VIDEO: Sampras, Moya, Muster, Philippoussis salute Rafael Nadal for winning US Open

Pete Sampras, Carlos Moya, Thomas Muster and Mark Philippoussis react to Rafael Nadal’s win at the US Open in this week edition of ATP World Tour Uncovered.


  1. Rafa m encantan todos tus correos…todos los leo xk se traducen pero los videos no m entero d nada…todos son en ingles…tenian k tener tmbn traduccion…
    Suerte Rafa en este torneo…t seguimos!!!

  2. I got a daschund for my birthday and his name is Rafa , because I admire Nadal so much. What a great guy.

  3. All I can say is Magnificent Rafa. Just too good . Great athlete . Great focus. Stunning shots. Superb variation . Exemplary movements. Rare acumen. Class act . The superlatives run out for Rafa . Vamos

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