Melbourne’s been gifted with a beautiful mural of Rafa

Danielle Weber is an incredible Australian artist based in Melbourne. Her passion and love for painting is highlighted by her distinct portraits and sheer quality of work. Danielle’s work has extended to include original pieces for a number of high profile clients including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Her latest work is a mural of Rafa and Kia Motors car at the Australian Open venue. The beautiful piece has taken about a week to complete and it’s a masterpiece. 

I was so excited when Kia asked me to paint this mural – I played tennis for over 10 years and was a ballgirl at the Australian Open for many years. I actually was a ballgirl for Rafa too, and he was always so lovely.
I do enjoy watching tennis and am a big fan of Rafa – I think he’s amazing on and off the court.

Danielle Weber

We love Danielle’s work and wish her all the best for the future.

P.S. You can find Danielle on her social media platforms below: 






  1. Vamossssssssss Rafa you are the best,we love ,your fans ,❤️👎❤️😘🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾❤️🇺🇸

  2. What a lovely trubute to Rafa . Beautiful work by Danielle. Light up Melbourne for all your supporters Rafa . You are the most loved player and a marvellous role model, demonstrating all that is best in sport ,

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