VIDEO: Rafa’s first Monte-Carlo win

Rafael Nadal’s first appearance in Monte Carlo was as a 16-year-old in 2003, when he beat Slovak Karol Kucera in the first round. Check out the highlights!


  1. And go read my initial post again, I didn’t say weak 16 year old. You interpreted it as that lol… work on your reading skills.

    • I didn’t misinterpret RNF’s post addressing Rafa’s first Monte-Carlo win as a 16-year-old, which are the subjects of this post; his age, his first MC win.
      The comments here reflect the subject matter which should have given you a hint. HINT. HINT.

      • I didn’t say you misinterpreted RNF, I said you misinterpreted me. Work on your reading skills.

        If you were replying/commenting to him, why reply to me on my referencing his skill level as a sixteen year old against the field? My comments are accurate and I clarified for you in the second post since you can’t read my mind.

  2. Rafa I can sure see from the video that your well executed shots were there at 16 years of age, and that you have built on thos e year by year to be the amazing player you are today.

    Wow staying at the suite at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel which you thoroughly deserve after all those hard years on your body, and the many times of severe and chronic pain,

    ALl the best for today’s match,

    Love and prayers,


  3. Lol… man he was weak then and he still won. 15 years later, he’s the greatest clay courter ever best tennis player ever and 4 slams from being the outright GOAT.

    • Au contraire, he was not weak. This period was during Rafa’s meteoric rise through the rankings as a 16-year-old. He played qualies and futures to reach main draws. His one and only juniors event was as a wild-card at Wimbledon where he reached the semifinals.

      After Rafa beat Kucera in the first round, he went on to beat Albert Costa in the second. To reach Costa, he played “2 qualies plus his match vs Kucera with the loss of only 11 games.”

      “Rafael Nadal, the excitingly gifted Mallorcan, created one of the most stunning upsets in the 75-year history of the Monte-Carlos Country Club last night by outwitting and at times even outclassing fellow Spaniard and French Open champion, Albert Costa.” [John Parsons, The Telegraph,
      April 17, 2003]

      Rafa was strong from the beginning and he’s still strong.


    • Rafa was by no means weak back then. You saw the talent, the hunger, the passion and the great potential of a teenager that went on to set the game alight with his own unique brand of tennis. Guess what? 16 grand slams later, the talent, hunger and passion is still glowing bright!!!

      • Compared to other weak guys like the one he was playing, he was not weak. Obviously he won. Compared to himself and other good players, which I was doing, he was absolutely weak. He was not yet a refined player. Look at that bunt. It popped and stayed in the air for so long. Against a good player, that’s a winner. A great 16 year old, but not a great player yet. 2 years later very good player. 2 more years, GREAT PLAYER.

      • You said Rafa was a “weak” 16-year-old. Plain and simple. He was not a weak 16-year-old, he was a great 16-year-old.

        Now you want to change things around and compare a young Rafa to himself today, the great player that he is, 15 years later. No one is a mind reader.

      • You are right, I wrote what I wrote and you are not mind reader. That doesn’t change the fact that what I wrote initially is correct: he was weak. You think he could have beaten Federer then? Hell no. How about Andy Roddick? Not when Roddick was #1. How about Hewitt? No. Agassi? Nope. He was a great 16 year old, no doubt but he wasn’t ready for the big boys yet. I clarified myself, if you’re offended that Rafa wasn’t always the great champion he is today, get over it. No one is ever as great as they are at their peak. Just like you, you’re pretty smart today judging from your comment. You were dumb when you were 3 years old though. You think you could have written that comment when you were 3? Hell no. It’s a part of life that you get smarter with experience and hard work studying. So, now that you’ve been thoroughly schooled, remember this lesson and have a nice day.

  4. Rafa good luck vamossssssssssss champ this year is going to be excellent for you is long you are healthy love your fans foe ever.🎾🎾🎾🎾👍😘👍😘❤️🏸

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