Rafael Nadal cruises past Nikoloz Basilashvili in Rome


(AFP) – Rafael Nadal lost just two games in two matches before booking his place in the quarter-finals of the Italian Open on Thursday.

The eight-time Rome champion beat Georgian Nikoloz Basilashvili 6-1, 6-0 in the third round after earlier crushing France’s Jeremy Chardy 6-0, 6-1 in the second round, playing two matches after Wednesday’s rain washout in Rome.


Playing two matches is a very dangerous day. I was able to manage it well. I played well, especially I think better in the afternoon than the morning. Yeah, I’m happy about that level in the afternoon.

The defending champion next plays fellow Spaniard Fernando Verdasco who defeated 11th-seeded Russian Karen Khachanov 7-5, 3-6, 6-3.

Rafa on playing Fer:

He’s always tough. He is a great player. He’s a very dangerous player for everybody when he’s playing well. He’s having a great tennis career.

Rafa is bidding for his first clay-court title this season before chasing a 12th French Open crown at Roland Garros starting on May 26.

Sources: AFP, ATP Tour


  1. Rafa playex a snart match against a tired Verdasco today. It’s true, he looked and sounded confident in his post match interview. Looking to see him play with the same confidence and vigour to get the job done against Tsitsipas tomorrow.

    Good luck champ!

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  3. Dear Margo,

    Rafa is just bagelling people anyhow with 6 love and all!!!

    Good gracious me!!

    We’d see whether he would be able to bagel Novak in the final or better still whether Novak will be the one to avenge this bageling by Nadal.
    The more likely prospect is Novak bageling Nadal – this is the one that can happen.

    But, as always, we’d see……cheers

    Rafa rocks!!!

    • Maria, not so fast. I am hoping del Potro can turn off Nole’s lights. Yes, it’s a long shot. HOPE is not dead.

      No bagels in the Rafa vs Nole match. I expect a bataille royale and if Rafa goes into the match with the right frame of mind he will prevail. He knows he can beat Nole.


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  7. Meanwhile Kyrgios says this regarding Djokovic:

    “This whole celebration thing that he does after matches, it’s like so cringeworthy. It’s very cringeworthy.”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself:)

    • Well, yeah, but it’s better than throwing most of your matches like Curious Nick does.

    • Dear Mac,

      Please and please, don’t ever gloat over the remarks about Djokovic as said by Nick Krygios. The remarks were totally disgusting ad infinitum, ad nauseum and should not be celebrated in anyway. He also made the same disgusting remarks about Nadal!

      We should all be weeping for Nick for it has clearly shown beyond all reasonable doubts that although he ‘s a real talent, but because he lacks manners, respect to competitors, himself and the fans, I can conclusively say that the way up for him is down. I can candidly assert that Nick Kyrgios has no long term future in Tennis. We should not be celebrating imbeciles such as Nick who are not prepared to correct their attitudinal issues.

      Because of the comments he mad against two heroes of our Sport, he is bound to have a short-lived tennis career. He has no right whatsoever to defame these 2 heroes who have and continue to give their all to the sports. Nick can never ever achieve a quarter of all that any of Nadal or Djokovic had achieved at his age.

      Nick Kyrgios stand condemned into the dustbin heap of history. He is nothing but a clown and deserves to be given a life ban from Tennis because of his derogatory remarks to our 2 great immortals – Nadal and Djokovic.

      Mac, yes, you’re a Rafa fan, but Djokovic deserves some respect also from you for ALL that he has achieved which are no average achievement at all! He may not have won 11 trophies in one singular GS, but in comparison he is the greatest all-court player you will ever see. He’s the first and singular person to win all the 11 competitions in the ATP Masters 1000, he’s won the Miami-Indian Wells double thrice (which is another record) and come June 8, 2019 when he wins the French Open, he would yet again hold ALL THE 4 GRAND SLAM TITLES (which is another record created) and he’s very likely to surpass Roger Federer inn terms of number of weeks as No 1 Tennis Player in the world. Not forgetting, of course, that he (rather than Nadal) is more likely to surpass Roger Federer’s haul of 20 GS titles. So, please Mac, do accord him all the respect he deserves, please. We need to give respect to whom it is due. Why, even Nadal respects him!

