US Open 2018: Saturday practice photos + video

Here are a few photos of Rafael Nadal from Saturday’s practice session.


  1. All the Best Rafa for coming US open. I am sure,you are going to win it .If you are 100% fit health wise, nobody can stop you from winning.

    • I was there in front row practice yesterday in new stadium. He was hitting against Roig and Carlos. The ball was flying by, flat, hard…I’m excited.

      • Debby, I am so envious! Does Rafa look taller or smaller in person? I still hope to see him play live one day soon, maybe IW. I was thrilled to see Carlos there.

      • Can’t figure out reply, so to answer yr question, hard to say, I was so excited! He is large and sweet and generous in signing everyone in front. He signed my Rafa shirt. The woman next to me took a whole bunch of pics. But can really feel ball intensity.
        Everyone freaked bec he walked past in Media Day so he held up his finger to let us know he would be right there!
        Then 2nd time after his practice I let 2 young boys go. New Armstrong Stadium beautiful. Roof was closed and then they opened.

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