“You drinking tequilas or what?!” [VIDEO]

Rafael Nadal spoke to John McEnroe after his second round match at the Australian Open. The American asked him about an exchange of words he had with a fan during the three-sets win. Before Rafa could respond, one fan screamed out something, much to the amusement of the capacity crowd.Our champ paused and then, with excellent comic timing, asked: “You drinking tequilas or what?!”


  1. Nadal IS TENNIS. I only watch because of this great player. Rafa is so sweet and humble. I pray he stays healthy and wins another Grand Slam.

  2. Rafa love your quips. You’re such a sweetheart.
    Wish you the best of all that you need to win in your next match!!!!

    Love you!!


  3. Vamossssssssss Rafa ,you are better den Mac ,👍🎊❤️🎾🇺🇸🙏

  4. I always get a kick out of Rafa’s quips and the faces he makes. He is hilarious and had me laughing all day.

    I am doubly pleased with the ease and relaxed nature of his interview. He is feeling VERY good and as a fan so am I.

    Make no mistake about it; Rafa ALWAYS has something up his sleeve. His match today made the pundits take note as they were either ignoring him or not rooting for him before he demolished Ebden.


  5. If there ever was an interview where Rafa was adorable, it is this interview.

  6. If you did not see the post match interview between Rafa and JMac, I urge you to look for it. John asked some great questions, and Rafa was very articulate. He was so funny too as per the tequila answer. Rafa was just adorable. His answer on the serve changes was wonderful to hear.

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