VIDEO: Rafael Nadal reaches quarterfinals at US Open – highlights

Rafael Nadal is through to the quarterfinals at the US Open for the 8th time in his career following victory over Nikoloz Basilashvili.


  1. Like khachanov, Basilashvilli threw everything at Rafa, but it wasn’t enough. Most of Rafa’s opponents play nothing-to-lose tennis in an effort to beat him, but come up short as they run out of steam or Rafa finds solutions to thwart their attack.Thiem always goes for broke and often overplays his shots against Rafa. Although he played an impressive match against a subpar Anderson, Thiem will face an opponent that is on a higher level tomorrow, so I go for Rafa in four.

    • YUP! I go for Rafa in 3:)

      Can we just fast forward to the quarter finals already? Because Fed and Djoker will just cruise through their R4 matches today. I’m looking forward to their clash.

      Ok, back to work!

      • Me too. I’m looking forward to a Federer pay-back for the Cinci final 😉 If Fed is as class as he was against Kyrgios, it will be possible.

        Either way, I like watching tennis on the other side of the draw. I find I can relax and appreciate a lot more XD

    • I think the important factors are:

      – not playing before on hard court – although Rafa might take a few hits initially (possibly a first set) as he figures Thiem out on this surface, I think his hard court experience will be an important bonus for him

      – Thiem’s confidence and fitness – if he goes all-out, as he’s seen recent players do, then he might pin Rafa back for a while – whether he can keep him there will depend on…

      – time of play – if it’s an afternoon match, it’s going to affect Rafa’s energy levels – both within the match, and afterwards if he gets through – I’m hoping for a night match

      – Rafa’s fitness – you could see how annoyed Rafa was that he didn’t take the third set yesterday – at least it didn’t go to 5, so it might be recoverable – but he needs to start converting the crucial points and conserving energy from now on if he wants to get through Thiem and Delpo in their current form

      – Rafa’s confidence – I think this has taken a knock recently – he said that he didn’t feel in control of the points in the last match, and he was putting open-court shots wide or in the net on important points – at the moment he seems to have lost his flow – HOWEVER, I think that the marvellous down-the-line forehand towards the end of the fourth set (taking the break at 3-3) was a turning point – it felt like he really connected with his shot there

      I’m finding predictions rather hard at this point… There are so many factors interacting, and things we aren’t privy to. I can only hope that Rafa feels he plays the tennis he wants to play and that no matter the result, it gives him pride.

  2. Har Har Har I love how the highlights shows only one point at the start of the third set, and skips to the fourth as if ignoring that Rafa lost that set. But seriously, I think they should be fair to the opponent and show him winning his set as well.

    I’m looking forward to the Del Potro vs. Isner match. I think it will be a very entertaining one, and I hope they play for 5 hours well into the 5th set tiebreak. So that, you know, whoever wins between Rafa and Thiem (RAFA!!) will face a player with some reduced serving capabilities:):)

    Watching some of the Isner vs. Raonic match, seeing those serve bombs, I wondered how on earth Rafa ever has a 7-0 record against Isner. But there you go- our champ always finds a way!

    Happy week everyone!

  3. Enhorabuena!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adelante…suerte en tu proximo partido con Thiem…hueso duro pero tù eres màs…sabràs resolver tu partido…estàs al 100%…fisica y mental

  4. Best of luck Rafa! Hope your body recovers well. You are such a warrior. We believe in you. Repeat Monte Carlo’s performance against Theim, just do it cause you can. Vamos💪💪💪

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