Rafael Nadal and David Ferrer celebrate the perfect Sunday in Valencia – 2018 Davis Cup

(AP) – With Rafael Nadal nervously cheering courtside after winning his match earlier Sunday, David Ferrer sealed Spain’s 3-2 comeback win over Germany in the Davis Cup quarterfinals with a thrilling five-set victory against Philipp Kohlschreiber.


  1. Wow, Team Spain are all simply amazing! Congratulations to the entire team and their coach. What a glorious and nail-biting victory at home. Thank you RN fan website for sharing these beautifully captivating videos of Spain’s team spirit.

    So looking forward to the semi-finals.

  2. Oh how I always love watching Spanish Team and every Spaniards playing with anyone. I don’t know but since I adore Rafa’s tennis skills and talent I tend to love them all. And these pics were so great to see them cheering, supporting their team members. And how emotional seeing Rafa so happy for David Ferrer. These guys are really great people. Been praying that Spain would take home the Davis Cup trophy. All the best Spanish Team. God bless you all. Cheers ^J^

  3. My stream to watch the matches was really bad today (I paid for it as well, grr) but I turned the out-of-sync distorted sound back on after David won to hear his words and enjoy all these moments of celebration, very much deserved. Rafa hugged him so hard, his nose was squashed against David’s neck (it’s in the clip above). It was, as Rafa predicted after his win over Zverev earlier, “very emotional”. The internet (or at the least one of the other tennis forums I frequent) will have its fun with the first pic here, but context is everything. I am so happy and relieved that Rafa is back playing well on clay but I’ve also really enjoyed seeing him being so involved and supportive, part of the genuine cameraderie of the Spanish team. And that moment where he yelled in support of David, then put his hand up to apologise to the German team – it was so Rafa 🙂 Great stuff!

  4. David is my second favourite player. To see both he and Rafa victorious in Valencia was an absolute joy. It was 3 a.m. here in Australia when David won the final set but I would not have missed it for anything.

    • Had to wake up at 5 am in US for start of the day (got maybe 4 hrs sleep) but it was well worth it!

  5. Congratulations sweet champs 😘🇪🇸
    So trilled for you 🤗🎾☀️

    Gorgeous pics and clips – that embrace, ohh wauw! – Love it 🤗❤️😍

  6. Enhorabuena!!!Rafa como siempre shapoo..eres unico…
    Por David m alegro mucho…se merecia esa victoria por su trayectoria..k ganara en su tierra…
    Habeis luchado con garras..corazòn..y valentia…k grandes sois los dos…
    Y ENHORABUENA a todo el equipo…habeis dado vuestro 100%….ADELANTE!!

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