Rafael Nadal’s first training on grass in Mallorca

As you can see, Rafael Nadal started training on grass in Mallorca ahead of the third major of the season. Vamos Rafa!



  1. Good luck to grass season, stay healthy and looking forward for more wins!

  2. Not relevant to this topic but just read that Mr goat planning to challenge Rafa for next clay season. I soooo wish that Rafa beat him on grass this year. Let’s see!

    • I think those are the journalists talking and not Roger. They’ve been printing that story for some weeks now. Just like some wrote that Rafa may not play Wimbledon. Rafa never said nor did he hint that he wouldn’t play Wimbledon. Thus far he is following the same route to Wimbledon as he did last year.


  3. Rafa all the very best for your grass season.

    All the very best for Mallorca,

    Love and prayers,


  4. Rafa what can I say but good luck and keep healthy. I know Grass is not your favorite surface to play on but do your best and enjoy. Love it when you go sleeveless great muscles to admire. Stay Happy and Fit and play your best and beat Roger.
    you make my world happy just knowing your in it.

  5. I’m just loving the grass at Queens – watching Clarke from GBR vs Querrey. Can’t wait for wimbledon where i hope Rafa gets to his 6th final and wins it. Hopefully thats not too much to ask of him. If he gets as far as the quarter finals he will have defended his points at least and any further is a bonus.

  6. Vamos Rafa! Play fast and attacking tennis and practice with big serving fellas as tall hard hitters are your biggest enemies at SW19 and that includes RF who copies the Rosol method for sure in case you’d face eachother in the SF or F (I expect them tight Brits to seed Rafa lower than 2).

    • Jean, I am quire sure the brits will place Rafa lower than 2. They have their own formula for the seeding which I feel is unfair when all the other tournaments place players according to their present seeding. They follow some proceding which takes in a players’ past successes there.This means that people like Rafa do not get protected from playing better players in earlier rounds. Which makes it harder to win there . Even if Rafa had been no.1 he would not have been seeded as such whereas players like Fed have an easier run in the early rounds. I don’t like this at all but who am I to complain?
      I sincerely hope Rafa does well at Wimbledon but I hope he does not practice so hard that he completely exhausts himself before he even gets to Wimbledon. He is known for excessive practice routines but I have some faith in Moya keeping some control of this.
      But whatever happens at Wimbledon Rafa will always be for me the best, the fairest, the ultimate champion.

  7. Yes it is very good that Rafa is preparing on the grass courts at Mallorca Open.. why is he, or is this delibrate just to practice his backhand. Hopefully he is going to give same length practise to his forehand

    • Rafa just finished two months of playing on clay and must now acclimate himself to playing on grass. The only thing to do to get the “feel” of grass before Wimbledon no matter what else he is looking to improve.


  8. There is no grass where Rafa is actually playing behind the baseline. Is that normal the first week of Wimbledon?

    In any event, it was reported that the organization[s] responsible for the care of Wimbledon’s grass helped with the grass courts of the Mallorca Open.

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