PHOTOS, VIDEO: Rafael Nadal practices ahead of Australian Open 2019 final with Novak Djokovic

Rafael Nadal working out on-court ahead of the men’s singles final at the Australian Open 2019.


  1. Ive supported Rafa since he was 19 years old but i cant recall him ever losing in straight sets in a final. If someone out there can tell me if im right, i would he grateful

  2. So much for Rafa’s improved serve, his newfound aggressiveness… It all means nothing in the face of Djoker.

    Rafa was about to make history if he won the second AO.

    Now it’s Djoker who will be thinking of making history at the FO by winning his second. And based on how he’s now reinforcing his dominance over Rafa, he’ll be favourite to get that too.



  4. I so wanted Rafa to get his revenge for the Wimbledon semi. A break in the 3rd doesn’t bode well but its not over yet!!

  5. this final will do a lot of damage for rafa he will be on defense the whole year especially clay court season. Rafa will be hunted

  6. Rafan don’t be scarred for life. It’s just a tennis match. Rafa himself will find a way to put it in perspective.

    Aww Rafa I can’t imagine what he must be feeling out there. It’s okay champ. Play your game and we will enjoy the little moments of brilliance that we can get, even though what we wanted was 3 sets of brilliance to defeat Djoker.

    What a bitter pill to swallow.

  7. I’ve given up on Rafa to do any damage to Djoker on non-clay surfaces. He just plays as though Novak owns him

    • That’s the sad thing Lorna. It’s like Rafa is not even trying hard enough.

      Facing Djoker seems to cripple Rafa’s mind and will.

  8. I believe that rafa needs to try to win the australian open. But it will not be as long as he faces djokovic in the final it just the way it is.

  9. Wow. Simply wow! For me this is not about Djoker playing well. Rafa decided to leave his tennis brain at home. It’s about to border on the embarrassing.

    Based on form coming into this match, Rafa has been the much better player by far! How can his game break down so spectacularly in the face of Djoker?

    Come on Rafa!

  10. Well now I m comforting myself by assuring that it’s just a tennis match. No ones gonna die😰😰😰

  11. Again and again rafa is so stuborn by attacking the backhand of nole and refuse to hit the forehand down the line. he did it again on deuce instead of using fdtl he went cross again

    Just hang in there rafa that is all you can do right now

  12. Did Rafa forget that this is a final? He’s playing without that killer instinct we’ve seen in his previous matches.

    Rafa’s tennis is far superior so why is he getting bullied like this? Wake up Rafa!!

    • Well I think the problem is that he’s remembered it’s a FINAL in all its aspects and the occasion has overwhelmed him. But that’s why I love him, because he’s human.

  13. Rafa is not I’ll. He’s nervous and panicking. It’s the Djokovic factor. Rafa is still bearing the scars from the last seven hard court defeats he has suffered from Djokovic. Let’s hope the Djoker has a let down in form and soon.

  14. This is a lesson in psychology. How we all have the capacity for self-sabotage, and there is always someone / something which activates it in us. Djokovic makes Rafa fight himself – do what is against his interests – and that’s why Rafa can’t beat him. Because he makes Rafa beat himself first. Only when Rafa stops fighting himself can he fight his external opponent. That is why Djokovic is his true antagonist. Djokovic is a better hard court player – I don’t see how that’s not factual – but he is still beatable. Rafa has the game. But he doesn’t have the mentality.

    • Sad as Rafa was known for his mental strength for many years. At times it looks like it’s there but sometimes (as today for example) its gone awol.

      • He’s still known for it. His mental strength to come back from injury – his perseverance – is phenomenal. This is more specific; it’s about beliefs. Rafa is still very mentally strong. He’s just tying himself up in knots over this particular problem.

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