[VIDEO] Rogers Cup 2018: Nadal beats Paire – highlights, hot shot

Watch highlights as Rafael Nadal beats Benoit Paire in the second round at the Rogers Cup in Toronto.

Hot Shot:


  1. Rafa seems ready to keep it going after RG and Wimbledon. His clay season was excellent, his grass season impressive. I feel that he partly lost his third Wimbledon title by not pressing hard enough at a few big points, but mostly due to the organization who made up reasons to let the SF be an indoor encounter. It may be crazy but I truly believe that the Wimbledon organization is filled with Federer fans whose worst nightmare it is when Nadal equals or breaks #20. And boy he got close on his first attempt to get #18.
    Djokovic played well, but I also found that on any other court than this horror indoor grass, he would have lost to Rafa in this all out attack mode. And I feel that Djoko remains vulnerable. He actually did not play that many great matches this season. Not more than a handful. Won two titles in the last two years. Now struggling in Toronto. I can only say Vamos Vamos Vamos for a fourth US open. Yes, si!lence those horrid US Open Fed trolls too (check their Twitter and you will know what I mean).

  2. A good win for the first hard court match in a long time! I wonder if having the shot clock there affected his first serve rhythm? At least I was nervous, not wanting the clock to run out. 🙁 The commenters also mentioned that he altered his usual serving pattern to serve to the weak side of Paire.

    Good luck against Wawrinka!

  3. Job done! A victory against Paire was never in doubt for me, but Rafa made unnecessary work for himself in the second set.The first serve is an issue – too many going in the net. Looking to see this improve against Stan. Good luck Rafa.

  4. Yay for the win Rafa! Woke up to watch the match but it was already over:) Good luck against Stan!

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