VIDEO: Rafa breaks 34-year-old John McEnroe record after Schwartzman win – highlights, interview

Rafael Nadal talks about winning his 50th consecutive set on clay on Thursday in Madrid.

Match highlights:



  1. I agree with you 100% You are writing your history everyday ad it will all be there to enjoy when you are retired. As for now, stay laser focused, as you always are, on each match. We are always behind you 100%.


  2. Rafa well done on achieiving the record.

    All the best for your game against Dominic tomorrow.

    Love and prayers,



  3. Rafa, We know these records do not mean much to you since you focus on winning. We, your fans, are proud of you. The important thing, however, is winning tomorrow. Thiem can be tough, of course, but you are tougher. Today had too many UFEs, but we know that you will always try your best. We are so lucky to be Rafans.


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