      Merci, but as always, we’d see……..cheers

      Rafa rocks

      • WOW MARIA, that was a mouthful. Well said.

        I have to say it really doesn’t bother me what Djokovic does except of course when he wins against Rafa.

        As for Nick, he said he plays just to make money. He doesn’t like tennis. He prefers basketball. His mother does his laundry for him when he’s on tour. He is coddled to the extent he has little or no respect for others. I read that players are seeking to have some sort of sanction[s] logged against him for his behavior. I’m waiting.

        As for Rafa, I was very saddened when I saw a clip of him on Twitter after a match vs Djokovic which Rafa won. Rafa was bent over his bench after his match getting ready to sign autographs, going through his bag. As he was bent he PUNCHED himself in his lower stomach area. His fists were balled up and he hit each side simultaneously. It saddened me that he was so happy to beat Djokovic but did not have a better response for releasing that pent up tension. Rafa is POWERFUL and I was afraid he hurt himself.

        Many fans cannot understand the pressure that most players are under, especially in the top tier of tennis. They have to work all the time to control their emotions when on tour. I am not condoning smashing racquets, or chairs and things like that. This is too long already. The end.


      • Maria,

        I have the utmost respect for Djoker. What he does is simply superhuman… He’s holding 3 slams right now and going for his 4th. Anyway, I’d rather not focus on him:)

        His celebration thingy is still cringeworthy as far as I’m concerned. On that one thing, I agree with Kyrgios 100%, and that was what my post was about. You sure write a lot. More power to you, Deep Thinker.

        Kyrgios is also a tosser.

  8. Wow, Rafa killed it today. It was so gratifying to watch our King of Clay dominate again. He played with enormous confidence in the second match. It’s surprising that he won each set with less than 10 winners, though—Basilashvili committed over 30 unforced errors… I guess it’s the effect of seeing Rafa on the other side of the net 😉

    Thiem is out. Roger barely made it through his match with Coric today. He lost the first set badly, followed by two very tight second and third sets. Coric had two match points during the final tiebreak that he gave away. While I’m a fan of Federer, I have to say I was secretly hoping for his elimination so Rafa would be fresh for Djokovic. Djokovic also eased through his two matches today and will be facing DelPo tomorrow, which isn’t going to be a huge challenge since he’s coming back from injury…

    Here’s to hoping Rafa can mantain his high level and take home the trophy! Vamos!

    • Yes I have just saïd that the day of rain in Roma ☔ gavé them all a good rest. Passed on the message Bravo Verdasco 😀 pushed Thiem out, one less threat to Rafa. Zverev out, Fognini playing, would .be pleased for him to advance on his home ground Italia 😯 rather than in Monte Carlo. Fiona in Paris

    • It will not .be such a good day for him manana playing a Spanish compatriote, He saïd it is good when wé play 🎾as a team in the Davis Cup🏆😃but when you face an amigo it is different. 😯Fiona in Paris

  9. Wow Rafa crushed it today. Pretty special!

    Keep it up Rafa… These fiends want to take away from you what you have, but we can’t let them now, can we? Nope!

    Keep it up champ!

  10. PK OK OK OK.. Hoy si Rafa con agresividad y potencia.. Sigue así… siempre contigo.. VAMOS!!

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  12. Feeling at home and in charge on your favorite courts and getting into your rhythm becomes pretty special to watch!!! Welcome home !!!

  13. Wonderful day! Amazing play by Rafa! C’mon! I’m Italian, and every time Rafa won in Rome I was double-happy… 🙂

  14. What a day. Fantastic! Take rest and than all the best against Verdasco tomorrow. Vamos Rafa <3

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