Rafa to return from injury in Tie Break Tens

Rafael Nadal will make his return from injury in the Tie Break Tens event in Melbourne on Jan. 10.

Rafa previously withdrew from the Mubudala World Tennis Championship in Abu Dhabi, Brisbane International and Fast4 event in Sydney while recovering from a knee injury.

Organizers said Rafa will join Novak Djokovic and Stan Wawrinka among a field of eight players in the Melbourne knockout tournament which has a winner-take-all purse of $250,000.

In Tie Break 10s, the winner is the first player to reach 10 points with a two-point margin in a super tiebreaker.

Rafa said “Tie Break Tens is a great concept and we will see and play some exciting matches. The field is fantastic and I expect some tough competition which will be great for the Aussie fans.”

Source: AP


  1. Welcome back, Rafael Nadal Fans! We’ve missed you. 🙂

    Happy New Year to Rafa, his family, his team, and all the Rafa fans around the world! Can’t wait to see Rafa play again!

  2. Always excited about Rafa getting back on court and will wait patiently until he does. I just wish he had a longer break before starting his 2018 season.

    Andy has pulled out of Brisbane. I cannot imagine how disappointed he must be.


  3. Rafa Happy New Year to you and Your team and family.

    I am praying I see you in Melbourne,

    Love and prayers


  4. Wishing Rafa and family and his worldwide fans a very happy, healthy, prosperous, exciting and winning New Year.

  5. Looking forward to seeing my favourite sportsman in the world. I still think you could take your high moral values onto the world stage. Every Good wish Jean Palmer Winnipeg Canada.

  6. Hi Rafa , As always I wish you continued success for 2018 . 2017 was a fabulous year and i fully expect for you to have a great winning year .

  7. Rafa HAPPY NEW YEAR .2018 is going to be like last year the best for Rafa ,good luck.your fans love you all over the world.🎾🎾🎾🎾👍👍👍👍😘😘😘😘🎾❤️

  8. Happy New Year Fellow Rafans! I am excited and relieved that Rafa will be playing soon. After last year’s fabulous results, it will be really hard not to expect it again. I know Rafa will try his best. I wish him health and happiness. After that, what happens, happens. It will be fascinating to see Moya take charge. I will just enjoy watching Rafa play in 2018

  9. This will be just what Rafa needs at this stage – a good short tournament to ease him into the AO. Wishing him a very happy and successful new year!

  10. Can’t wait to see you back out on the courts Rafa, Good luck and have a great time in Australia.

  11. Happy New Year Rafa!!! Wish you a super 2018 in tennis and everything else!!!


  13. Congratulations on your first post in 3,5 weeks. That’s the spirit for the new year. Happy 2018!

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