ATP Rankings: Roger Federer overtakes Rafael Nadal as world no.1

Roger Federer overtook Rafael Nadal at the top of the world rankings after beating Milos Raonic on route to winning the title in Stuttgart.

Grigor Dimitrov climbed to the fifth spot while Marin Cilic fell to the sixth. Kevin Anderson remained in the eighth position, ahead of David Goffin and John Isner.

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The current ATP rankings and point scores are as follows:

# Name Nationality Points Tournaments
1. Federer Roger Switzerland 8920 18
2. Nadal Rafael Spain 8770 14
3. Zverev Alexander Germany 5965 22
4. Del Potro Juan-Martin Argentina 5080 19
5. Dimitrov Grigor Bulgaria 4870 22
6. Cilic Marin Croatia 4860 18
7. Thiem Dominic Austria 3835 26
8. Anderson Kevin South Africa 3635 21
9. Goffin David Belgium 3110 24
10. Isner John USA 3070 25

Roger will need to triumph once again at Halle Open this week if he is to prevent Rafa returning to No.1 in their continuing see-saw battle. Even the runner-up spot and 300 points would see Roger fall 50 points behind our champ.

As the reigning Halle and Wimbledon champion Roger has 2500 points to defend in his two scheduled grass events, whereas Rafa has only 180 points.

Rafa is still #1 in the year-to-date rankings.

Source: ATP World Tour


  1. Rafa as the above comments have said,the important fact is that you are healthy and well,
    and your body is being well looked after.

    All the best for the grass season,

    Love and prayers,


  2. Rafa will go into Wimbledon with no pressure defending only 180 points while Roger clay surface Dodger will have to defend 2500. I’m so hoping Rafa gets back the No. 1 ranking he worked so hard to retain. He had to win 4 events during clay season in order to stay No. 1 while Roger played a puny 250 tournament just to get back over our Rafa. He is regarded as best of all times, but he is only a bock bock. Sorry, but it’s true.

    Vamos Rafa go back to No. 1 very soon!

  3. Rafa a estas alturas lo mas importante es verte competitivo…n.1. O. n.2…da lo mismo…pero verte bien es algo genial…sigue adelante y cuidate…disfruta en el tenis …Vamos!!!!

    • I guess one doesn’t have to understand Spanish to comprehend Amelia’s comment.

      “Rafa you are the best. The most important thing is for you to be competitive. No. 1 or No. 2 it’s all the same. To see you well is great. Keep going forward and take care of yourself. Enjoy your tennis. VAMOS!!!!!”

      • I think Fed places far more importance on being no.1 than Rafa does. Rafa’s main aim is to stay healthy which ultimately gives him a chance to be no.1 again anyway. Of course Fed also wants to be on top of this sickening GOAT debate for which I have no time or interest and I suspect Rafa probably feels the same. He has said on numerous accasions that he concerns himself with what he is doing not what others are doing. Such a balanced view.!!

      • I hope your shoulder isn’t giving you any grief Beverley.

        I agree with your Rafa paraphrase about him not worrying what other players are doing. I wish some of his fans had the same intelligence.

        Rafa is 32. And I have a feeling he will be playing for many more years if he is diligent about “listening to his body.” With Moyá at the helm, Rafa can go so much further in his Grand Slam count than even he could imagine. If he does, great. If he doesn’t, he won’t lose any credibility among his fans. He is a marvel to behold. He is the MOST exciting player to watch as far as I am concerned.

        I never worried about Roger. All I can remember from years ago is that he was a player with a ponytail who usually lost to Rafa. And when he did beat Rafa, I never directed anger at him. I would feel bad when Rafa lost but would always say “you’ll get him next time Rafa.”

        I have a feeling those who detest Fed are jealous when he does well. They resent him for beating Rafa, just as they do Nole. You read the comments here. They don’t consider that Roger will be 38 in 2 months, that he has 20 grand slams, and that he has earned the right to pick and choose which tournaments he plays. They resent it when Fed receives a more favorable draw than Rafa, some will say the draw was fixed. I just don’t get the meanness expressed here. It’s just so infantile. I guess they can’t think of anything to write about Rafa. They’re too worried about what Roger is doing.

        I am very happy Rafa is playing Wimbledon. I hope he wins this year. As I said in a much earlier comment, “it’s time for another Wimbledon win.” Yes, it will be difficult, but he can do it.” Let’s see how it goes. Hoping for another Wimby win.


      • Yes Beverley, from what I have been reading Roger is over the moon at being No. 1 again. It’s only recently that I’ve had to read about Fed to try understand the animosity that is directed toward him here.

        At the beginning of this year I said it would be a seesaw-like contest between Rafa and Fed for the No. 1 spot because no other players were even close to either of them. HOW Fed got back to No. 1 doesn’t make a difference to me as long as he didn’t cheat and there is no indication that he did.

        Needless to say, I simply want a healthy Rafa. A happy Rafa. A Rafa who is doing what he loves, “playing tennis.”

  4. Whatever the ranking shows, Rafa will always be the no.1 top player in my book 🥇❤️🍀
    VAMOS RAFA! 🎾💪🏻😍👑

  5. Fear not fellow Rafa fans. #1 doesn’t matter in the grand scheme. All that matters is Rafa stay healthy because when healthy he will win slams. 17-20 with a 5 year age difference! VAMOS!!!

  6. The game of Musical Chairs is still in progress, not only between the world’s top two players but also among the rest. I am waiting for the year-end rankings to see who gets the closest to my CHAMPION, Rafa.


    • Musical chairs is a good name for it. I really think Rafa is rightfully focused on playing well. The rankings will then follow. I would like to see Rafa end the year as number one since that would be his fifth time. It would also mean that he did well at the USO. Rafa has a chance to pick up points later in the year, but only if he stays healthy.

      • va4favre, I think ending the year as world No. 1 would please Rafa to no end. I think that’s what he is aiming for. I am hoping he does it.

        Staying healthy is paramount and I feel he is also aiming for that. His team appears to have convinced him this is the ONLY way to go forward. Did you see the article in which he stated “Of all the injuries I have had, this one was the worst for me. With other injuries I could do other things to occupy my time but with this injury I couldn’t do anything.” I have paraphrased him, despite the quotes, referring to his latest injury. Without a doubt, his inability to perform any activity was very painful.

        BTW, I did try to find an answer about how fans can avoid missing a particular match because a player withdraws. That is an unknowable as I see it but there are numerous hints on the Net to help fans get the best out of a tournament, type of tickets to buy, etc. different tournaments have different rules. Hope you find something to help you.


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