Rafa: Live with simplicity and humility [VIDEO]

Rafael Nadal has been one of the most popular faces at the Australian Open since he made his debut here in 2004. But even after all of the years of fame and success, our champ still has his feet planted firmly on the ground.


  1. These are just the best videos of Rafa that I have ever seen. His thoughts are very inspirational and he is such a genuine person .He not only plays great tennis, he is great in all aspects as a human being. Some young tennis players should take note! I WISH HIM WELL IN EVERYTHING.

  2. You are the best and the humble player in the world!!! You deserve the best!!! You deserve to win tomorrow!!! I love watching you playing!!! Good luck!!! Love!!! Sabine

  3. Enjoyed these insights into Rafael Nadal. Inspirational to kids especially who aspire to achieve. He
    knows how to maintain balance in life. Suffering is part of success as he writes. Seize your moment;
    you have earned it.💪👊🏻🤛🍀❤️We are lucky to witness the ride😍

  4. Beautiful person , wonderful playee , fantastic role model . Rafa is special and so happy to support him since he first hit the scene . Adds magic to sport. One more step to 18, you have the game and the intelligence . Vamos Rafa 🍀🌟🎾👍

  5. Love you, Rafa. And congratulations to Kia on a brilliant set of videos.

    Good luck for tomorrow, all your fans are with you.

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