VIDEO: Rafael Nadal advances after David Ferrer retires in first round – match highlights | US Open 2018

No. 1 Rafael Nadal advances to the second round of the US Open after David Ferrer is forced to retire after two sets with a left leg injury in their opening round match.


  1. Congrats to Rafa , To David you will be missed. you were always one of my favorites you were my second favorite of the whole Men’s Tennis roundup. Rafa was my first but you beat Roger Federer.
    So happy you have a new son Leo. Enjoy your retirement and Thank you for so many years of enjoyment watching you and Rafa play. You were one of the best ever.
    Rafa loved your play and I hope you win the U.S. Open. remember to stay focused and aggressive . Play to their weakness and Win big
    Love you both

  2. It did come as a surprise to me that David succumbed to an injury during his match even though I knew he has not been able to train because “his body wouldn’t let him.” He said he had to stop so many times because he just couldn’t do it.

    Hopefully he will get to retire on home soil but if not I hope the Spanish Tennis Federation will acknowledge his many years as a top-ten player and as his Davis Cup achievements, in a special ceremony.

    He is still young and has much ahead of him with his new baby and the Ferrer Tennis Academy which has a 4.9 rating out of 5.

    My sadness for him is his current ranking because he said he couldn’t see himself ranked #60 and because he is forced to retire.

    A happy future for David.

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