Rafael Nadal decides to play Hurlingham exhibition as warm-up before Wimbledon

Reuters/Peter Cziborra

(Reuters) – Rafael Nadal has entered next week’s Aspall Tennis Classic in Hurlingham to get some grass court play under his belt ahead of next month’s Wimbledon Championships.

The tournament organisers confirmed Rafa, who has opted to skip competitive tennis since his 12th French Open title triumph earlier this month, will participate in two exhibition matches next Wednesday and Friday.

“I am always happy to play at The Hurlingham Club and be close to UK tennis fans,” the 33-year-old Spaniard said in a statement.

“It is a prestigious ground in one of the best settings in the UK, making it the perfect way to warm up for Wimbledon.”

The tournament will also feature last year’s Wimbledon runner-up Kevin Anderson, Nick Kyrgios, Marin Cilic, Lucas Pouille, Felix Auger-Aliassime and Marcos Baghdatis.

Rafa, a 18-times Grand Slam winner, will be bidding for his third title at Wimbledon, which kicks off on July 1, after winning the tournament in 2008 and 2010.

Source: Reuters


  1. Looking forward to seeing Rafa playing in Wimbledon . He’s in great form , confident and healthy . Wishing him the best . 🍀

  2. I turned a page and boy was I happy to see a picture of Rafa — arms raised to the sky and his clay-clad back — after reaching his 12th FO title. I did not see one English-language publication here announcing his 12th. He is not only a Spanish star, he is a global star.


  3. Rafa has another chance to tie Borg’s three-time win of the French Open+Wimbledon Double.

    “…winning the French Open and Wimbledon in the same year is still arguably the sport’s biggest challenge.”

    “The change in surface from clay to grass, and the fact that these two events almost run back-to-back in the calendar, have always made it a tough proposition.”

    “Since Rod Laver did it in 1969, only three men — Borg, Nadal and Federer have accomplished it.”

    “On the men’s side, no one has managed it since Nadal did it for a second time in 2010.”

    “On the women’s side, six have done it.”
    [SOURCE: Reuters]

    N.B.: Rafa first did it in 2008.

    Wishing Rafa GREAT health and ANOTHER DOUBLE.


    • Rafa just needs to stick to his amazing working system! His Dedication is unparalled compared to how long Rafa has been on the Tennis Tour!
      We are all blessed to see a awesome Humble Champ!
      Vamos Rafa!

  4. I’m so sorry to hear that about Delpo! He pours every ounce of his heart & soul into each match! Just like Rafa, he never gives up! I wish him a successful recovery!
    And, I agree, Rafa, please take care of those precious knees of yours! And everything else!
    We love you, Rafa!!!

  5. Rafa good luck happy to hear this news. Vamossssssssss champ all the beast for you 👍👍👍💪💪💪😘❤️🎾❤️

  6. According to another source, Rafa will play on Wednesday 26th at 2pm local time vs Cilic
    and on Friday 28th 2pm local time vs Pouille.

  7. I agree. Very disheartening news about del Potro. He slipped while chasing Shapovalov’s volley at the net. If he is able to, he will definitely be back. He LOVES playing and I wish him well.

  8. GOOD NEWS, maybe?

    Kyrgios lost to Felix AA at Queens, 6[4]-7[7], 7[7]-6[3], 7-5. Isn’t Kyrgios the grass expert?


    • Ha ha! I wonder if Nick will be eating some humble pie after Wimbledon or maybe it’ll be more sour grapes.

      • Lorna, I don’t know about Kyrgios. He’s just so very disrespectful. He talks as if everybody owes him something and seems to have a chip on his shoulder. Let’s see what he does at Wimbledon. And I thought Djokovic’s tantrums were bad. Kyrgios has stepped it up a few notches. LOL

      • Yes, let s hope Rafa does not draw or face Kyrgios 😕 It was disappointing in 2014 to hear on France TV news that he was beaten by him 😡 but to be fair NK played correct tennis and was judged on that, the scoring. There was no aggro during the match 😯 the umpire judged it as any other .😐 Fiona in Paris

    • Nick Kyrgios sucks Margo, he really sucks!

      Good riddance to bad rubbish.

      But, as always, Nick Kyrgios always sucks………let us remember that


  9. This is so good… Rafa must feel strong and ready to get some “competition” going … Win…lose… who cares… It’s all about the play, progression and the groove he wants to get into prior to Wimbledon.
    Good luck Rafa!!

    Love you in all white!

  10. Delpo has got to be the most unlucky guy on tour. Just as he was easing himself back into competion, he sustained another hairline fracture to his patella. I understand that he will be undergoing more surgery soon. Grass can be such a dangerous surface when there’s moisture around. I wish him all the very best for a successful recovery.

    Meanwhile Rafa, just take care of those precious knees of yours.

  11. It’s good that Rafa will be getting the feel of competition on grass before Wimbledon. Enjoy yourself Rafa and don’t overdo it.

    • Kyrgios is the most disrespectful player I have ever seen or heard! I’m so tired of his childish antics! He’s a jacka**!! I don’t know how the commentators can ever give this jerk any positive words! I’ve been watching tennis for quite some time too! He doesn’t even deserve to be on the same court with Rafa or the other players as well! He’s such a disgrace to the game of tennis! I can’t stand watching this childish, spoiled, disrespectful jerk on any court! He is definitely not a role model for our younger generation! I hope everyone who has to play him beats the socks off of him!

  12. Happy to hear this news. Seeing Dr. Cotorro at his practice yesterday recording his movements might otherwise have caused concern about a possible physical problem. If Rafa is fit enough to play this exho then this must have simply been precautionary. Wonderful that he has a complete team taking such good care of him.

  13. I remember worrying last year, unnecessarily, when Rafa lost to Pouille at Hurlingham. Now’s his chance to even the score, and play some grass matches before Wimbledon.

    Have fun Rafa.


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