VIDEO: Rafael Nadal wins 11th Barcelona Open title – highlights, hot shot, interview

Watch highlights as World No. 1 Rafael Nadal wins his 11th title at the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell, defeating Stefanos Tsitsipas.

On-Court Interview:

Hot Shot:


  1. Va4Favre, I really think Rafa is due for another Wimby. The only things standing in his way are his knees and the condition he is in after the clay season. If he can overcome these two possible hurdles I can see him lifting another grass Slam trophy. Let’s see how he is doing after clay.


  2. Some very positive statements are getting thumbs down? Regardless-Rafael Nadal rules👏💪👍👊👑🏆🌟❤️

    • Sadly, we seem to have some trolls who wandered on to this site. We can always have some disagreements, but what brings us here is that we are Rafa fans and want him to succeed. I feel bad for those who have so little in their lives that they even object to “Vamos Rafa!”

      • Yupe, that’s very true. I think we have to be able to cold-shoulder all the trolls comment. Try to hear on the one ear and out of the other, that’s all.

      • They are pathetic. Already we have given them the attention they crave. JUST IGNORE the idiots.


  3. I think Rafa knows from the bottom of his heart where he desires to play, and will be such a great sporstman, that he will select appropriately even if he know his chances maybe slightly less that other players, as he is such a good sport, that he would not stay out to advantage himself.

    All the best Rafa for Madrid,

    Love and prayers,


    • I always wonder what is the purpose of person who gave unlike sign for your comment. If They didn’t like your comment, they shouldn’t wasted their time by read and comment on it, pretty sad

    • Rafa always has a chance, but even with this great clay form, his chances at Wimbledon are slight. He knee injury do not allow him to bend low like before to get good position to hit balls. He’s also not as fast as before when he made 5 straight finals winning 2 of them. I’ll give him a 5% chance to win Wimbledon right now which is still pretty good considering slams have 128 men competing and the probability of any one man winning is less than 1%. If he can get to the QF’s his chances go up dramatically. At that point I’d give him a 25% chance no matter who the rest of the guys would be. Right now, Roger is the heavy favorite and I’m giving him a 50% shot to Win it even though it’s still clay season.

      • There is the better reaming 95% chance for our champ at Wimbledon!!!!!!!!!! : )

        VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : )

      • While I always want Rafa to succeed at every tournament, I share your views on Wimbledon. You made some excellent points. For now, I will just wish for a run into the second week. He could pick up some important ranking points there.

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