China Open: Quarterfinal presser

Transcript of the presser Rafa gave after his quarterfinal victory over Isner.

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Can we first have your thoughts on the match and your victory.
RAFAEL NADAL: Yes, I think I played a solid match. I played very well, changing good directions. I’m play very focus all the time, no?

I think on return I did well. When I had the chance to touch the ball, I think I putted a lot of balls inside. So very happy for that.

Is an important victory for me, of course. Is against a player that arrived here playing so well, winning two great matches. For me is an important one and I’m very happy.

Q. You’re playing Dimitrov next. He said he spent a lot of time with you lately, going to Mallorca, was happy about that. When you set feet on the court, you don’t think about friendship or whatever…
RAFAEL NADAL: Yes, of course, at the end of the day we are competitors. We go on court and we try our best and we want to win.

Of course, is a player that I really have like a good friend on the tour. He’s a great guy. I think Grigor is a player with a great attitude always, with a positive character. Happy for him that he’s having a good year.

Tomorrow will be a tough one, for sure. He’s playing well. He had a good victory today. Let’s see. I going to try to play my best. I hope to be ready for it.

Q. Could you tell us how he came out to Mallorca to practice with you before the US Open, how that all came about. Did you invite him?
RAFAEL NADAL: No, we were talking. And I always had a good feeling with him. Yes, the real thing is I have a good relationship with his coach, too, with Dani. Yeah, that comes that he asked to come to practice with me in Mallorca before the American hard court season.

For me was perfect. He stayed in the academy. I think he enjoy it. We went out with the boat. We had some good feeling there. We had fun. We practiced well, no? Is good.

As I said, I enjoyed, and I think we enjoyed the time together.

Q. Did he catch any big fish?
RAFAEL NADAL: Not very big. We catched a few ones, but not very big (smiling). But we had some good dinner.

Q. Is there anything you’ve done today that you felt was better than the previous days specifically?
RAFAEL NADAL: I think yesterday I played well, too. Of course, every day that you win matches helps to the confidence and helps to be in better rhythm. 

But in general terms, I think I played with not many mistakes. I don’t remember a lot of mistakes. I don’t know how many I had. I went to the net very often. I think I did the things that I want to do, and I did it well, so very happy.

Q. Was there a problem with your eye?
RAFAEL NADAL: Just something came to my eye, that’s all.

Q. Some grit or something like that?
RAFAEL NADAL: I think it was just a hair or something, a hair from the tennis ball. Was bothering me for a while. But, no, not important.

I still feeling little bit by the way (smiling).

Q. Can you talk a little about Grigor’s game, where it is now vis-à-vis qualifying for London?
RAFAEL NADAL: Well, I think he going to qualify for London, of course, no? He’s playing well. He going to play on a court that I think he feels comfortable, too.

Grigor is a complete player. He has all the shots, big talent. He’s serving big always. He has a good serve. Then he has a very good forehand. With the backhand, he can change the rhythm very well with the slice and with the topspin backhand. He likes to go to the net.

He’s a player that have all the shots, so I know I have to play my best if I want to really have some chances tomorrow.

Q. You came to China many times. How would you describe your experience in the China Open as compared to other tournaments in the world?
RAFAEL NADAL: Being honest, no, I have fun in all the places that I go. I try to enjoy all the places. We are lucky to have a great tour. We visit beautiful cities.

I am doing the same calendar, almost the same calendar, for a lot of years. I feel comfortable in the places that I play.

Here in Beijing, is true that we are not in the middle of the city. I had the chance during that years to visit, of course, a couple of traditional places of the city. I enjoyed that.

But during the event is difficult, no? We are a little bit away of everything. Our life during this event is more hotel and tennis club.

But great atmosphere. The facilities are fantastic. Amazing, big stadiums, beautiful ones. I enjoy being here. I have been coming here very often, for the last five, six years.

Q. Can you comment on your activity with the ball kids, on their service for the China Open.
RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah, I enjoyed. I had some good time with the ball kids. We played one game that I enjoyed. I really enjoyed. Yeah, we had fun, and we won. My team won, so…

The most important thing is they are doing well. They are doing a great job. They were very nice.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports


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