Rafael Nadal beats Jeremy Chardy Chardy to reach Rome third round

(AFP) – Defending champion Rafael Nadal lost just one game as he crushed France’s Jeremy Chardy in straight sets to advance to the third round of the Italian Open on Thursday.

The eight-time Rome champion won 6-0, 6-1 and next meets Georgian Nikoloz Basilashvili, the 14th seed, later in the day for a place in the quarter-finals after rain delays wiped out play on Wednesday in the joint ATP and WTA tournament.


It was a good start today. I’m happy with that victory and happy because it was one hour, and that’s important for what’s coming up.

Rafa on playing Nikoloz:

It’s a tough one. He’s a tough player, very dangerous. He hits the ball very strong. He already won two great matches here so it’s going to be a big challenge, but it’s a good test for me.

Sources: AFP, ATP Tour


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  3. I read about the insults that Nick Kyrgios hurled at Rafa and Novak in a podcast and felt it was totally unnecessary, disrespectful and unprofessional. In contrast he praised Andy Murray and Roger. It’s definitely a case of bigging up his buddies and tearing down anyone he doesn’t happen to like.

    Setinthepast, you asked what was going on with Nick Kyrgios. Well, whatever it is, it needs sorting out and quick. Today’s meltdown resulting in him walking off court and throwing the match is a clear sign of his volatility. I think it’ll be hard for him to maintain any level of consistency at the highest level in tennis because as well as talent, it requires discipline and a certain level of respect for authority, your fellow players and the paying public – which Rafa correctly said he lacks. Yes Nick. Move aside and make way for those with a passion for the game.

    • Yes, I havé already written Bravo 😀 to him, even better than we hoped for, shame for Chardy our French player, last one in. 😕 Bravo again for this evening 😀 a super score. I saïd also say Bravo to Verdasco 😀 his Spanish friend, pushed Thiem out and won again later next match. That rainfall la pioggia ☔ ieri was a godsend, it gave them all chance to rest☺ and face today, although 2 matches a day is a test for any player. 😯 Nadal and Verdasco face each other manana. Dos amigos espanoles ! 😉

  4. As expected but I thought it would be a double bagel. Glad the match was so short.


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