ATP Finals 2017: Friday practice photos

Despite his problem with a right knee injury, Rafael Nadal was in good mood during Friday’s practice session in London.



  1. Just watched Rafa’s practice with Pablo Carreno Busta. I’m worried. Did anyone else see it? There didn’t seem to be too much wrong with his movement, but the serve was totally off. I’ve read that the serve is the hardest thing for Rafa right now as landing on his right leg afterwards is painful. He’s barely leaving the ground when he hits it. I’m not sure what to think now. Hope Rafa’s OK and able to play.

    Also Practice Court 2 is a disgrace for an event of this level. I understand that those who are playing today get to practice on the main court, but seriously O2, it’s November in London and you expect players to practice in a tent?

    On a more frivolous note, I wonder what Rafa will wear to accept his award? 🙂

  2. Info please on YE ceremony – what day, and any idea what time? I’m guessing right at the start, before the matches begin?

  3. Hi everyone. Hope you are all doing fine and having a lot of smiles on your face waiting for the YE no1 trophy ceremony tomorrow. 🙂

    As for me, while it’s true I’m still worried about Rafa’s knees (he also had pain in his left knee), I’ve still been smiling a lot reminiscing an incredible season overall and getting a lot of update everyday. There are quite some fun materials from the WTF launch party and the practice sessions. My favourite is Rafa and Dimitrov seriously developing a “bromance”. It took a long time considering how long both of them have been on tour, but no less sweet it still is. 🙂

    Go to twitter, instagram or youtube to see it yourself. One of my favourites: A reporter asked Rafa a dump question at the launch party: “Are you scared Federer would take the no1 away from you?” and Dimitrov on his way out of the room immediately quipped “Rafa is fearless!”. 😀

    Anyway, Rafa was practising with Zverev today and was able to serve a bit better. Zever had trouble returning Rafa’s 2nd serve, which was a lot. Hope that I didn’t imagine it but it seemed Rafa was trying to ROS a bit earlier and of course shorten the point. Still his movement was hindered or maybe it’s more mental but and his approach shots weren’t as good as usual. I couldn’t watch the practice live, only a shortened replay, but some fans said he gave Zverev quite a beating, which was good to hear. Day by day, he’s been getting better. 🙂

  4. Can’t figure it out! Is the knee still sore n bothering Rafa? If so, why is he playing? I’m old n ao look forward to seeing you play – keeps the boredom away – but if your injury is still troubling you, then you should step out Rafa my boy n go for the long term investment. You are still a GOAT n with rest n treatment can once again be at the top in 2018. You threw away the Aus. Open in 2017 … I look forward to seeing you hold the trophy High in 2018🏆 Soooo sad you are going to Brisbane n not my hometown of Perth in Dec.😥😥. Vamos Rafa. God bless you. Your Aussie Abuela Nan Shirley.🐂🏆👑⛵️🎉🎉

    • Hi Shirley. Rafa’s till playing because he believes he can still play and he really want to end the season, being the YE no1, on his terms. Also of course he wants to win it “finally”, with and also against all odds. Who can blame him? 🙂

      He has been receiving specialised treatment for several hours as well as gradually increasing his practice load everyday. I totally get your concern as it is mine and I believe a lot of fans’ as well. But I think at this point there’s nothing we can do but trust Rafa and his team and just sit back and enjoy the game. 🙂


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