Wimbledon 2019: Rafael Nadal vs Roger Federer – Full Match


  1. Don’t wish to relive this match. Not only did Rafa lose but the frequent camera shots of Mirka were really annoying, Only saw Mery once or twice. The Wimbledon pro Roger bias even extended to the partners.

  2. It was the worst match against Fed at Wimbledon. And Rafa’s worst match at Wimbledon since the 2015 loss to Brown. He only played quite OK in the last game. Very bad one for the history books. Luckily Federer lost the final in the most painful possible way, so we don’t have to listen to his fans’ GOAT bs too long amymore.

  3. I will appreciate this after the sting. Thanks for doing it. It may be the last one made so I will store it for simply watching Rafa through out.

  4. Thanks for the video of the full match🙏 However, I do not watch replay when Rafa lost😔

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