Watch highlights from Rafael Nadal’s R1 win over Yuichi Sugita at Wimbledon

Here are the highlights from Rafael Nadal’s win over Yuichi Sugita today in London.


  1. Suerte mñn Rafa.. Oponente complicado y especialista en falta d respeto al rival.. Mantente concetrado lo vas a necesitar… SIEMPRE CONTIGO!!!

  2. A good start by Rafa, considering he hasn’t had much match play on grass. We don’t know which Nick will turn up on Thursday, but one thing’s for sure and that’s Rafa will have learned his lesson from Acapulco and won’t be distracted by any nonsense from his opponent.

    Looking at Nick’s physical state in his opening match, the key to breaking him down (if he doesn’t do it himself) will be to get him running and take control of the net. Nick said out loud on court he couldn’t buy a first serve against Jordan Thompson and I’m hoping for the same against Rafa. Stay aggressve, serve well and get the job done champ!

    • Bravo Rafael 😀 Hay que séguir , please continue ☺ Today went to the cinema To see a new film out today, Ibiza, a light comédie about some French people on a holiday there 🏊🌞🌴 you see the coast, la playa and Formentera. Thought about Rafa 😁 as he often sails there⛵ Fiona in Paris

    • It is ironic as years ago, back in the 70s when we were watching Wimbledon on TV in England my father used to say that the crowd was always behind the Australien rather than the Américain 😉 he got a bigger clap.👏 They had a different image then, Ken Rosewall , Rod Laver ☺ such nice modest guys 😃👑 Now the Australiens have a more crass bad boy image 😕 more modern in their appearance. Thèse days you could say the crowd is more behind the European rather than one from another continent 😉 Fiona in Paris

  3. Yes. Why not available in USA? ALSO. No coverage of Rafa’s match on Tennis Channel. Grrr.

    • It is really frustrating that ESPN decided not to cover Rafa’s match. It was mostly shown on ESPN+ for an extra charge. I do understand that Rafa’s match was at the same time as Roger’s and Serena’s. They could have streamed it for free but chose not to. They wanted Rafans to subscribe to their plus service.

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