rift between Rafa and k.lets all us Rafans stay positive and send him positive energy. Vamos💪💪💪. I got to see Rafa against busts at rod laver. His form was amazing. Keep it like this Rafa

  5. Nothing can take Rafa out of being Rafa. His replies were perfect and honest. That is who Rafa is. Who wins a match does not define a person.How it is played is a momentary thing wth lots of circumstances playing a part. The 🚹ch does not define Rafa. It will be a “tough one for sure” . A relaxed Rafa will do the trick, I hope. Vamos!!!!

  6. It’s bound to be a night match, which isn’t ideal, and, as Ginagigi said, Kyrgios will play to the crowd, so it’s going to be quite a hostile atmosphere, and it’s never easy to play someone who slams down aces all the time – as Stef Tsitsipas found out against Milos. Rafa did look very impressive today, so fingers crossed. The best bet might be if Nick loses his rag and implodes!

  7. Here, here Kajafax69, I agree. i’ve heard enough of Nick and the mimicing episode now. Rafa doesn’t care and has treated the issue with the contempt it deserves, so likewise, we shouldn’t be giving it any more oxygen of conversation. NEXT PLEASE!!

    At this moment, i want to focus on Rafa’s game and what he needs to do to get through to the quarter finals!! After Nick’s five setter today, I’m sure part of Rafa’s plan is to take his legs away by making him run, run and run. Good luck champ.

  8. I think these updates should focus more on progressive events in Nadal life than this depressingrid attention seeking Nicky. Can tennis move away from media fights but rather promote the culture of nobility the good game is known for. This is not wrestling neither is it UFC or boxing. It’s a gentleman’s game cultured on those fundamentals

  9. Nick Kyrgios is a thug, who is madly jealous of gentleman Rafa. Unfortunately Kyrgios is loved by Australians and Australian Open crouds. His disrespectual mockery of Rafa was enjpyed by the public and what’s worse was smiled upon by the umpire.

    Wamos Rafa, you are the best.

  10. Nadal should just ignore any questions about Nick. The two are not in same league when it comes to tennis and of course behaviour. Talking abouto Nick is just feeding into his psych to disturb Nadal before a potential match. Nadal is bigger than that.

  11. It’s like when you’re at school and some horrible kid keeps picking on you and slagging you off when you’ve done absolutely nothing to them! Why is Kyrgios so obsessed with Rafa? And, of course, the press love it. Come on Khachanov!

    • Set…. t’s all about jealousy … It’s about Rafa’s grit and determination, his humbleness and likability, his success and adoration by his fans… None of which Nick has ….
      Nick is a thug with a good serve who has nothing else to do but make an ass out of himself whether he’s on or off the court or during a press conference… It’s who he is…

      IMO, although it might bother you… don’t let it… Rafa couldn’t care less and neither should we….

      Vamos Rafa in Round 4… Take it to him!

      • There is nothing that some parts of the Media like more than to pit players against each other. Let’s face it, they don’t know much about tennis! Rafa is above all that. Kyrgios is not unfortunately. Kyrgios can’t bear the fact that Rafa has achieved so much in tennis whilst he has achieved so little. Yes Kyrgios is very talented and can beat the very best on his day but NOT day after day, which is why Rafa, Roger and Novak have remained at the top of the game for so many years. Kyrgios needs to grow up and show Rafa the respect he has earned and richly deserves!

        I fear for Rafa on Monday though, especially if it is a night match; which it probably will be. The cooler and/or humid conditions at night take all the fizz out of Rafa’s topspin, which will make it easier for Kyrgios to clobber the ball. Kyrgios will also have the Australian dominated crowd supporting him and will do his best to wind Rafa up and generally distract him; as he did in Acapulco. He will also be able to play without pressure, as the lower ranked player. This is going to be a very tough match for Rafa. I don’t think I will be able to watch it! Fingers and toes crossed for Rafa.

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