VIDEO: Maria Sharapova practices with Rafael Nadal in Rome

Earlier today, Maria Sharapova posted a video to her Twitter account of her getting ready for a big week with none other than Rafael Nadal.

They can be seen playing an entertaining point together with the Russian coming out on top of what looked like a competitive contest in the Eternal City.


Two minutes on court with the GOAT @RafaelNadal #BucketList Was so nervous.

Rafa replied:

Thanks Maria! It’s been a pleasure hitting with the you a few balls.

Watch the video:


  1. This was not a practice session. Sharapova actually interrupted Rafa’s practice session. They spent maybe 2 minutes hitting. She then posts it on social media. She is as calculating as they come; to be seen hitting with Rafa can only raise her marketability with sponsors. Don’t think for a second she has forgotten that Rafa said she should be punished for doping.

  2. I remember when Rafa was having a particularly bad period in 2015/16 that Maria S supported him and backed him in many of her press conferences when most people had written him off. Im not a supporter of hers and at times I quite dislike her but stuff like that shouldnt be forgotten. She is clearly a fan.

    • Correct. She had always been a Rafa admirer. As regards what Rafa said about punishment, he stressed more on the wrong-doing than on the individual. Rafa never a person doing blame game or calling names. Shows maturity always. Later, he tempered his statement considering how Maria had been nice to him in order to sound less harsh.

  3. what a wonderful match ! I have huge admiration for both of them,on and off the court. Jean Palmer….long time tennis fan….queued up at Wimbledon to watch these kind of players…with character on and off the court. In Winnipeg MB Canada but yearn for tickets to that place where Rudyard Kiplings line from the poem “If” are written over the Players Lounge ” If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster. And treat those two imposters just the same…..Yours is the World and everything that’s in it ….and what is more youLL be a man my son “. (. also had women like Maria in mind. I feel sure! Jean Palmer.

  4. Rafa seems like a wonderful human being as well as a great champion. Love him! Been watching him from the beginning. Saw him play in person near Cincinatti. When he was injured I could not watch the major tournaments. He adds so much to the game.❤️

    • The 2007 Wimbledon final with Roger was the first match of Rafa I watched. On TV. Lost but came back next year to win Wimbledon with a vengeance. By then, he had started owning Roland Garros.

  5. Rafa how great to see.

    I have always wanted to see one of the top women play one of the top men.

    I am quite sure you both enjoyed it,

    Love and prayers,


  6. Rafael Nadal is one of the few tennis pros that Maria has expressed respect for in the press. Thank you,Maria. Great to see them having some fun out on the court-two fierce fighters who have each had to make a comeback from injury.
    Warriors both-good luck in the eternal city.🍀

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