Wimbledon SF: What time does Rafael Nadal play against Novak Djokovic?

World No. 1 Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic will be facing each other for the 52nd time in their careers when they meet in the semifinals of Wimbledon on Friday.

Date: July 13, 2018

Match time: Rafa is second match on Center Court. Around 3 PM local time / 10 AM EDT –  New York, Montreal / 3 PM BST – United Kingdom / 4 PM  CET – Spain, France, Germany, Italy / midnight AEDT – Melbourne. To convert to your local time, use this website.

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The pair have faced each other 51 times with Djokovic edging the overall head to head 26-25. They last met at Wimbledon in the 2011 final, when Djokovic won in four sets, while Rafa triumphed in their last meeting at the Rome Masters in May.

Rafa on playing Nole:

There is no one other match in the history of tennis that has been played more than our match. That’s a big thing. We always played in important stages, important places.

It is always a big challenge facing Novak. He is one of the more complex players that I ever saw in our sport. It is always a big test. You know that you can’t win against him if you don’t play very well.


I’m really not thinking about being an underdog or being a favourite.

I just try to build the momentum. Obviously I’ve been very pleased with the way I’ve played so far on the grass court season.



  1. Rafa still can win the match but he really needs to serve better. This is the second time he squanderd set points in a tiebreak he did it also against del potro. Tiebreaks seems to make him nervous. Anything can happen today when i saw last night nadal walking of the court that fast I was thinking maybe he was happier that the match was suspended because although he won the second set and was close in the third set he probably was not happy. The break will give him time to recharge and talk with this team about the game strategy

    I can not image nadal playing worse then yesterday. So I expect a player that is determined to reach the final and will be very sharp from the first untill the last point

  2. Hi Rafa fans, Rafa very unfortunately and undeservedly lost the 3rd set as Djokovic has the advantage.
    So let all of us fans all over the world join in sending him positive vibes, thoughts, light, prayers, love and and and …… for his match today! He needs it!!!! This match is sooo important for him – not only for normal reasons of winning and going further to possibly win the tournament but because it’s against Djokovic and he badly needs a grand slam win against him. I want Rafa to believe in himself and a win here will help.
    Anyway Rafa fans let’s hope for the best today!

    Rafa you ARE THE BEST and we love you!


  3. I think the best solution is implement a tie breaker in 5 th set after 12 -12 set instead at 6-6 …

  4. I agree with everyone who states that the roof should be re-opened. Per Wimbly rules, the roof will remain closed on Saturday unless both men agree to have it opened. We know that Rafa would want the roof opened, it only makes sense for the fans and the players and durning the day. I am posting on Novak’s twitter and everyone should too! Show him he will get bad press for this, as well as Wimbly which I already tweeted them. MOBILIZE AND MAKE THEM OPEN THE ROOF! How silly to have it closed for the men, and then open it for the women’s Final.

  5. Wimbledon needs to have a serious discussion and implement the 5-set tiebreak rule sensibly utilzed by the US Open. The 1st match ran 6.5 hrs, negatively impacting the health and recovery time for Kevin and John. It just became a contest of stamina and not skills, just ridiculous. Then that match (not the fault of those players) negatively compromised the following match between Rafa and Novak especially since there is a 11:00 pm curfew when the match is suspended if it is still ongoing. How do you play effectively under those insane set of circumstances?. I am really disappointed in the management of Wimbledon. I am sure the fans would also prefer a 5 set tiebreak.

    I’m sure Rafa and Novak didn’t appreciate sitting around for so many hours when they expected to play around 11 or 11:30. This rule is so archaic. Kevin is probably phscially spent and whoever wins tomorrow won’t get a day off. Everyone suffers without the 5 set tiebreak rule. No end in sight. I remember that happened to Rafa playing against Giles Muller last year. 5 set tiebreak captures the essence of true competition with an end in sight. Wimbledon mgmt you can do better hopefully next year.

