Roger Federer: Rafael Nadal is not just a clay court specialist

Roger Federer spoke to the press after his quarterfinal Wimbledon win over Kei Nishikori. As expected, there were many questions about Rafael Nadal.

Rafa really can hurt anybody on any surface.

I mean, he’s that good. He’s not just a clay court specialist, we know.


  1. This is great tennis . The highest and greatest competitors the games has ever seen. While RF is my choice, The Goat, Who ever wins, It will be a tough battle, war and a chess match. Lets get it on and who ever wins will go to the Finals to meet the Joker.

  2. Well Rog thank you for that lovely comment re our Rafa..he’ll wave you goodbye tomorrow

  3. Je suis sûr que rafa va gagner Federer aller soyons sympa en 4 sets.fédérer connais bien le jeu de son ami penses que ça sera un très bon match.mais j aimerais que rafa gagne en 3 sets.64 63 62.vamos rafa.🐃🎾💪👍👏🏆🍸😂.

    • Je me suis tromper c’est le contraire qui est arrivé. Bravo à federer et surtout à rafa qui c’est battu jusqu’au bout même si j’ai senti qu il etait loin de battre federer.j’ai vu que rafa n était pas à 100%100.quelques choses le dérangé. J espère qu il nous le dira un jour. (Sa cheville ? Son pied?ou son genou?)enfin bref je lui cherche pas d excuses mais c’est bizarre qu il perd se match?bravo encore à toi rafa le champion. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.

  4. Roger couldn’t keep Rafa from his 12th Coupe nor can he keep him from his 3rd Wimby. Rafa for the win.


  5. Congratulations to Rafa and Roger, a Fedal semis on Friday👏 Rafa has been playing so well, he will play even better against Roger! 🍀💪❤️

  6. Wow Rafa, with that draw you are unbellievable! Next: RF who is not in top form but he will be against Rafa remember MTO AO2017. Pls pls be aggressive be vigilant you know what RF can pull out of his hat. Pls pls do not go into long rallies with RF. Only 2 left, albeit the most difficult, until trophy.

    Wamos Rafa, you are the best.

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