US Open 2018: Sunday practice photos + video

Rafael Nadal hit the practice court with Jaume Munar on Sunday as he prepared for his first-round match at the US Open. Here are some photos.


  1. Nooooo ! That’s a sad way to end the match. Ferrer deserved better but the conditions were very tough. I hate this kind of whether, have probably collapsed if I would have been there, so it’s understandable. But really feeling bad for David to finish like that

  2. Hi Mac. I’m now watching the US Open through the Amazon 30 day free trial 😀. Thanks anyway for giving me the stream option. Happy viewing.

  3. WOW so women’s number 1 Halep is out already in straight sets:) Can the men’s number 1 Rafa avoid such a fate? I can’t wait to find out!

    Seriously disappointed for Halep though… it must be a terrible blow to her and her fans. I can only imagine having that hole in my life if Rafa gets bounced in the first round of a tournament. GULP!

    Wawrinka vs. Dimitrov on my screen now. I hope Dimitrov wins, coz he can’t get Stanned for the second major in a row:)

    • Gosh Halep out! I didn’t see that one coming. Meanwhile Dimitrov has just lost the first set against Wawrinka. Could this be a further downhill slide for Grigor?

      At the moment, i’m Just checking the live scores for unpadates and SO annoyed that Sky Sports isn’t televising the tournament. Does anyone know of any way I can watch live tennis, other than subscribing to Amazon Prime?

      • Hi Lorna. Sad for Halep, about to be sad for Dimitrov too:( Just terrible luck to be drawn against Stan the Man today.

        I’m watching on Amazon prime (I only discovered that I would watch the US Open on it today!) There’s jokerlivestream dot com if you want another option to watch live. That’s where I would be if not for Amazon prime. Let me know how it works out.

        Aww… Dimitrov has been successfully STANNED!

      • Lorna, from what I have read Amazon Prime is using the UK as a testing ground.

        Prime also struck a deal to stream Premier League matches in the UK, with ten matches to be shown on Amazon Prime on two separate days for three seasons starting next year.

        They have already streamed NFL with positive results they say. And….It goes like this. Amazon sells adds [minutes] for each hour of coverage. This allows advertisers to track how many people saw the ads and went on to take action on or other sites. Like Big Brother who is watching you. They cannot do this with TV. I don’t watch commercials. Never did. I either mute my TV or go and do something else during those two or three minutes of commercials.

  4. Rafa looks amazing in the black and orange, his raquet colours matching his accessories and the ball, great photos!

    It’s hard not to feel slightly sad about the upcoming match, but I found these words from David Ferrer, on finding out his opponent in the first round, helpful, “Deep down I was happy. I was glad. It will be my last Grand Slam and is a reward for me to have the opportunity to play with Rafa Nadal on center court of the US Open. I’m happy because tennis has given me this gift.”

    Fighters the pair of them, but Rafa must win this match no matter how difficult and emotional it might be for him, because he is the one who can go forwards and win the tournament.

    Vamos R4fa!!!!

    • Yes, Jas_uk. I also feel sad to know that this will be David Ferrer’s swan song at the US Open and his match against Rafa will be an emotional one. However, I am heartened by the fact that David is happy, knowing that he’ll be playing against his good friend Rafa. There’s so much mutual respect there and David is such a lovely, modest and hard working guy who is grateful for the opportunities and rewards that tennis has given him.

      Out of all the players who have never won a grand slam, I think David is the best and most deserving. Emotions aside, Rafa knows what he has to do and will do it.

  5. Come on Rafa, take home the 4th US Open title. He is long overdue for this win. Rafa hasn’t defended any GS title besides RG. It will be a nice change.
    Go Rafa all the way to the finals. We are crossing our fingers here.

    VAMOS RAFA No 1 to me.

  6. Rafa sending you positive ENERGY for Monday Night Match. I also LUV David Ferrer, should
    be a wonderful match to watch. Rafa wish you the BEST to bring Home the TROPHY!!! VAMOS

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