    Best wishes, Rafa. just a new day and one point at a time!!! Vamos! Remember that epic Delpo match.

    • COMPLETELY agree.

      It has created an extraordinary set of adverse conditions for all involved.

      Not forgetting the poor women finalists, who have been shunted back until the men’s matches are finished. What kind of a message does that send?

      • Alex I agree 100% with you…..I just tweeted nole…. and said…Please Nole, have roof re-opened. Per Wimbly roof will remain closed Saturday unless BOTH men agree to have it open. Tennis fans know the roof should be open day for play to be fair and balanced. BAD PRESS will follow YOU, thinking U are the one wants it closed

  6. I am outraged that the roof will be closed tomorrow. In full sun? That is extraordinary. It will be a hot mess for players and spectators alike. Wimbledon is an outdoor tournament.

    If there is a rule that the match has to continue under the same conditions as it started…why even have a roof at all? By that rule, you wouldn’t be able move a match indoors once it had been started outdoors. This application of the rule is contradictory and nonsensical.

    But both players had to agree to have the roof open. So no guesses who would have chosen to keep it closed.

    This is a total *%@! up.

    Rafa deserves to win this match. I’m not saying he will, but he deserves to. He found the momentum and was playing creative and intelligent tennis. If he had got the third set, the match would have been his to win. I am hoping for a great re-group and confidence boost overnight. If he can win this, it would be a rebuke to Wimbledon’s incompetence and that is now *just one more reason* for the win.

  7. The players apparently had the choice of time to play tomorrow and whether or not have the roof open. It’s at 1pm tomorrow. With the roof closed. (Wimbledon Twitter)

    Rafa will have to come out firing on all cylinders tomorrow, be confident and play aggressive. He and Novak won exactly the same number of points tonight, it wasn’t a one-sided match, so there’s no reason Rafa can’t still win. Vamos!!!

  8. Roof will be closed according to Wimbledon’s twitter account. Stupid rule, this is an outdoor event!

  9. What a pity!!! Couldn’t watch except sneaking quick looks and in the end I was just reading all the comments here and knew what was going on. Can’t believe it! Rafa so badly needs to win against Novak. He just doesn’t have that confidence against him. I must say I felt and feel that the 3rd set was the decider and sincerely hope I’m wrong. Hope Rafa wants to win so much that thats all he can think about when he wakes up tomorrow and until then tries to rest well – regroup and hope his team boost him and convince him that he can do it.
    I’m feeling really down and hope for the best tomorrow even if it takes a miracle.
    Love you Rafa and wish you all the luck in the world.


  10. Playing under a closed roof does not suit Rafa’s game. Hopefully to-morrow he will play with the roof opened, in which case he should lift his game.
    He needs to sleep well to-night and not dwell on that tie breaker.
    Rafa is dangerous when his back is to the wall. He will fight to the end. The crowd will be with him more than with the Djoker, I am sure.
    Fingers (and toes) crossed for a Rafa victory to-morrow.

  11. I am confident Rafa will regroup,come out stronger and win tomorrow. He just needs to focus on the minor details/ fine lines which I m sure he will. Whereas djoker is playing to the best of his ability. I don’t think he will be able to improve anything tomorrow. Remember guys how Rafa won against Zverve after the rain delay this clay court season. We r here here to send positive vibes to our champs. Best of luck against djokovic tomorrow
    . Vamos💪💪💪💪💪💪

  12. The tie-break killed me. Rafa was the better player after the first set. He didn‘t deserve to lose this set:( Take rest and go for it tomorrow. YOU CAN STILL DO IT. Vamos Rafa <3

  13. Best of luck tommorow Rafa. Have a good nights rest and go nail that match – Plz.! 🙏🏻🍀 You can do it! ❤️

  14. Nadal will not have a good sleep tonight.Djokovic stole the third set. Good news is nadal can still win tomorrow. But then he has to play a lot better in front of a open roof

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