Roger Federer praises “great player” Rafael Nadal

(Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images for Laver Cup)

Roger Federer is currently on a tour of North and South America and he was asked about his relationship with Rafael Nadal.

He told reporters:

He’s a good guy. He’s a great player.

Who would have thought he was going to be world No 1 again this year after being No 1 for the first time 11 years ago? All the people were saying he is going to be injured, not make it, not going to be healthy at one point, his game is too brutal. But he found a way and he’s had another incredible season with two Grand Slam wins this year.

He’s at 19 Grand Slams now. I really enjoyed sharing the court with him at Laver Cup twice.

I learned a lot from him, he is a great champion, is great for the game and I’m happy we’ve had the matches and battles that we had, particularly at Wimbledon, French Open, even in Australia.

We’ve had some massive matches and he’s going to go down as maybe the greatest players of all time, he’s that good of course.

Source: TyC Sports


  1. It’s up to Rafa again to save the day for Spain at the DC. Diego will be fired up after Guido Pella’s performance. Should be a good match.

    Vamos Rafa!


  3. I feel that the biggest reason that Rafa goes on and on is his heart and his values. He is so consistent in those virtues that they carry him through the good and bad times. And it is not just in the game of tennis but in his whole life.

  4. I can never like Djokovic. Personality is just as important as their tennis. And that’s why i will always respect Federer more than Djoko. Djokovic threatens a fan on camera, does a lot of clowning on camera, but I have a feeling he is an unpleasant person off camera. Federer and Rafa are always class. They behave the same way on camera as they do off camera. That’s real. I mean what Federer does at 40 is quite frankly, astonishing. And as a Rafa fan, I admire him a lot. Of course I still think Rafa is the GREATEST OF ALL TIME. Because he has achieved SO MUCH, as much as any of them, and suffered so much year in year out. Fed, Djokovic never had as many injuries as Rafa. And despite that Rafa won 19 slams. What can I say about Fed ? Class act. 40 years old and still going strong. Destroyed Djokovic a few weeks ago. How many athletes, let alone tennis players, have played such great tennis at that age ? I admire him truly. The way he turned it around against Rafa too. But I still need my Rafa to surpass them all. Because he deserves it for what he has gone through in almost 2 decades. To go through SO MANY injuries, serious injuries….and still be on top. Come on…he wasn’t just fighting Fed and Djokovic for all these years…he fought his injuries as well. I admire Rafa unlike any other athlete. I just need Rafa to play with more aggression against Fed and Djokovic. Because the way he played against Tstitipas few weeks ago, amazing serve, amazing return, killer groundstrokes. That Rafa is unbeatable. Tsitsipas won the WTF, which means Rafa would have won it too.

  5. Estoy d acuerdo con vd sr Roger totalmente con respecto a Rafa… Aparte d un gran jugador es gran persona.. España tardará décadas de tener un jugador como él claro sin menospreciar a ningún jugador.. Pero Rafa es especial.. Siempre le he seguido en todos sus partidos en los momentos malos siempre animandolo y sufriendo con él y en los momentos buenos que estoy tra quila viendole jugar gane o pierda pero se que está bien por eso siempre que me despido digo: SIEMPRE CONTIGO!!!!

  6. A lovely tribute to Rafa from Roger. The mutual respect they have is always

    Sadly, Roberto Bautista Agut has had to leave the Davis Cup due to the death of his father. My condolences go out to him.

  7. Rafa and Roger appear to get on really well, that has Ben very sppstentbat the Laver Cup when they joined forces to play and mentor other players , they had a lot of fun too . Both are winners , there rivalry had also been sporting and respectful . Both do so much to promote the sport 🥎

    • Few typos there . Early in the morning ! Should be ” very apparent ” and ” their rivalry” . Corrected and apologies

  8. High praise from one champion to another. Roger rarely gives such praise to other players. These two have brought so many fans to tennis; they are the epitome of talent, class, and mental strength.
    The respect they have for the game, their understanding of their place in tennis history, and their
    incomparable desire to constantly evolve and improve put the two of them far above the field. It must be meaningful to Rafael to receive such an accolade from Roger. Tremendous mutual respect.🙏🎾❤️

  9. Rafa and Roger are the two great gentleman in the game of tennis we love both 🎾🎾🎾👍👍👍💪💪💪🎾❤️😘

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