Rafael Nadal beats Stefanos Tsitsipas to win 11th Barcelona Open title

Rafael Nadal cruised to his 11th Barcelona Open title with a straightforward victory over Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas on Sunday.

The King of Clay won 6-2, 6-1 and extended his run of consecutive sets won on clay to 46 after recording the win in an hour and 18 minutes.

Rafa was never seriously challenged on his way to a 19th straight victory on clay. He hasn’t lost on the surface since facing Dominic Thiem in Rome last year.

It was the second consecutive week that he had won a tournament for the 11th time. He had become the first men’s tennis player in the Open era to win the same title 11 times at the Monte Carlo Masters last Sunday.

His 77th career title also ensured he retained the world No.1 ranking ahead of  Roger Federer.


  1. That s. Tremendous. Raf a. 11. X

    And. Monte Carlo

    I. Won t. Jinx. U. About. Roland. Garros

    But. Bueno. Mucho. Gusto !?

    Buenos. Tardes. Rafa


  2. Wow Rafa, my hearty CONGRATULATIONS for such a great win.

    Rest up, out on the boat from Mallorca, and onto Rome.

    All the best for some well earned rest,

    Love and prayers,


  3. Happy Monday to you Beverley.

    I read that Rafa will stay in Barcelona until Madrid; for me that’s a red flag. He won’t be home resting and undoubtedly he has sponsor commitments to fulfill; hopefully it will be a light schedule. He is doing great things on court and I want him to continue doing so.

    He is a beautiful sight in action. The articles I have read are full of gushing compliments on another unimaginable win and how he is obliterating his opponents. His scores tell the story.

    May the King of Clay continue his reign, be it on clay, on hard, or on grass. He has won them all. I believe he will do it again.


  4. I hope he is smart and not over play. He is playing Madrid and Roma for sure,but the biggest challenge and go ask is RG. This is the most important title for him to win. So keep your eyes on a big and major price,Rafa….RG is a must. Good luck

  5. Awesome – lovely pics of a smiling happy Rafa 🤗❤️🏆🍀
    VAMOS RAFA CHAMP #1 🎾💪🏼😍🥇

  6. Did anyone doubt he would win? The win part was a given, I didn’t even doubt he was going to kick that kids ass lol… Now he knows what It feels like to be The GOAT lol!!!! Because that’s what Rafa has been doing to Roger for 13 years now lol!!!!

  7. I mean to say Skip American double masters..also waiting for Rainier analysis..pls answer my queries too Rainier about Rafa’s upcoming grass court season and hard court season..wat he has to do and how far and deep can he go.wsuting for ur reply Rainier

  8. I think Rafa shud skip Rome and rest for rg, even if he wins Madrid in straight sets like now..I sincerely hope Rafa translates this win onto grass..waiting and wanting him to lift Wimbledon trophy and bite it again… he shud skip American hard court season everytime from now..no use playing and hurting urself.. Hope Rafa plans american summer hardcourt season and hard court season thereafter more meticulously and wins more titles. He shud focus on winning titles day he hasn’t previously.

    • I mean to say Skip American double masters..also waiting for Rainier analysis..pls answer my queries too Rainier about Rafa’s upcoming grass court season and hard court season..wat he has to do and how far and deep can he go.wsuting for ur reply Rainier

    • Rafa will not skip Rome. He will likely sweep the clay court season this year. Nobody looks remotely up for the challenge. As much as I want him to win Wimbledon one more time, he has not shown any signs of life on grass since 2011, so I’m not optimistic. He will not skip the summer hard court season. Cincinnati and Toronto are his prep for the USO and I promise you he will not skip that unless injured. What he should skip is Beijing and Basel on indoor hard court season. Just play Shanghai Paris and WTF. And yes, skip everyhard court tournament after the Aussie. Indian Wells and Miami are out of place on the tours schedule. It would be stupid to have clay masters in November after the French and it’s stupid to have hard court masters after the Aussie. They should turn them in to grass masters and put them after the French and move clay season up to give more time in between French and Wimbledon.

  9. 11+11=22 From The Canaries once again, Rafa Congratulation to you, with Champagne or Cava-Bath included, take Little relaxing time which necessary too. Get please, a 5 Stars G.L. H U G, C. Javier

  10. KING OF CLAY = Rafael Nadal
    Congrats to Rafa for winning his 11th Barcelona and his 77th career title.
    Now its off to Madrid and defend his title there. One week rest should recharge his batteries.
    GOOD LUCK for the rest of your tournaments and retaining your no. 1 spot.

  11. Congratulations Rafa my biy. You are the King of Clsy n a Legenf. Missed seeing Maria. Vamos Rafa. God bless you. Your Aussie Abuela Nan Shirley. 🐂🏆👑🎉🎉

  12. It wasn’t an all Spanish singles final, but it was an all-Spanish sweep; Marc and Feliciano Lopez won the doubles title. Congratulations to the Lopez friends.


  13. Kudos to Rafael Nadal-a master class-so deserving of accolades in winning Number 11 in Barcelona. Loved the honorary vid. Your father looked so proud! So much respect to you-a role model par excellente for aspiring athletes. Celebrate and soak in the moment-enjoy.🎉🍾🏅🎊👑🏆spectacular🌟❣️

  14. What a great celebration.from Barcelona to Rafa, absolutely and thoroughly deserved . Rafas’s smile says it all 😁
    Good Luck in Madrid Rafa

  15. Congratulations Rafa, again you have proven that you are the King of Clay as no Tennis player in this open Era can match your in another century to come.
    I celebrate your win in my house as I thank God for His grace and mercy for keeping you healthy during this tournament and other tournaments to come.

  16. Yeahhh – well done Champ 😍👏🏻
    Congratulations on your 11th. Barcelona Open title Rafa 🎾💪🏼😃


  17. Tsitsipas got his free tennis lesson as I promised.

    One week and a few days off for Rafa until he plays Madrid. Rafa never stops but I hope he will put in some quality rest time prior to his next match.


      • 🤗👏🏆🍀💪👍🏆👏🏆👏🏆👏🏆👏🏆👏🏆👏🏆👏😂👏🏆👏🏆🎾🎾🏆


      • Thanks, Rafantastic…I have run out of superlatives to describe his record-breaking wins.😂😂😁 What is a fan to do….

        It is great to see a fan as happy as you are for Rafa’s win. How are you going to top that when he wins his next 11th???

        The other day I was thinking how cool the screen name Rafantastic is so I came up with Rafamazing. Hope you don’t mind.


      • I have no idea, Margo 😉 – have to add times a million after my respons I quess 😁😂 LOL

        I don’t mind at all 🤗

        VAMOOS CHAMP #1! 🎾💪🏼😘

    • It’s my hope too, Margo, that he takes the time for rest prior to Madrid. Surely all the tennis he has played over the past two weeks is practice enough. !!
      My constant fear is that Rafa will exhaust himself with excessive practice thus leaving himself open to injury.
      But I mustn’t let my fears obliterate my utter joy at Rafa’s 11th Barcelona title. He is just brilliant and so exciting to watch. He seems to be better than ever and he celebrates his win with pride and modesty. A true champion in every way..

  18. ENHORABUENA!!!!! Rey d la tierra batida,,,,siempre contigo….VAMOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSA!!!!!!!!!

  19. Rafa has swatted away all the opposition in style. Fabulous and fantastic is the king of clay with another no. 11 title and still no.1 in the world. Just love the man

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